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Victory Day

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Victory Day

Victory Day is a human holiday. Holiday of life, as people understand it.

Seventy-four years ago, an act of unconditional surrender was signed, putting an end to the Great Patriotic War.

And, probably, one could look at this event with a religious look. That is, to recall that this is not the first war in the history of mankind.

That people have always been and remain sinners, and it is not so important who takes the throne there and what is the procedure for changing leadership in a given territory.

That we have forgotten the great conquerors of the past, as well as the great liberators, and there is no big trouble if we forget the present.

That huge empires were created and collapsed more than once, and to us, the present, this is neither hot nor cold.

That, from the point of view of eternity, all this fuss of armies is no more important than the death of any of these small ones, voluntarily or involuntarily falling under the rink of history.

That the Lord is looking at the heart of man, and not at the color of his shoulder straps.
And all this would probably be true.

But the truth is incomplete and not genuine. Something inhuman is true.

Because we are people, not ethereal spirits. We are specific – we have the time and place in which we live.

We love not humanity, but mother.

We do not plan the Kingdom of Heaven, but a weekend with friends and children. We pray for the health of loved ones, and not just for the fulfillment of the Good and True Will of God.

God cried when His friend died. Mary's heart was breaking when Her Son was dying. And They knew better than us what life and death are.

And we, the descendants of those who won and those who died, we are part of them. Their blood flows in us, their choice determines us, they stand behind our backs. And sometimes we feel like they are here.

Victory Day is a human holiday. Holiday of life, as people understand it.

And the Lord, who created us and this life, calling us to the highest, never forbade to be people.

The Lord blessed the wedding, not the funeral. He called to be like children, not like corpses.

On this day, the evil that killed people was defeated. It’s good when the killer is stopped because life is value, and killing is sin.

And in these May days we will rejoice, and give thanks, and pray. Pray never again.

Here, nothing like this ever happened again. God is love. And he is on the side of the world.
And we will ask Him to be always there.

The world has never lived peacefully. Since Cain, people have been killing each other.

But even in this endless stream of violence, World War II stands out with some special level of cruelty. Maybe this happened in antiquity. But for our time it looks like absolute savagery, the last surge of barbarism: it was a war to destroy some nations.

It is to destroy to the last person. Not just to seize space, resources, power – namely, to kill all Jews, all Slavs, all gypsies and so on.

Without mercy, without compassion, contrary to the Good News that created our civilization – “there is neither Greek nor Jewish”. Christ died for all, and in the kingdom of heaven, slaves and kings are equal before the king of heaven.

All this was rejected, and an unprecedented war began for the right to hate and destroy.

It took millions of sacrifices to save the world from what, perhaps, not quite exactly, is now called the word "fascism." And which has now become a constant shadow of our lives. What can happen again and will happen all the time, if you do not remember and do not fight.

Evil was beheaded in 1945, but it remained like poison spilled around the world.

Cannons are powerless against this poison – even Catherine II understood that they would not help in the fight against ideas.

An idea can be contrasted only with an idea. Only ideological action.

The more we behave differently than the ideology of hatred dictates to us, the weaker this anti-human ideology is.

The desire to kill can be contrasted with the support of life.

Hate is mercy. As methodical and purposeful as hatred.

Mercy to others, to strangers, to dissimilars, to those who do not really want to help, because you do not understand them, because to understand them and to love, as Christ has commanded, is very difficult.

On Victory Day, when we recall that the forces of evil were defeated, we invite you to join the struggle for good and life.

Just follow the link to the “They Need Help” page.

There are our wards. Choose from them the one who is not close to you. Whose skin color, or name, or problem, or something else you somehow do not like.

We are all people, we all have our own prejudices. Help today to him – the very one – alien and strange.

Strengthen the brotherhood of people on Earth with your gift – even if it is small.

People defeated fascism because they came together. Millions of people gathered, postponed strife, and united against the evil that threatened everyone. Each one made a small contribution. And we invite everyone to do the same today.

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