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Where to go to study

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Where to go to study

Dear friends, brothers and sisters!

My name is Vladimir Strelov, I am the chief editor of the portal Predanie.ru. Also, the Lord entrusted me with the leadership of the “Heritage” college, to which I would like to invite you.

You are probably familiar with the College in absentia, because the lecture notes of the college teachers are posted on Predaney.ru. But one thing is just to listen to lectures, and quite another to learn from living people, to communicate with teachers and fellow students, to participate in life together: visiting seminars, holidays, and ministry.

If you are looking for a place where you can study the Holy Scriptures, enter into the understanding of church life (see the program) – pay attention to the College! The training will be very useful for those who lead gospel circles or parish ministries, especially with children and teenagers, young people.

Part of the training at the College is the so-called prayer readings of the Scriptures. For example, this Friday we read about the calling of Abraham (Gen. 12: 1-7). It would seem that the story concerns events that are four thousand years apart from us – what are we to them? But look: God turns to Abraham and promises him His blessing, promises a name, a land, and posterity. How Abraham heard this — we do not know; we only know that he believed what he heard. And it cannot be said that the further life of Abraham was easy, that everything was immediately fulfilled – however, after the calling, he already lives differently, in confidence, expectation and gratitude.

This prompted some of the participants to reflect on the following questions: when, in which have we heard the voice of God in our own life? Have we not forgotten about this call and promise, have we lost it in the hectic days?

I believe that God, like Abraham, wants to bless every person, appeals to everyone, but many do not hear. And even when the blessing comes, the person does not notice this, takes it for granted, does not wonder and does not thank, and now he is already unhappy. After all, happiness is the ability to perceive life as an undeserved gift, the ability to wonder and give thanks.

Listening to God makes us happy — and we are trying to do this at the College.

The curriculum is designed for 3 years. You can learn both in person and online; there is a preparatory course, i.e. catechism (one year). We do not charge tuition fees; the College lives on donations from students and kind people.

Classes begin in October, and throughout September you can apply for training and have an interview.

I will be glad to see you in the classroom; Perhaps the users of the Tradition portal are the most prepared and appreciative audience.

See you!

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