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Video Greetings for Easter!

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Today: 23

Video Greetings for Easter!

Congratulations on the bright holiday of the Resurrection of Christ!

We wish the joy of the resurrected Savior to fill every day of your life. So that the world and God's blessing will visibly be on you and your loved ones. So that every day some verse of Scripture opens in a new way, illuminating your life with the Light of Christ, bringing wisdom, happiness, strength.

Our congratulations

Easter joy must be shared. To please you today, our friends and helpers, we made a short video. I think he perfectly conveys the atmosphere of grandeur, simplicity and mystery that accompanied the earthly life of the Savior.

Watch the video – only carefully and thoughtfully, preferably several times.

Send the link to the video to friends and family – and the Easter joy will multiply!

Why is Easter every day?

Christ was resurrected 2,000 years ago. The Easter we celebrate today is the resurrection of Christ in our hearts. When a person begins to live according to the commandments, when he opens his heart to God and other people, the true Easter comes.

Every day one of our readers emerges from the flow of affairs and remembers God (sometimes this happens even with the portal employees!). Every day someone, reflecting on the Bible, begins to ask themselves uncomfortable questions. Every day hundreds of people on our portal do good deeds. This is Easter – Easter is every day.

For this, there is a portal "usa-health-online.com".

How to congratulate us?

It is very simple – to issue a regular donation for salaries to employees of the portal. This is the best gift – and this is why.

The greatest joy for us is to see that the work of the portal is in demand and is bearing fruit. We rejoice when there are a lot of visitors in the media library, when people read our newsletters, when they help fund clients.

A field brings good harvest if God blesses it. But it does not yield a crop if a person does not bother with it. usa-health-online.com is a big field, and a dozen employees work on it every day: editors, help coordinators, sound director, programmers, system administrator, SMM and contextual advertising managers – and, of course, the president and founders of the foundation.

If we could have dinner all together once (God forbid!), We would have to lay a big table. And if we add up all our salaries for the year, add taxes and deductions, we get a large amount. We are worried if we can collect it.

Hundreds of people made regular donations for salaries to portal employees — once a month (or less), a certain amount of money is deducted from their cards. The amount of regular donations is much less than the amount of salaries, but they allow us a little less worried about the future.

Therefore, the best way to congratulate us is to issue a regular donation.

What else to give?

Its time. It would be unfair to talk about employees and not to mention volunteers who so successfully help us online. There are different vacancies, and you can offer your own. Want to become a volunteer – fill out the form.

New office (or information about it). We are trying to reduce administrative costs and therefore are looking for a new office. If you can offer a room in Moscow from 60 m², in which it is pleasant to work and which is easy to reach, please contact [email protected]

Good word. Sometimes moral support is more important than material. We will be glad to your congratulations and wishes – leave them in the comments on this page.

Prayer memory. Every Monday we pray for the fruitful and prosperous work of the portal (the so-called “prayer by agreement”). For those who want to participate in this, there is a separate mailing (I write there infrequently). To subscribe and learn more – click on the link.

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