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The Message of the Akashic Record – NOVEMBER 2018: Freaks (Shine).

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The Message of the Akashic Record - NOVEMBER 2018: Freaks (Shine).

In St. Petersburg, the first snow fell. I would say it fell out on a schedule, despite the unusually long warm autumn. I put hot tea next to me and address the Chronicles with the question of what November will bring.

Irina Shine: What energies will come in November 2018?

Keepers: Energy can be compared to how you soak or wash something to use it further. You prepare the ingredients or product for further work. This period can be compared with the way the master has come to work in the middle and is now engaged in giving his product the best look. He either dries, or soaks, or something else he does with what he did. If you understand our idea.

These are energies that will help you put yourself or your business in a more favorable light. You rather whitewash yourself. Turn the case from a different angle.

Or energies will help to polish the action, the product. Or find new arguments for a speech or presentation. Or to bring something that no one has brought before. Or connect what no one has ever connected.

These energies are sophisticated creativity, so to speak. There is another suitable word "freaks".

Irina Shine: Will there be any more energy?

Keepers: Yes. Impatience. Desire to quickly get rid of something, complete. Because it takes too long. Or are you tired of this situation? It would be tempting to interrupt, refuse, or suspend something unresolved. And switch to another less burdensome task.

Irina Shine: And what to do in this case?

Keepers: What to do, you decide. We can only advise you, do not chop off the shoulder. Being aware of what you are doing and what the consequences will be.

Irina Shine: What is more interesting in November?

Keepers: You will feel that if you had no problems, then everything would be possible. This is an illusion. Problems and situations did not come from anywhere. These are works of your hands and thoughts. Your states. With or without problems, you can do anything.

Irina Shine: What is good to do this month?

Keepers: Calculate the future. Go to the thin plans. This month will be the easiest to do. You can create your future on thin plans.

Irina Shine: Is there anything to which particular attention should be paid in November?

Keepers: On the accuracy of the wording of requests and desires. This month they will be the easiest to send into space. They will be quickly picked up by space.

Irina Shine: We are talking about thin plans and space. Perhaps there are those who do not understand how it is to go into thin plans. Can you explain?

The Keepers: It means to rush with intent to subtle plans, where events are formed before they become reality. You can give a request to the space so that you get there.

Irina Shine: So simple? And all get there?

Keepers: Yeah, just. Everyone will fall, and they will realize that there are only a few. These are subtle plans and energies. It is on the level of sensations. Faith plays a big role. We follow your faith. If you think that there is nothing but the visible world, we will not dissuade you. If you believe, then it exists, we show you its greatness and versatility. The intention to see him is what brings you there.

Irina Shine: Is there anything else you want to convey?

Keepers: Make friends with your heart. Well, if your deeds and words come from there.

Irina Shine: Thank you.

This was the message of the Akashic Record of November 2018.

This message from the Akashic Records was received by Shine. If you want to share this message, you can do this with full content; copyright instructions of the channeler – Shine – and indicate the source www.lifeful.ru. Please include this message in all publications.

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