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The Epistle of Archangel Michael on NOVEMBER 2018 – The Power and Majesty of the Elements (through Ronna Herman).

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The Epistle of Archangel Michael on NOVEMBER 2018 - The Power and Majesty of the Elements (through Ronna Herman).

Published November 1, 2018

Beloved masters, understanding the elements of FIRE, AIR, WATER and EARTH, which are unique components, components or elements of the nature of our Father / Mother God, in the experience of this subuniverse, is vitally important because you are seeking greater wisdom and striving to proclaim I-mastery. These four basic elements were coded in the bodily system of the original human form, to assist in self-realization and mastering I-mastery on the material plane of existence. These elements are delivered to all created matter in this subuniverse through the great Archangel RADIATION of the twelve rays of God's Consciousness from the Heart Center of the essence of our Father / Mother God.

* The etheric body and the Soul of Self are tuned and fed by the elements of the Cosmic Fire.
* The mental body resonates and is activated by the elements of AIR / AIR.
* The emotional body is consonant and is influenced by the elements of WATER.
* The physical body is based and resonates with the elements of the EARTH during the entire journey of each Soul in the sphere of density from the first to the fourth dimensions.

The qualities, attributes and properties of the seven rays of God Consciousness for this solar system were placed in the Spheres of Light. These spheres, known as the chakras, provided for rotation at a very high speed, which made them look like rotating cones of Light radiating from the front and rear of the physical body. Therefore, you constantly radiate the frequencies of light into the world of forms. The strength of the vibration patterns, as well as the frequency level of the harmonics that you project, will determine whether you experience joy, peace and abundance or limit, stress and discord. Each living cell in your body is a capacitor that stores memories and energy patterns. Every feeling causes the endocrine glands to make secretions corresponding to the vibration patterns that you radiate. Therefore, you can say that there is a certain energy pattern of hate and a certain energy pattern of love, etc., of varying degrees, depending on the power, strength and constancy of the energy you emit.

When you begin the journey of ascension back to the realms of Light, you gradually lose density in the physical medium — not necessarily body weight, but your body shape begins to resonate with increasingly higher frequencies of Light.

Never before have so many Masters of Light appeared on Earth among the masses. Many brave souls were given the opportunity to leave the planet and continue their work / mission from the heavenly cities of the light of the sixth dimension or continue to serve people within the framework of their chosen earthly environment. We wish all of you to know that we are very pleased with those of you, the Lightbearers, who steadfastly walk through the dense, gloomy valleys of darkness, paving the way for others so that they can follow.

Gaining power over the four elements of God-Consciousness will help you in creating a constant flow of energy of the Sacred Fire (adamantine particles of the Light of the Creator) throughout the entire chakra system and physical medium.

The carrier of the etheric body consists of the ELEMENT OF FIRE. At the initial stage of your ascension process, the more subtle vibrational frequencies of God-consciousness must first pass through the etheric body before they gradually begin to flow freely throughout the physical carrier. You must gradually create a receptivity to these subtle frequencies of God's Light so that they do not cause too much discomfort or injury. The Sacred Fire must first pass through the heart chakra in order to be activated by your loving intention, before this elixir of life can flow freely throughout the body. Gradually, over time, when the frequencies of your Song of the Soul become more subtle, you will be able to attract the cosmic substance of the original life force of higher levels, as well as a larger number of adamantine particles of Light.

THE ELEMENT OF AIR focuses on the mental body, the plane of mental consciousness. The mental nature is nourished by the Sacred Breath of God's Consciousness. This is why the breathing techniques that you received are so important. The consciousness of the soul is a critical initial phase of awakening to the Divine Nature of man. The third eye, the thyroid gland and the pituitary gland, as well as the Sacred Mind are the most important components of the mental body.

The emotional body is fed through the element of water. The mental body provides seminal thoughts, and the emotional body stimulates emotions or energy in motion (in the English version there is a pun: E-motion, where E is the energy designation we are used to in physics, motion is motion, and motion is Isa). As we have often explained, your creations are either a product of the body of the desires of the ego, or the desires and inspirations of the Soul. The throat and solar plexus are integral sources of energy for the emotional body. However, the full power of manifestation begins when you connect to the Sacred Kundalini fire, or adamantine particles of God's Light stored in the root chakra, as well as when you have connected to your Soul Star and the Supersoul Self to access the Antakarana, the River of Life.

The activation and harmonization of mental and emotional bodies and the fusion of the lower and upper chakras through the heart chakra lead to the fusion of the qualities, properties and abilities of God the Father and the Mother Goddess in a physical medium. Your level of piety is based on the harmonic resonance of your Soul Song, or on the levels of measurements you are tuned to.

ELEMENT OF THE EARTH through a physical vessel is both an anchor and your means to rise again into the realms of Light. You cannot neglect the physical carrier and fulfill your earthly mission. If you deny the physical form, you deny your God-given uniqueness, as well as the special complex form that you have chosen to travel this life in the material sphere of existence. You, following the guidance of your guardian angels and your Council of Light, have chosen the appropriate DNA / clan line, race, culture and circumstances in which you should have been born to gain this particular life experience. A wide range of challenges, challenges and opportunities have been programmed to provide you with the best opportunity for Soul growth. These activities are designed to run at appropriate times throughout your life. As always, there is freedom of choice, and it’s up to each person how he / she copes with challenges and problems and takes advantage of opportunities. Do you understand that each person constantly emits or radiates energy generated by God's Source? You are using this God's gift of Light / Life both positively and negatively. Thanks to your free will, to a large extent, you are a co-creator – the builder of your own reality.

