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To all Firefly Pioneers.

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To all Firefly Pioneers.

This article is dedicated to those Firefly Pioneers who now feel all the symptoms of internal transformation, separation from low energies, the formation of a new Light body.

My dear ones, it is a great happiness to feel all this and to feel, to participate in this great and wonderful process of transformation and transition. Many would like to feel it on themselves, but are not ready yet, have not reached this stage, it is still necessary to “grow spiritually”.

What a blessing it is that you can feel how our sacred Divine Heart opens, even though we feel discomfort and often pain, as if our chest is expanding and our heart becomes so large that it simply does not fit into the chest.

This is all temporary, everything can be experienced, but you can love truly, sincerely and purely – with all your heart, unconditionally and limitlessly, and absolutely all, but not your mind – only those who like or deserve your love.

You can always harmonize and facilitate this wonderful process of opening the Divine Heart – just calmly breathe in, breathe in and out Light / Love, rejoicing that this is happening to you.

What a blessing, that sometimes, for no reason, from surging feelings, tears of joy and happiness begin to roll in the face, and we feel inside ourselves a beautiful and unearthly grace – inner happiness.

Our Divine Heart is already open, and with tears it is cleansed and revealed even more and more strongly: all emotional pain, all fears, all resentment, all dislike are washed out …

It is divinely beautiful – we open ourselves to true and true love. In this wonderful inner energy, I want to hug the whole world and everyone on Earth! There are no bad people in this energy, you love absolutely everyone!

What a blessing that periodically or constantly we feel a rumble in our ears, congestion, like in an airplane, we feel energy pouring all over our body, as if we were directly connected to the outlet.

It happens that it’s not very pleasant and even physically painful, but such joy that we are already open to this Divine energy, it already enters, flows into us and helps in everything, transmuting us.

You can always stabilize this process by helping energy pass and ground (the most diverse practices of grounding and communication with Mother Earth help a lot), removing the causes of stagnation and constantly changing. Many would like to feel the energy inside, but so far not all of them can, not all are ready.

What a blessing that happens, we feel that in our head something is expanding and growing, revealing itself like a divine flower.

Yes, it can cause some kind of pain. The energy in the third eye can spin so powerfully that it is even physically painful to touch the forehead. The energy in the crown chakra can be so untwisted that it seems that the cranium, like the “roof”, simply does not exist and our brain is completely bare. Thus, the chakras are actively opened, cleansed and filled with strength.

The head can periodically buzz, hurt, we can feel pressure on the temples, but this way our consciousness expands, our brain opens up to infinite possibilities, the internal glands are activated: pineal and pituitary gland.

This is not always pleasant, but what a joy that this is already happening to us right now, which means we are ready. We open ourselves to a new Divine consciousness, we become God-Men!

All unpleasant symptoms can be harmonized and reassured by working with the upper chakras, with energy that flows into the head in a big stream, breaking all our internal energy barriers: three-dimensional stereotypes of thinking, attitudes, programs and fears, from which this pain appears. You can breathe in the chakras and make this process easier, or help the energy pass if it gets stuck inside.

What a blessing that sometimes we achieve such high successes, achieve a lot and lighten a lot in ourselves, a lot of awareness and a lot have passed, that our physical body is actively transferred to higher vibrations, forming a Light body.

Of course, often this is accompanied by a sharp increase in body temperature, symptoms of colds and flu, but it will all go away, it is only necessary to survive all this in joy and harmony, helping this wonderful transformative process, and not stopping him from complaining and reproaching his life. It’s great that they give us all this. Someone would like to be in your place, but it is too early for him, until he is ready.

What happiness that sometimes we completely forget about something, completely "does not hold anything in my head." In fact, we are moving into the true and present moment of our lives – Here and Now, stopping to suffer according to our past or trying to plan the future to the smallest detail.

We open ourselves to this Life, gratefully letting go of any past and believing in the very best future — let our Highest particle (Soul, Light Forces, God …) lead us, and we will gladly accept all the gifts.

There are a lot of symptoms of transmutation and transformation, I have listed only common and basic ones.

I have seen a lot of people and not everyone feels these symptoms on me, since I’m actually not ready yet. Many are at a stage where they are more often taught through illnesses, problems, losses … They also include high energy, but not so much and powerful, as if in a small trickle, helping them from the inside.

An individual and very subtle work is carried out with each person on Earth, each one finds their own unique and inimitable approach, each level of spiritual development needs its own energy so that it really helps, and not in a hurry to get quick and effective results, doing harm.

They help us all, every person on Earth, but they do it in accordance with a personal and individual level of vibration so as not to harm anyone.

What a blessing that we were embodied in such a magical time – a quantum transition!

With love for everyone


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