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Vibration forecast from lee for NOVEMBER 2018

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Vibration forecast from lee for NOVEMBER 2018

In November, something appears that can be called a "platform." Your Higher Self will support you more than usual. The veil of separation becomes so thin that you begin to feel an unusual confidence in your own abilities.

The mind may not keep pace with what is happening, because your decisions will be too “bold” for the mind. That is, you will begin to rely on something invisible, little discernible. It will be felt as an unspoken phrase in the head, the meaning of which came faster than words. You will begin to feel the reality a little more voluminous.

The complexity of the month, even in the fact that there are no words to describe how the sensations of what is happening can be ahead of his understanding. Your I AM seems to describe events to you before they happen.

This is all a result of the vibratory acceleration of the general consciousness of people. Such a kind of rapid rewind of events on one side will shock the mind, and on the other it will allow you to skip the stages of doubt.

The most funny effect of the month is a quick confirmation of the “yes” event, even at the “yes or no” stage of reflection. All this will begin to drastically shift plans. What you expected to achieve in a year will begin to manifest as early as November.

November can be quite a stressful month due to the acceleration of materialization. Your Higher Self is well aware of it, so it will be very intensive to interfere with your perception in order to keep you on higher vibrations. This, of course, does not mean that something will be decided for you. It’s just that your dreams can be a bit more intense, the trance pauses are more saturated with ideas.

In November it can be very useful to pay attention to the morning inspirational ideas. If you consciously approach this process, you will notice what unexpected decisions will come to you. Old complex problems can be solved in one simple way. Admit this opportunity and you will see amazing results.

This is a wonderful month to reach a new level of what is important to you. You can suddenly close debts, get a boost, create a breakthrough in your work, heal a chronic wound. Use these energies for beginnings at a qualitatively new level. Not more than yesterday, but create the “other” today. If, however, to engage in hoarding, then such an approach to the month will create too intense days, similar to one another. That is, a quantitative approach to resolving issues will only contribute to their accumulation and slippage.

The energies of November offer you a personal transformation — create a beautifully updated version of yourself. Update in all, improve every aspect of yourself.

Lee, October 29, 2018

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