Many of you are confronted with the process of transformation of consciousness in consciousness, accompanied by physical evolution, thanks to which the Fire of Kundalini, which is stored in the root chakra, quickly moves along the chakra system and throughout the physical carrier. This is also a dynamic and vital part of the ascension process. We asked our messenger to share with you an article prepared for one of her webinars of the teachings of wisdom:


GOD'S FIRE, HOLY FIRE, SACRED WHITE FIRE AND KUNDALINI FIRE – ALL THESE TERMS ARE USED TO IDENTIFY ADAMANT PARTICLES OF LIGHT: FUEL LIFE IS UNTIMATELAH, so it will be used to use the headings, it’s not the same, it is also the same, it is, it is also, it will be used to use the headings, it’s not the same, it is, it is, it is also the way, it will be used to use the current settings, but it’s not the same thing, as it is, it will be used to use the current settings, but it’s not the same, as it is, it will be used to use the current settings, but it’s not the same thing, as it is, it will be used to use the current settings, but it will be used by the current settings in the real world.

Kundalini: the word in Sanskrit, literally means "collapsed." This Holy Fire of God lies in a collapsed state at the base of the spine, and before activation it is in a passive state or in a state of rest and unconsciousness. He is often presented as a sleeping snake; therefore, numerous English interpretations have been created using terms like the expression "power of a snake." The ancients tell us that the Kundalini is located inside the root chakra at the base of the spine, folded in three and a half turns. It has been described as a residual / reserve source of God's pure Fire. According to the ancient teachings of wisdom, in the spinal column there are two nerve currents, a coiled double helix in a hollow tube, sometimes called the “Force Core”, which runs parallel to it in front of the spine.

Through meditation and various other spiritual practices, the Kundalini awakens and begins to rise in the chakra system along the spine. The advancement of the Kundalini fire through various chakras leads to different levels of awakening and mystical experience. When the Kundalini fire finally reaches the crown, the crown chakra, it sometimes causes a unique mystical experience when you reconnect to the many aspects of your Higher Self.

The FIRST BASIC ACTIVATION is usually felt in the back of the body between the shoulder blades. You will feel pressure in this area, which can sometimes be quite uncomfortable. This indicates that the back portal of your Sacred Heart is opening. I often said: "When this happens, we grow our angel wings."

SECOND ACTIVATION: The fire of Kundalini rises to the top of the spine, where it connects to the medulla, sometimes called the “mouth of God.” This is an indication that the ascension chakra is activated. This activation also affects the throat chakra. The practice of Infinite Breathing and voice toning will accelerate this process, as they will help to break through any distorted energy blocks along the spine and inside the chakra system. The throat chakra is one of the critical areas of the body that can cause discomfort when we seek to regain our personal power through oral speech.

THIRD ACTIVATION: The pineal gland and the pituitary gland are stimulated and will begin to send impulses to the opening of the portal of the Sacred Mind in order to exercise full access to your personal temple of wisdom. In addition, a solid reconnection is established to your Soul Star and the Supersoul – Higher Self. When this process is complete, your spiritual journey will truly begin back to the higher realms. Also at this stage you are ready to receive the Sacred Fire of the Spirit — the adamantine particles of the Light of the Creator will automatically begin to flow into your Sacred Heart with each breath. The driving force of the Snake fire is now accompanied by the flow of adamantine particles through your Supersoul – Higher Self, which is located inside your Soul Star.

You must activate these particles of the Light of the Creator, using your loving intention when they pass through your physical carrier, while the rest penetrate the Earth, and then radiating into the world for the benefit of the Earth and all of humanity. As the Kundalini, the Sacred Fire, begins to rise up the spine (the ether tube of Light), you may at times feel intense internal heat, while your external body will shiver and may even evaporate. That is why initially it is best to strive for the gradual release of the Kundalini Fire stored in the root chakra so that you can gradually adapt to the integration of the higher and higher frequencies of God's Light.

Remember, dear friends, that beloved Michael often tells us: "Faster and more are not always better when you are in the midst of a transformational ascension process."

As I-masters, you will begin to feel the constant upward flow of the inner Sacred Fire along with the downward movement of the divinely coded Spiritual Fire. This process will push you toward greater, expanded awareness, more inspirational thoughts, and activation of opportunities that you have not even suspected. Significant blessings, miracles, and the help of our friends from the higher realms will become the norm. You will also be given the opportunity to become a full servant of the World along with a huge number of World ministers throughout the planet. For example, I am very happy about what awaits us in the future, pointing the way. My mantra for 2019 will be: THIS YEAR OF OUR RADIANCE! Infinite love and angelic blessings!


ARCHANGEL MICHAEL: My brave bearers of Light, it is important that you realize that every phase of the Divine plan is holographically imprinted in the auric field of the Earth. Remember that Seed Atom Memory Codes and impulses have been or will be ignited in each of you at the proper time. Regardless of your beliefs, the heavenly winds of change are becoming stronger and stronger, permeating everything and everyone on Earth. Everything must evolve or degrade; nothing can stay the same.

We recommend that you take advantage of the unprecedented opportunities that you are constantly offered. Know that we are with you every step of the way forward and up. You are very deeply loved.

I AM Archangel Michael.

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