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The Solar Brotherhood for people from 10.22.2018. + PRACTICES.

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The Solar Brotherhood for people from 10.22.2018. + PRACTICES.

Here, the sun civilizations code of life laid for earthlings.

We welcome you again, dear friends! We continue our meetings with representatives of the Solar Civilizations. Today's meeting was again unusual, as the meeting was with energies close to us. We are happy to share new information and wonderful energies for all of us.

Sunbeam Power Connects New Mechanisms

In one motion, you broke up a flock of doubt and rejection. We welcome you, the golden children of Velisius, our Great, daughter and student, and the followers of his glorious deeds. It is also true that you are today within your own solar system.

We, the Directors of the Sunbeam, will guide you today in a circle of knowledge that is close to everyone living on Planet Earth. The perception of the Sunbeam, as a rule, is one-sided in a person, but other aspects are still unknown to people. Only the animal and plant world, all the organics of your Planet skillfully perceives every aspect of the solar energy. The time has come for a person to learn and discover for himself new knowledge about the content of the Sunbeam.

The energy component is so diverse and comprehensive that it is impossible to open all knowledge at one time, but we will try to gradually convey the maximum amount of information to your consciousnesses. That hour will come and every person living on the Earth will use, perceive and recycle every atom of the energy of the Sunbeam to the maximum and this will give it everything.

For all people, we will say our word, it will sound like this: Where the Sun is Light, there is development and you know about it, but you will be convinced of the subtleties in them after reading. Take a good look at it – you will be amazed, perhaps with amazing delight, with the help of it you will let the stream of the Sun's Ray into your inner rod. And the Sun, in your perception, is as a separate Planet, and there is its own life in it, it can energetically burn human life, but learning to control its energies is the question for modern man.

Think, let for a moment and catch the Sun's Beam of the Solar flow, let its intimate heart into the heart and sate the valves, all the arteries. At first glance, it will be a little unpleasant for you – it cleanses the Ray of Solar energies, and there are so many unnecessary layers in you, but soon the pain will subside and you will get easy comfort.

But man does not know about the secrets of the Solar Energies, which are so accessible to his eyes. Your scientists put forward their own versions, contradicting the knowledge of what is truth. And the person does not know, he, sorry, like a blind kitten, is influenced by others. Now, if you try, let the Light into your heart, you will feel a surge of life and it is your Sun that warms up your Earth, where each of you admires its Rays, but no one has yet told you how to take it by its intended purpose. Dare, people, try and feel, then the streams of new Distant Solar Civilizations will be like relatives on your way.

Today we didn’t just decide, we restructured our plans a little, we have our own Today on this and we don’t care how the person accepts the new energies, the Creator-Creator commanded us.

The component of the Sun's Beam has a hidden life in itself, more precisely, the energy of vital potential. What does this mean for a person? – The thing is that with time, sucking in the energy of the Sunbeam, your bodies will gradually rearrange themselves, becoming physically easier; molecular system will be renewed, Subtle bodies will expand. As for your brain, it will increase in volume, revealing all facets of possibilities. Thus, humanity will move to a new level of perception of the Solar Power in all its senses and manifestations.

Many of you have heard of the system of Pranoedie. This is pretty close to what we are talking about. The human body, as in principle, and all organisms of organic origin, gradually, over time, will be reorganized into the perception of the energy of the Sunbeam as a vital potential-bearing component, which contains everything necessary for the generation and maintenance of the necessary level of the biological factor of each organism. The formula of the Sunbeam is as complicated as it is simple, because the Creator created it like that and it carries both life and destruction, depending on the degree of application to certain vibrational layers.

Today we want to say more about the fact that, as you already know, the Transition period is in the active phase. And in order to pass it easier, as quickly as possible, we will also bring our contribution. We will give you our Methodology:

So, as we said earlier, breathe, fill with the energy of the Sunbeam and it does not matter whether you see it or not. If there is a feeling of non-acceptance or rejection of this energy in your body, then leave this practice for a while and return to it in time. And if the sensation of perception is quite positive, then we invite you to go further.

Inhale the Ray, inhale deeply, it will pierce you, fill the rod. When exhaling is short, the inhalation should be deep and wide. Raskinte hands – you will be a cross. Feel how the energy of the Ray pierces you with a cross. Your palms will shine with Light, they will fill and, as if, will light up with heat. Remember to breathe: Deep Breath – Short Breath. When you feel the fully entered Ray and the heat inside, and like a cross burning with Light, you will make Inhale and Exhale in the same way, carrying Light and this will be a sign that you are connected to the energy of the flow directed to you.

Then relax, calm down a bit, feel yourself in that new state, realize that from now on you have changed your life stream, one step closer to yourself to the one you are striving for. You will be so warm inside, bright and joyful, as you have never had before.

Now, in this state you will be more and more often. Practice, according to your feelings, do as many times as you feel the need for it. There is no place and no doubt for doubt; there is only joy and readiness for change. The closer to the Sun, the wider the consciousness opens, the faster and brighter the changes. So, precious ones, go ahead, go ahead, you must not stop, you must hurry, because the Earth changes its vibrations very quickly, you need to keep up with it faster if you want to be in Harmony with your Planet.

This concludes our meeting for today. We so wanted to touch you in a different way, because you are not yet open to us with your consciousnesses, but you need to realize, understand, accept that your heart so needs our energies. The nutrition of the Sunbeam connects new mechanisms in your bodies and gradually transfers the rails of your life to the world of a beautiful and good existence, to the world and Harmony with everything around you. We thank you for your open hearts, fill each cell with your Love of Light and say: See you again! We are the directors of the sunbeam.

Representatives of the Solar Brotherhood, as already established, also said their word:

Today they introduced you to sunny fields and this is very important for a person. It should be noted that the present cycle on Earth has very different corrections. There are people whose level now does not allow to accept cosmic flows and the sun's rays of your solar system have a direct effect on the human body, which in turn will change the structural row of the inner core. For this and this session was held.

But we, in turn, continue our word for those whose level allows us to easily and comfortably accept in our bodies the new elements of the Far Solar civilizations for our perfection.

Dear earthlings, your choice is to acquire new knowledge and enter deeply into your inner world, raking out the obsolete trace elements inside yourself and mastering the new energy flows necessary for spiritual growth, conditionally express ourselves, accepting and passing them through all of your structural shells and systems responsible for vital needs are nothing more than the transformation of oneself and the preparation of one’s organism for life in new frequencies.

Today we offer your mind to adopt Universal Codes, which will contribute to the bright processes of accumulation of all flows, cosmically meaningful for human change. And if you, by the inspiration of your Soul, by the response of your heart center, periodically sing them, wave flows with amplifying impulses will correct your entire inner frame, entering the core of each of your cells. It is, in a way, for your perception as a Mantra, but has a more subtle effect. It is necessary to sing along to the sensation of vibrations in your body. Singing one sound until you feel completely comfortable inside yourself and only after proceeding to the next sound:


Quite new phrases for your perception, but by practicing those, purposefully moving up the stairs, you can achieve the brightest spiritual results. And if one of you wants to combine all the practices recommended in today's session, it will be perfect for moving to a new level, not the one in your understanding. This is a different, new gradation, we will talk about it even more deeply.

Dare, who is interested in receiving high results. To your sound vibrations, our technical Masters will already be in your personal fields. And today we say to you: Goodbye! See you soon! And may our Light and warmly touch each of you. With love to you!

With the love of their hearts, Amadeus and Creole!

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