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Valaam singing, biblical plot, books and films

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Valaam singing, biblical plot, books and films


Anna Ershova visited St. Vladimir’s Orthodox Singing Festival and spoke about him:

“It seems that at this liturgy, when the brotherly choir of the monastery sings under the direction of Hieromonk David (Legeida), I could stand twice as long. That infrequent case when I feel in the service not only spiritual, but also aesthetic joy. “Holy God, Holy Strong, Holy Immortal,” – the brothers come on the choir powerfully, without sentiment. “Holy God, Holy Mighty, Holy Immortal” – echoes weaker, but no less harmonious, the fathers in the altar. It sounds antiphon, a feeling of unity. A good-natured monk from the choir meets acquaintances from the mainland in the midst of parishioners, they are talking animatedly next to me, out of journalistic habit, I also begin to question. “Tell me, here you are entering immediately, without pianissimo, it is so powerful and so touching! Is this your corporate identity? ”“ Well, what are you, we just don’t know how to do it differently. We are still just learning! ”The singer smiles and brings all of us, journalists, on the prosphora. Nevertheless, it was the Agni Parfene of the brotherly choir at the concert that touches me to tears. And it is the fraternal choir of the Valaam Monastery that receives the audience sympathy prize. ”

On this occasion, several albums of chants of the Valaam choir were added under the direction of Hieromonk David (Leheida):

REMAINING AND REMAINING AND REMAINING – “By Faith and Love” – festive chants of the Byzantine and znamenny chants of the modern everyday life of the Valaam Monastery.

– "The Triumph of Orthodoxy" – chants in the style of a signified osmoglasie. Mostly chants are performed according to the manuscripts of the XVI – XVII centuries.

– Liturgy for the Assumption of the Virgin.

– In general, we have a rather large collection of Valaam foaming. Prior to Hieromonk David (Legeida), the choir was led by Hierodeacon German (Ryabtsev) – we have many of his recordings.

Darkness into lightThere is more to music: also added many albums by John Tavener, a classic of modern composer music, one of the leaders of "sacred minimalism", an Orthodox creator – he is not only Orthodox by faith, but Eastern Christian music significantly influenced his work:

– Ex Maria Virgine – Tavener’s collected works dedicated to the Virgin Mary.

– Sacred Music by John Tavener – a collection of performances of selected works of John Tavener.

– Darkness into Light – a collection of sacred music: part of the compositions of the 12th – 14th centuries, the other part belongs to John Tavener.

– Essential Tavener is another collection of works by John Tavener.

– Svyati – here you will find several spiritual chants, as well as compositions on the texts of Akhmatova.


The 10th anniversary of Predania.ru is approaching:

– Interview with Vladimir Berkhin about the history of the creation of "Tradition". It’s about the fact that “ten years God has been keeping us.”

– Collected the most popular and resonant blog articles for all the time of his work.


– Priest Vyacheslav Perevezentsev talks about ten books that showed him the beauty of the Christian faith.

– The poet Mikhail Kukin, in turn, shares books about faith that influenced him.

Other articles:

– Dina Korolyok. “Bullying and humility”: “You have to humble yourself, humble yourself,” a longtime friend tells me, and I think, how long has he become so Vologda-Orthodox and turn around and pull vowels? ”

– Natalia Razuvakina. "Mom, God just told me …". Again about children's confession, or the experience of bringing a child to schizophrenia.

– Vladimir Berkhin. “On the Christian attitude to political events”: about the help of Father John (Guaita) to the protesters and about how Prince Vladimir refused to execute criminals after the adoption of Christianity.


REMARKS RELATED TO REMAIN REMOTE REMAINThe audio version of the Areopagitics was added – perhaps the main theological work of the Christian East, the main book on apophatic theology.

“Russian preachers. Essays on the history of Russian sermon ”- the work of the outstanding scientist Vasily Zubov. The theology of preaching, the theory of the expression of Christian truth in spoken words, especially the preaching of Dmitry Rostovsky, Plato (Levshin), Filaret of Moscow, Innocent (Borisov) are studied.

Selected stories by Chekhov, where the Christian meaning of his work is directly visible: “Steppe”, “Student”, “Bishop”, “Holy night”, “Duel”.

Joseph Brodsky wrote Christmas poems all his life. Here you can read their selection.

"The decay of the atom" by George Ivanov – a poem in prose. Shallow handsBrilliant from a literary, from a “lyrical” point of view, a text, a masterpiece of Russian literature of the 20th century. The main character is the embodiment of a modern subject with his painful eroticism, nihilism, a sense of nonsense, etc. But the main thing is the main thing, because the salvation is his aversion to nonsense, to "world ugliness." That which binds the lyric fragments of the “Decay of the Atom” into one thematic whole, all the dirt and all the beauty of this text, is the thirst for God, disbelief in God, and all such sensations, if not of Himself, then of His “egregious” absence.

Snake Ball is one of Moriak’s most successful novels; added his audio version. A ball of snakes is a metaphor for the family. "A ball of snakes" was written on behalf of a sick old man surrounded by loved ones. "Close" are waiting for his death in anticipation of an inheritance. A novel about the family and the power of money.


“Bible story” is one of the best broadcasts of modern television. For half an hour, works of literature, music, painting, cinema are considered in their direct or allegorical connection with a specific place in the Holy Scripture, and the lives of their authors are in search, and sometimes even the tragic loss of God. Added releases in recent years.

Added several films for teens for family viewing:

– “French lessons” – a classic Soviet film about mercy, help, sacrifice in very difficult life conditions.

– “Brave Yu” – a Norwegian film for family viewing, a tragicomedy. The student has no father. He is afraid of everything, overflowing with fears. He is alone. Until she meets a girl.

– “Lullaby for brother” – a Soviet film, an adaptation of the novel by V. Krapivin. The film is about confronting the crowd, speaking somewhat pompously for a teenage film – about standing in truth against the world.

“The Kingdom of the Full Moon” is a classic of contemporary cinema. A teenager abandoned by a foster family, with a girl with whom he is in love, escapes from a summer camp. The film, roughly speaking, is about the opposition of “living life”, purity and the world of authenticity, hardheartedness, etc.

“Red As Sky” is a film based on the true story of Mirco Mencacci, a sound engineer who went blind in childhood as a result of an accident.

– “Elina, as if I was not there” – a film for family viewing from the creator of “Letters to Father Jacob”. The story of a girl whose father died and her mother is very tired.

“Before the class.” Brad suffers from Tourette’s syndrome, which does not stop him from trying to become a teacher over and over again.

– “Scarecrow” – a classic Soviet film about school bullying.

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