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The nonsense of betrayal

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The nonsense of betrayal

How was it for Christ, who had come to destroy hell, who had come to save and attract all-all to Him, to see how a native disciple, one of the closest, drowns himself with his head?

Duccio di Buoninseni. The betrayal of Judah, 14th century (fragment)

Wednesday. Perhaps the hardest day of Holy Week, and not without reason Wednesday and Friday are traditionally fasting days throughout the year. But if Friday’s tragedy ends in a dazzling ending, then Wednesday is the day of the most terrible and most senseless crime, leading to darkness.

The hardest day, a turning point to death. The ringing of coins, like the ringing of a finally welded chain. Now between Christ and His death there is a mediator and a transmitter. Traitor.

Then one of the twelve, called Judas Iscariot, went to the high priests and said: what will you give me, and I will deliver it to you? They offered him thirty pieces of silver; and from that time he sought an opportunity to betray Him (Matthew 26: 14-16).

It is today that the apostle, one of the Twelve, with his own hand outlined his life two days in advance – and all, and death. And the words "went and betrayed" come forth with blood. And then, it is true, it was not written about it, but it was like that — he came and returned, and for the first time Jesus looked at him and saw that he was already a suicide.

The betrayal of Christ is certainly spiritual suicide. More precisely, his final point, because there was also some preparation: a plan, thoughts about the benefits … the moment of the last decision, when he got up and went out to go and betray.

What prompted him to take this step? The desire to make money? But the thirty pieces of silver weighed to him look pitiful even against the background of the value of the peace that Mary shed on the feet of Christ. Miro cost 120 denarii, which is 75 pieces of silver, two and a half times more than the Master and the Lord. The desire to “push” Christ to proclaim Himself the Messiah and the King in a direct clash with the authorities? But if the goal is good, then why not change your mind, because Christ at the evening will repeatedly say that the traitor is destroying himself? The disappointment in Him and the desire to go over to the side of the "mighty of this world"? But why then does repentance so quickly and mercilessly overtake?

Treason has no intelligible human explanation. From the point of view of the mind, this is an absolutely meaningless step into the abyss. Judas gains nothing, but loses absolutely everything: the meaning of life and life itself.

This is what the New Testament hell looks like. Not that Old Testament Sheol, from the depths of which the Old Testament righteous men appeal to the Lord, and He comes and destroys, and brings prisoners to freedom, but the most terrible hell of a soul that does not know God's love and destroys itself with this ignorance. How was it for Christ, who had come to destroy hell, who had come to save and attract all-all to Him, to see how a native disciple, one of the closest, drowns himself with his head?

… for it is not the enemy that reproaches me; I would have borne it; my hater is not dignified over me – I would have taken refuge from him; but you, who was for me the same as I, my friend and my close friend, with whom we shared sincere conversations and went together to the house of God. (Ps 54: 13-15)

What can He contrast with this murderous, suicidal decision?

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