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The Solar Brotherhood for people from 5.11.2018. + PRACTICE.

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The Solar Brotherhood for people from 5.11.2018. + PRACTICE.

Here, the sun civilizations code of life laid for earthlings.

We welcome you again, dear friends! We continue our meetings with representatives of the Solar Civilizations. Today’s meeting was again very interesting. Flows of energies embraced our every cell with warmth and tender Love. This state was so beautiful that we really want to share it with you! Read, dear friends, soak up the wonderful vibrations! So:

Man, wake up and rush to the heights of the Spirit, to your House.

It is pleasant to remember how you came to us for the first time. What is the difference in the perception in which you saw us and in what is now. Yes, growth is noticeable, your fields have already changed a lot and you can feel differently.

We note that the changes on Earth are serious, quite powerful and people do not have time to change their fields. Consciousness is stiff, the person does not want to think, does not want to believe and work on himself, because it is easy to go with the flow, to give up on everything, to tell oneself that the impossible is possible – yes, it is easy; it is difficult for a person to believe in it, but it seems to be extremely difficult to work through yourself.

Well, Man, we see, we see you, as many of you are trying to do something, waiting for results, forgetting that the essence of the work is an endless movement. Opening your arms towards the Light, you accept Love. Those who in response from their hearts direct Love, those and the results are obvious.

From now on, the movement of the life road is getting faster, it’s not just that everyone is talking about it, you need to have time to open your hearts, unite with consciousness and immediately see how everything changes in you, and, of course, around.

With your habit you are ready to repeat everything again, but do you see what it is – there are so many low vibrations in your fields that it is possible to break out of them with a rush of strong feelings of striving for the Light and believing in the possibility of change. , and we, the whole Thin Plan will come to the rescue. A jerk will strengthen your last with powerful streams of Light energy. And know: There will be a result.

Oh, people, oh cute earthlings! Today we will introduce the word new to you, taking it into the depths with our consciousness, everything that was formerly unnecessary will leave you. But it’s not just like that: I read it – I was released, it needs work on it, it is so necessary! Inside the layers are infected, for this we introduce special codes.

Oh, people, you know, there will be pain when leaving them, you do not get scared, let them go with Love. For you now there are so many streams, all Forces came to help you. Breathe in the Light of the Sun, and more deeply, draw this energy wave to your heart.

Yes, of the Solar series, our streams are not all accepted by people, so Thin Bodies, forgive us, are cluttered. And you, perhaps, try, engage in cleansing their fields. Space processes will not wait long.

Man, wake up and rush to the heights of the Spirit, to your House. Earth Your Planet Gaia – it already touches our borders. Now your human consciousness needs to be revealed to everyone. Oh yes, this is all so subtle, until the person feels, the person does not understand that the new Era is coming, the Creator-Creator-Father ordered the Creator.

Where are your thoughts, reasoning? Oh, people, the story of many things you read from the ancient world of yours has become a modern person. It will take quite a bit of time and become a perfect person. Think again, people, be reasonable, Your World will be different. Today we give you many codes and you will feel them in your heart, here the impulses after impulses are coming and the microparticles for your cells are very active. To be on Earth to freedom of reason, to be a man in his perfection, to be for the Soul of man in the voluminous energy spheres, where the stimulus to a new life is always to subdue him.

We are now sending Healing Flows to you, you get ready, open your minds and hearts towards us, say:

“I accept your stream!”

and start breathing deeply. Breathe and count every breath. When the score is 35, you will feel a powerful wave that will flow through the crown, pass through your core and, as if, an explosion will occur – a wave will flood your entire body. In this instant all your Thin bodies will be transformed, the vibrations of low clots dissolve as much as possible. And you breathe, inhaling each time a healing stream. When you feel the weakening of the energies, speak:

“I thank for the healing of my fields!”

And with each breath, take our Love. At the expense of 15, feel in your heart such a flow of Love and Tenderness that you may never have felt before. – Enjoy it! Absorb as much as possible. Speak:

“I Love everything around me!”

Then feel how you are shrouded in heat, our energies will be fixed in your fields and will be with you, helping all the time. Stay a little more in a state of warmth, send us your Love, feel how warm you will be, lighter. And you can complete the session on the healing fields.

We are the Solar Brotherhood. Today our meeting is as follows. This is the session with us, we expect you. Yes, we know in a week or two. From now on, our meetings become much more energetically intense, the powerful streams of blotches in the fields are borne and our help will be more meaningful to the person. We know that other energies are connected and this is good for a person. Mitigation for the heart and mind Civilizations of another purpose rush to Earth to infuse their energies and help to render.

Well, golden children, we are glad that the results are still there! It seems to you imperceptibly, but we are watching you. On this we finish our meeting.

Love to you, Peace, Grace, sparkling energy of Good! Take the Light into your hearts from the Solar Brotherhood!

With the love of their hearts, Amadeus and Creole!

With the love of their hearts, Amadeus and Creole!

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