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Welcome to us here

Dear friends!

Congratulations on the feast of the Transfiguration of the Lord! We wish each of you to join the light that the Lord on this day revealed to His disciples at Tabor.

For me, the most amazing moment in this holiday is Peter's exclamation: “Lord, it’s good for us to be here!” Apparently, Peter was very vividly experiencing the importance of the moment when the Savior’s clothes were shining, the prophets who had long since left the earth talked with Him, and the “glory of the Lord” surrounded the mountain on which they were located.

This experience, the ability to be “here and now” is very important. It is easy to “get into the work”, concentrate on discussing some working issues, think about the past and make plans for the future – all this is quite natural. But how difficult it is to focus on the current moment, to really deeply experience the present, postponing all plans and memories. As he wrote in the diary prot. Alexander Schmemann:

“He had no personal life,” we say with praise. But in reality it is stupid and sad; and the one who did not have a personal life, in the end, no one needs, because people from each other and each other need life. God gives us His life (“so that we have life for life” —Kavasila), not ideas, doctrines, and rules. And communication only in life, not in affairs.

The terrible mistake of modern man: the identification of life with action, thought, etc., and already almost complete inability to live, that is, to feel, perceive, live life as a non-stop gift. To go to the station under the fine, already spring rain, to see, feel, be aware of the movement of the sunbeam along the wall is not only an event, it is the very reality of life. Not a condition for action and for thought, not their indifferent background, but, in essence, for the sake of which (for it to be, to be felt, to live) it is worthwhile to act and think. And this is so because it is only in this that God allows us to feel Himself, and not in action or in thought.

The same is in communication. It is not in conversation, discussions. The deeper the communication and joy from it, the less it depends on the words. On the contrary, then you are almost afraid of words, they will break communication, they will stop joy. Hence, my dislike for deep and especially spiritual conversations. Did Christ speak with His twelve, walking on the roads of Galilee? Did their problems and difficulties solve them? Meanwhile, all Christianity is, in the final analysis, the continuation of this communion, its reality, joy and effectiveness. Good to be here. Words should not be hatched in conversations (where they are so often – checks without coverage), but at depth, in this very experience “here and now”, as, in essence, a testimony of it. Then they sound, they themselves become a gift, a sacrament.

The skill of being “here and now” is a spiritual skill, but it is extremely important in everyday life. Listening to another person, fully devoting oneself to work, concentrating on the book, playing well with children is the quality of all these actions directly related to the ability to be “here and now.”

How to learn this? Where can I get this skill? How, together with Peter, can we learn to say “good is to us here?” Every state, every moment that God has sent us, to live it deeply? I would be grateful if you share your experience in the comments.

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