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The wonderful mandala of the soul.

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The wonderful mandala of the soul.

The soul of each of us is incredibly beautiful!

It resembles a wonderful Divine flower. And these are not just words, it really looks like a flower.

This Divine Flower is unique and inimitable. There are no identical souls. Our Souls, like fingerprints, have their own vibrant and colorful pattern. This pattern is very similar to the magic shining mandala.

Our beautiful Souls look like flower mandalas. Each Soul has its own color palette, its own adorable ornament, its own energy code. All colors are soft, warm, bright, transparent, like a light and weightless radiant cobweb.

And many people now have a vision of the Soul. Many can see their Soul and other people.

It opens directly from our “heart”, as there is an invisible portal in it directly to it. By the word heart, I mean not our physical organ, but our spiritual center.

Many are already seeing how thin, like a fleece, wonderful Light pours from people. It is the Light of their Souls that comes out from within and illuminates everything around. This person lives in Soul, he has already opened up to some extent to her, has awakened his soulfulness.

In the meditative state, when our vibrations are very high, one can see that this Light of the Soul actually has a colorful pattern, a wonderful mandala of the Soul. Very high vibrations are needed to see and see.

But the world is changing vibrantly and every day. People begin to see more subtle energies, to feel more … What we used to see in meditation, everyone will soon begin to see reality, in ordinary life.

I see that people will walk on the earth and see the beauty of all Souls, their unique and unique Divine ornament. The world will become more bright and juicy, bright and shining tones, more subtle and voluminous.

This is a wonderful time, a magical world that is opening before us right now and we will live in it.

With love to all

Magda February 23, 2019.


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