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The resurrection of Christ: all is not in vain

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The resurrection of Christ: all is not in vain

Dear friends, Christ is risen!

In the last days of Lent on the island of Sri Lanka, which few can find on the map, some people have killed many Christians. On Easter, according to the Gregorian calendar, it is Christians, almost 400 people.

This has happened more than once in history. The world lies in evil, and in the news every day they talk about wars and killings. Nothing fundamentally new has happened.

But one thought disturbs me, I read it from Volodya Shallar: there is no difference between the sacred history that is set forth in the Scriptures and the history of the world in general, any part of it. Both that, and another – the history of interaction of God and people. Not only the Bible speaks about every person, but every person is a character of his Bible, God interacts with him, Christ crucifies him. And if God spoke to the people the Jewish language of wars and disasters, weather and politics – then He can speak the same language with us.

What happened on the island of Sri Lanka probably has a political, economic, cultural explanation. The media have already broken languages, telling who is to blame.

And we have only Easter. Day of victory over death. And this day always brings light.

The light is even that they are killing us. Because they kill those who are dangerous, who resist. If hell ganged up on us, then we are dangerous to him. If Christians are persecuted by those who shoot unarmed, who blow up churches, then we are definitely not with them.

Christ bore the marks of nails, as the orders bear, although he could heal any wound. Christ promised that the world would hate us – and here it is, hatred.

The disciples are no more than a teacher. And if hatred has come, if the tribulations promised by Christ have come, then everything is not in vain.

So there will be a kingdom.

So Christ is truly risen.

We all know how difficult it is sometimes to be a Christian. Even just living is not an easy thing. We all get tired, and our whole world is tired many times stronger. But today you can break away from sorrows and labors, you can raise your eyes to Heaven and just share the joy with the brothers. The Lord is near.

Christ has risen, and it is not in vain that we do His work.

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