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The flow of codes of Light. 10.11.2018.

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The flow of codes of Light. 10.11.2018.

My dear, today I would like to share with you what I saw on the eve of a powerful day – 11.11. (November 11, 2018)

I saw in space the codes of Light, which, like rain, just fall on us from heaven. They pour a powerful stream on us so far and will descend a few more days.

These codes of Light look like glowing hieroglyphs, encrypted signs, energy keys. They are transparent and invisible to ordinary human vision. There are a lot of them.

They showed me that they penetrate our DNA strands. Each hieroglyph or light key has its own individual place, finds it and fills its cell of DNA.

It looks like a puzzle is going to be created – each light code finds its place and stands on it. This place begins to glow, and then, when all the codes of Light enter, then all the DNA begins to shine.

These light codes reveal our limitless consciousness, hidden and encrypted in the DNA strands. They unpack us from the inside, and our infinite Divine memory returns to us.

Many people know that humanity does not use all the threads of its DNA, many are in "sleep mode", and scientists even call them "junk".

At this amazing time, everything is available to us! In each of us, all 12 strands of DNA can be activated.

I saw that their multidimensional Divine memory is opening inside people. This is a memory at various levels of being.

It happens to us right here and now, the codes are already here, right in us!

Today, many people remember only one incarnation in which they live, but all the “earthly” memory will open – the memory of all the incarnations on Earth; "Star" memory – the memory of how we are planets and races of alien beings; “Planetary” memory is the memory of what planets we have already embodied and were in the Universe; the memory of the maternal Soul – the memory of how our Soul was born …

A lot of the most diverse multi-level and multidimensional memory will open, it is very difficult to describe it now with words.

Knowledge of the entire universe, of the entire Universe, the memory of all the creations of God will be revealed, since everything is one and we are part of everything.

I asked: “Is it necessary to do something in order to receive these codes?”

I was told that you do not need to do anything. It is advisable to live in harmony, peace and love, so that it is easier for them to enter.

They will find their own place, but they will be able to unpack only when a person is ready, when his consciousness is opened to new multidimensional and multi-level memories, when a person is ready to know everything and open up to everything.

My dear ones, we live in an amazing and magical time, so may all the gifts be revealed to us!

With love to all


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