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The portal needs your help!

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The portal needs your help!

Dear friends!

We have a serious problem, and we ask you for help.

Since the establishment of the fund, all of the costs of salaries were assumed by one of its founders. For 5 years, this allowed the Tradition portal to work stably and develop, and we are grateful for this opportunity.

The situation has changed. Starting this month, from February, our founder will not pay salaries to the portal employees. The question is: how and for what will we continue to exist?

How does usa-health-online.com work?

Our founder is a business man (unlike me). He well knows what an effective investment is. See: realizing his desire to help people, he could give these 300 thousand a month, for example, to large families, or give them to the treatment of sick children. And he invested them in salaries, and the fund, instead of 300 thousand a month, attracted at least three million people to help.

Where did these three millions come from? From you. All this is done by you. Only due to the fact that each of you donated 100, 500, 1000 rubles, everything turned out: the media library worked and was replenished, the children received treatment, the large families made repairs, the homeless were brought warm clothes. All this is done by you.

Therefore, in a difficult moment, we ask for help from you.

Why do we need salaries?

Today, Portal Tradition is no longer a few friends who do something so good in their free time. This is a team that is constantly, daily working on a common project. We have one goal – serving God and our neighbors, and different ways: charity, Orthodox enlightenment, educational activities, distribution and popularization of the Bible … They are highly qualified workers with a sincere desire to serve people. This is a structure that needs a certain financial stability.

For example, I have 3 wonderful employees in the “charity department”: one Masha deals with medical requests, the other Masha deals with social (having many children, the poor, victims of fires, etc.), Karina with help from children with cerebral palsy. For each case, you need to get a request for help, check it, ask people, understand their true needs, find the best way to help, prepare and publish the story on the site, send an invoice, claim a report, prepare documents for the archive … and again in a circle. Three people, more than 100 working hours per week. This is a lot of work (not to mention the accumulated experience and personal qualities) that someone must constantly perform. Wage needed.

Current structure of the portal

At the moment, 6 employees are left without a salary, and two more – without a significant part of it. In addition, starting in June, the editors of the library will also switch to providing the fund. The total amount, including taxes, is very impressive – 4 million rubles a year.

We ask you to donate funds for salaries to our employees.

How to help?

If you are ready to transfer us some amount, even a small amount, that’s fine. But it is better if you make a regular donation from a bank card, that is, a monthly debit from your card or bank account. If each of those reading these lines makes a regular payment of at least 100 rubles, this will save the situation.

We need stability, there's no getting away from it. Portal employees, including myself, must bring home a salary – this month, and a year later, and after 10 years. Therefore, if in the foreseeable future you have the opportunity to help the fund – please make a regular payment. It is fast and safe. And at any time it can be canceled. The appearance of regular donations will allow us to be sure that the foundation will continue its work.

How to do it? If you have a bank card, click on the link, select the amount and the period of withdrawal, and on the next page enter the card details. If it is more convenient for you to withdraw money from a bank account, print out our memo and contact it to your bank.

Friends, now we really need your help.

Make a regular donation from a bank card

Download a memo for regular debiting of funds from a bank account.

If you have any questions, or just want to get to know us better – please, we are always happy, write, call, come to visit. Any of your feedback is very important to me.


And another request. In connection with this difficult situation, we decided to organize a common prayer for our cause, since we think that God expects prayer unity from us. Therefore, on Mondays at 15-00 Moscow time we pray together – we read a prayer by agreement (for more details, see the article). If you are ready to join, follow the link below — so you sign up for a newsletter that will remind you of this prayer, and we’ll know that another person has joined the prayer. You can also send me your number, and 10 minutes before the start I will send you an SMS.

Join the common prayer for the portal of Legends.ru.


Matvey Berhin
Fund usa-health-online.com
Write: [email protected]

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