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The Message of the Golden Velicius – It is time for the Awakening! November 7, 2018

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The Message of the Golden Velicius - It is time for the Awakening! November 7, 2018

Oh, hello, dear children! I greet all earthly children! My visit to you today is not accidental, I came to tell you my words.

Earth, it boils, literally, in the energies where there is a new potential, but he does not belong to human bodies – oh, very sorry. Understand that time on Earth, it is in such a rapid movement, changes the algorithms in its path, but a person does not have time to catch all the waves, his breathing and the whole reason is in human consciousness. Pretty sleep, wake up people! And realize that the New World is knocking at your door – we must save your life.

Oh, dear children, in the New World there will not be those aspects that are inherent in almost every one of you. Feel and appreciate, do the analysis – what is your mind and thought forms at this hour. And if you find in yourself an insult, bitterness, irritation, or some fear, and perhaps dissatisfaction with life or the like in this vein – then, not slowing down, let go, Love, Light, dear ones, be saturated. You are so much informed about the beautiful in life, tune in to a positive wave, talking to the Father-Creator in silence. Oh, you can practice any, but it is important to catch your string and turn perfectly into a different direction, into a comfortable mode in reality.

I know many of you, eyes always in a wet place, do not know how to leave the circle of their failures; Someone needs help in the material sense, like air, to leave this mortal labyrinth and live freely in the Spirit of joy of the heart, as there is a desire for the Soul. And all the questions here are not listed, each of you has his own painful, unresolved interest in life is always in the first place in thoughts, and someone has a few of them.

Oh, yes, you in your field of information, oh, offered a lot of things, but, as a person used to, he reads it once and that's it. We will not speak here about this, it has already been said more than once. Earthly life is filled with bustle, well, where is the spiritual to you. But the world is changing its position, think, tell yourself “Are you satisfied with your life? And does it make sense to change it? ”It is enough to blame someone that something wrong is happening in your life. Each person is given a choice. So your life line should be changed. Start small – rebuild all thoughts in a positive way. The universe will quickly grab all this, leveling, albeit imperceptibly, but it will begin at that very hour. When you feel or notice that the changes, let it be a little bit, but still occur in plain sight, then turn on your practice mode, repeat your willpower until complete comfort. But this should be done almost always, from the simplest to the most complex.

Remember: The Earth is changing, your planet will not be the same person in it. And those who do not understand this necessary action will remain in their vibrations. Here the choice is made by the person himself and we have no right to change something in his fields.

Suppose a person is completely unaware of our proposals, he is to the Church, to God's Walker. And if his thoughts are pure, benevolent, the Saints will always come to his aid. And if a person in the Soul during the life of the present did not accept God, he denies it – the test will be for him. And here again such qualities as kindness, His love for the heart are taken into account and whether he is polite in his earthly world, as he is honored by the elders, the elderly. It happens that a person, in a spiritual sense, considers himself great, and in the spiritual seed there is only emptiness – this is how the Ego exalts a person, here the communication lines are broken with the Father’s House.

Oh, dear children, time is now, for all people it is necessary to do a lot in their fields, all the time to remember that you are One and God lives in you, in everyone, every second and always. There will be no reflections, awareness, there will be no Awakening of consciousness in you. The more you think, the widening your consciousness will be and the sparks of wave energy flows will more freely enter your brain cells then.

I will also tell you some details. Each of you has your own Angel. He guards you and guides you on the path that is intended for yours, sometimes through a lesson. And if something unpleasant happens to you, so to speak, unpleasant for you, then you will need to weigh it, think it over, understand everything – what are you doing wrong? And try to rebuild the wave of actions in the opposite way. It is possible, to repent of what, ask for forgiveness, see the Light and accept it – then your actions in life will be different, the hindrances will dissolve to nowhere and the path will be opened to you.

I came today for a reason, I came to wake you up from sleep. Oh, children of the earth, glorious Souls, Thunderstorm approaches on Earth. There will be no bitter and unpleasant, there will be no pain and resentment. The beautiful world of your being is approaching and the wars will all disappear from Mother Earth. You try to help yourself, burn all your adversities, you have such a wonderful tool, you call it the Violet Flame. Direct your gaze at him and call in your field, actively ask him to act, swallow flames, burn all unnecessary; Fill the entire inner core with your cosmic nectar and pour it into the field, and fasten all its elements. And your Love in the Unity of all will return you your true meaning.

It's time, family, wake up! It's time to come, active soon will be reaping. Please strengthen yourself in strength and power. I do not say goodbye, I will soon come back here, where my children work in glory, in the glory of God, for the sake of happiness, for the sake of peace on Earth and that there is Divine order everywhere. I will come and I will inform you a lot more, all are just prerequisites for starting.

I love you all, my earthly children, you have endured so much, and how much you endured suffering. Believe me, you rise very high, you deserve, your world will be bright, your world will be in joy, happiness and Love. I embrace each of you with my fatherly tender hand. Bless you on the right choice yours. I hope you make it right.

See you again, precious children, earthlings! I worship you and I Love, I fill Your hearts with Love and the Light of the Divine House is touching you now. Open your cells, heart and mind – it smoothly enters, feel this stream. Keep a part of it in your heart, and distribute the rest to everyone. They do not know, do not know how, their role in life has a different meaning. But all of you are in the One Rod of God, I ask you – help them!

I leave the field of conversation. And goodbye, my dear children! It will take a little time and we will meet again.

Took Amadeus. 7.11.2018

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