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The Solar Brotherhood for people from 10.29.2018.

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The Solar Brotherhood for people from 10.29.2018.

Here, the sun civilizations code of life laid for earthlings.

We welcome you again, dear friends! We continue our meetings with representatives of the Solar Civilizations. Today's meeting was again unusual. We have entered a new energy for all of us. They are different, not another word to pick up), but very interesting and rather pleasant. As we connected with these energies, we felt the joy of knowledge and, most importantly, new flows of Love entered our hearts! We are glad to open and share with you them! So:

Breathe, swallow, be aware of our Light –
He will light you the way to the new path.

She came in and showed her flow, she determined her presence, she is the truth that lives inside, she touched your Soul. Who is she? – She is that Light to which everyone is drawn, wanting to know, and we, having learned rapidly, opened up with power, absorbing purity. How can we know the truth? Where to learn the truth to hear? – Only in our heart will we open the streams and the sound of each Soul will flow from there. This is the eternal flow, everything is life, the duration is eternity.

Where did you hear that the Soul was revealed to meet, where you saw the true Light, where that voice calling, alluring, sweet echoes directing everyone? – This is the voice of the Soul, it can open everything that everyone can know at that hour for insight, it can only lead those who are ready to hear it.

I'll introduce myself a little later, tell you who I am, and now you follow me. The energy that touched the Soul will lead you to the Source of your true Spark born in the bliss of the family. A call coming from your heart will tell you where you come from, about your cosmic parents, and about your family. You will know it, but only from you who really need this knowledge. I prepared for them a small part of those secrets that you decided to know in the guise of your human.

Oh, dear ones, know that your human true view is so closed that it does not see the direct ray. This Ray from your heart space is connected to the source of your Soul. Everyone can see it, it will happen as soon as you open your inner gaze (you call it that). Soon, very soon you will begin to learn everything differently. Your human spirit is very strong, but the body, this is another matter. Your body needs to be adjusted quite seriously. This is a multistage process, which has already been started long ago. Now you have come to the development of new lessons and, accordingly, the body also knows its changes. You will not be surprised at new skills, everything will gradually be introduced, everything new will become permanent for you. You do not even remember that they could not.

I will also add a word common to all, and even to those who do not believe in these processes at all and do not think about their future. O people, O earthly Essence, life on Earth always and everywhere has marked and celebrated its transformations; man cannot live in the mere deprivation of his il on some energy waves. The thing is that the common flows in the Universe have power and strength for the Earth. Earth-Planet-Gaia rises, its vibrations become already different and the Essence of a person gets full, new cells are woven into its channel.

Yes, it’s not clear to you a little, you just know, the structure of your Subtle Bodies is changing, you are internally approaching the vibrations of the New Earth and there are no people among people, there is no one whom the Higher Forces would leave without proper attention and we, from the Distant Solar Systems, bring in Your life is a global change. O people, there are a lot of questions, suggestions, recommendations here, but only the initiates can catch them. Therefore, you just read all our streams, your cells inside the rod will beat in a new way.

And externally, you practically do not care for everything now – internal rebuildings are going on, your obsolete cells are being retrieved, and new ones are still taking root. A little bit not comfortable with you, but it will all pass. Inhale our Solar Light, even if in your perception from the Sun of your earth system, in fact we are all in a merger, Solar. Breathe, swallow, be aware of our Light – it will illuminate your path to a new path. Enjoy the life-giving flow and the discomfort of your physical bodies will come into a state of cheerfulness of the Spirit and the enjoyment of life will take a new turn.

I will say this to you, dear people. You have managed to close your hearts in such a way, to gird with locks, to close your mind with frames, that you can hardly go out and free yourself. The main thing for you to understand now is: Heart space is the path to the Soul. It is necessary to open it. How? – ask. I will answer: Discovering through the pain of knowing, accepting myself in the world in which you live. Cruelty of the heart dissolve, any feeling of fear to melt. Oh yes, to go through suffering and pain, when you see with your heart, feel yourself, you will feel pain and this is the first sign of the elevation of your vibrations, and this is the first step towards a true understanding of yourself. Oh yes, forgive me for urging you to suffer, but it is so necessary, you will soon pass this circle, forget about it, begin to live in Love and enjoy the Light.

Oh, dear people, now I will tell you who I am. I am the Representative of the Solar Civilizations, I, the Precious Source, daughter. You can call me a GIRL. I came to you to meet with the Gift of Knowledge. Through my words the Truths of the Sources come into you, they will begin their movement from the thought of awareness to the impulse of feelings. As soon as you feel it, feel how warm your heart is, you know – I touched you, filling it with solar current. Such a meeting, as it turned out today, is a little unusual for you, but with its power it surpasses a multitude of energies and sets your minds in motion and sets the direction of hearts to release from all energies that you no longer need. I am grateful to you for our meeting and I will be glad to receive from you a message from the response energies, on the basis of which we will form the next session. And so today. Now I will say goodbye to you, I will fill you with my energy, Love, and let you go until the next time. Thank you!

Then representatives of the Solar Brotherhood added their word:

So close is the hour for many of the people, when the world will become beautiful in perception, not what is in the moment, but it will radiate Light for a new life in quite different vibrations. And it is very important for people to learn all the frictions that arise between themselves, they should be thanked endlessly for reaching a new level, the one that awaits you, people.

We, solar streams, Representatives, we respect, We love you and each time with care you send impulses to improve the new edge in your mind. Oh yes, now a lot of Civilizations are contributing to humanity. We hope you understand that all of you have different perceptions – it is important not to miss anything here. Someone our solar streams in the mind will change everything in time, but there are those of you who enjoy the heart, say, the Pleiadians or who have, for example, by cosmic parameters, along the lines of akin, the connection where the Soul originated. And that means they need to go through that level, then they will get a lot of new things from us. And the whole meaning is in cognition, acceptance and we are now transmitting the universal to everyone. But soon there will be a new offer for you – we divide by categories of human hearts, everything needs to be leveled from you. Over the centuries, there have been so many violations.

And if one of you now does not understand our syllable, do not be upset, the interaction of the fields regularly and your cells accept the necessary potential for you. The processes are all in the active phase and the person is preparing a new world to conquer. Even if a person has resistance, well, not ready yet. Our Representatives are still working with him, because you will move everything to the New World and there is only a question WHEN? Here, no one will tell you the exact dates, only the pranksters from Astral will have fun, feeding on your strength to strengthen their core. Everything is regarded in decades, it depends on the expansion of consciousness, where there will be no fear at all.

Now you accept our flows at one level. It will take time – everything will be a new way and your world will shine in the Rays of Divine and life will come in a new perception for you. And there, and to the House, your path will have its own meaning, where you will freely enter it and return to real life. But we will leave this question for now, you are not ready yet. For now, take our streams and update your core.

On this we finish the word we, work with you continue. And we always praise your progress to the top level. With love to you now, always and forever! We are all children of the One Creator.

With the love of their hearts, Amadeus and Creole!

October 29, 2018.

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