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The external negative extinguishes the inner Light. 25.11.2018.

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The external negative extinguishes the inner Light. 25.11.2018.

My dear ones, I recently saw a new way and felt how external negative influences on us, how lowers our vibrations and knocks us out of balance, out of Light and Love.

Being in complete inner harmony, in joy and love, in immense and sublime inspiration … a wonderful Divine Light is pouring out of each of us. It looks like we are in a radiant halo, the size of which depends on the power of our luminescence – the vibration level.

Someone still does not shine so much, but it is already shining, and this is a great blessing and a great achievement, and someone already, like a bright torch of Light, can illuminate not only themselves, but also others.

When you meet a negative in your life, for example, someone near you begins to curse, shout, get annoyed … then it can affect your Light, knock you off track and lower our vibrations.

Many may recall that when they heard a mate somewhere, quarrels and criticism, irritated shouts … start to feel bad.

With a thin vision one can see how the negative begins to penetrate into your Light, into your radiance, and it begins to dim. The “ball” of Light created by you, which envelops all your bodies, all your thoughts and emotions, begins to shrink. You seem to be closing on the negative, trying to run away from it.

It looks like you are closing your “doors” – your open heart, and you go into yourself, stop shining and become an ordinary dense and material person.

An ego that is beginning to defend itself awakens inside you: to judge and criticize, blame and even swear, fight external negative and low-vibration people, be offended and not accept others …

At that moment you stop being a God-Man, stop shining and shining, stop taking everything and loving everyone, you return to the world of low vibrations.

And what needs to be done to not return to it?

It is necessary not to close from darkness, from negativity, not to run away from it, not to shrink and hide, but to accept it for what it is, without condemnation and criticism, without becoming one without engaging in it, but on the contrary – to shine and shine brighter, raising their vibrations, open their hearts wider and love everything and everyone around …

Then your inner Light will only increase, your torch will begin to shine even brighter and cleaner. You will be transferred to the world of high vibrations and no negative will touch and touch you.

You may be physically close to low-vibration people, but actually be completely in different spaces, in different worlds and in different energies. You will be calm and quiet, you will be full of love …

A person who is spewing negative will surely feel your inner high state. From this, he may want to move away from you or even leave if he is not yet ready to be in such high vibrations, or he can calm down and change right before his eyes, absorbing your wonderful energies, feeling your Light and your Love, becoming vibrational above and taking your step up. It may even become a necessary invaluable impulse for awakening.

This is how the world changes when we consciously live, when we feel everything around us, when we are not involved in the negative and move along a given shining course. We are all creators, we ourselves create and build this world and our life!

My dear ones, live in the Light and Love of your heart and do not lose this radiance for a single moment.

With love, Magda.

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