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The king is coming

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The king is coming

“Jerusalem, the golden city, why didn’t you understand your King?”

Jerusalem, Jerusalem, mournful Jerusalem, joyful Jerusalem, many-voiced Jerusalem, eternal as the sky, Jerusalem, fragile as the earth, Jerusalem. Your king David lived and died, your king Solomon lived and died, dozens of your kings lived and died, the Roman emperor Hadrian destroyed you, but he died, and you rebelled.

Your only True King, Christ the Savior, will not die forever, for He has already died and risen.

But this is still a long way off. The king of Israel is only approaching. He walks from the house of Lazarus, stunned by the return of life. Lazarus, torn from the clutches of death, already realizes that this King will unite not only Israel and Samaria, not only believing pagans and Jews, but all of humanity, and there will be no end to His Kingdom either in time or in space. Mary, the sensitive sister of Lazarus, anoints her King to burial and the kingdom. The world is frozen. Jerusalem has subsided. Only the clatter of the donkey hooves, on which Jesus, the long-awaited Messiah, the King was quiet and peaceful, for the conquering kings enter on horses, and not on donkeys, is approaching …

… If you move to the Old City of Jerusalem from the Mount of Olives, which probably led the way from Bethany, you will have to cross the oldest cemetery in the world. With him, they say, the resurrection of the dead will begin. In fact, those dead who were resurrected at the time of the Savior's death on the cross, as evidenced by the apostle and evangelist Matthew, came out of these tombs. Entering Jerusalem, Christ as if once again prophesies about what will happen in a few days. To reign, He will have to go through death …

Jerusalem, the golden city, why didn’t you understand your King? Why did you cowardly hope for a meaningless liberation from Rome? Now, you are relatively free – has it become easier for you? You are already torn and bloodied by history, no one will heal your past, even if Jews and Arabs suddenly embrace each other in mutual love and bow to the Almighty on the Temple Mount – salt of tears from millions of eyes has always been eaten into your stones, the ashes of fires have settled on your streets forever … You will never be the same.

… My unfaithful heart is like Jerusalem. Christ is approaching him, passing through my sins and illnesses, quietly walking like the wind of a cold voice, walking carefully, tsok-tsok donkey donkeys – my peaceful Tsar. My heart rejoices, lining the way for Christ with branches and robes. Reign, King, reign in me!

But a terrible night is approaching, when the jubilant heart will fall asleep, and the evil and indifference reigning in it will awaken, and my King will be crucified. Why were you silent, my heart is wrong? What did the King not sing to all his neighbors, to the whole world? Why didn’t He do the work preaching Him, did not call all those far from the Kingdom to bow to the peaceful King of Glory, why was your thirst for salvation so limited? His kingdom is not of this world, this is the world in the kingdom, and not the kingdom in the world. The kingdom within me is me in the kingdom, this is my heart pierced by the kingdom, like a quiet light, white, like snow, like a whitewasher cannot whiten.

How did you not notice this, my heart? How did you not notice WHAT this visit was? Call Him, call with tears: “Blessed is he who comes in the name of the Lord!” – He promised, He will answer, you will see Him.

Again and again Christ enters Jerusalem, dies in it, again resurrects and enters Jerusalem again – my heart. His love is stronger than death, his love is an invincible weapon. Grab, Lord, my heart, defeat You are already this stubborn, unfaithful, sleepy Jerusalem.

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