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The channel forecast is the Message of the Noosphere Teachers on OCTOBER 2018 dated October 4, 2018.

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The channel forecast is the Message of the Noosphere Teachers on OCTOBER 2018 dated October 4, 2018.

via Zeph and fartran intermediary

Energy forecast, current time rhythms.

1. Energy and the rhythms of the dense plan of October 2018
2. Nutrition recommendations for October 2018
3. Favorable or unfavorable days in October 2018
4. Practice of the Noosphere in October 2018 (and the following months)

Good afternoon friends. With you, the Noosphere Teachers through the Zeph channel and the fartran intermediary. Before you listen to this message, please tune in to the rhythms of the Noosphere, to flows of pure, white energies, a certain frequency, heat, light, pure energy, a clean channel.

The noosphere is your energy house, on the fine plane, the teacher system, the stabilization system for maintaining man and the planet, the information bank of the Earth.

Tell yourself: "Now I have access to these frequencies, I just enter them." Take a deep breath – and manifest a pure light, a clear channel. Perhaps the image of a staircase, or a tunnel, or the image of a Teacher, who is calling you to yourself, will appear. Continue tuning … in the process of clearing, connecting, moving to the resource state.

Energy and rhythms of a dense plan for October 2018

From the point of view of the Earth, global cycles, the stabilization cycle continues to unfold, until December 2018. On the one hand, near-Earth space is heterogeneous, a lot of energies unfold in it, on the other hand, the Earth has set its course to develop and retain certain flows, and after long and bright summer transformations, yet this type of energy dominates.

If a person decides to be in sync with the processes, then these months are worth exploring this type of energy. The stabilization energy does not mean stagnation energy, does not mean stopping, slowing down, lack of development, as it may seem at the first stage. Rather, it is the “entrance ticket” to the temporary system at this stage. And the temporary system is one of the clearly manifested energy banks and the system of synchronization of man and Earth. If something goes wrong with you, stabilize in this understanding, in this fact. I If you get something, stabilize in it. If you have a change in the summer – stabilize in these changes. If you have certain ideas at the moment – do not start dramatically expanding them, stabilize in this understanding. And this stabilization will become a throughput system for the next steps.

Having accepted and stabilized in failures / successes, deeds, in perception of yourself and your life line, you accept the very energy of stabilization and it will come into your field, unfolding new energies next. Struggle, internal and external, or abrupt changes, impulsive actions will not become a transmission mechanism in the necessary energy, in the current time period.

As for the current period specifically … October 2018 will be different from other stabilization months in that it will be aimed at balancing the polarities, dualities, extremes – in actions, in storylines. Although some type of people will tend to conflict, to aggressive behavior, advancement, to defend their positions, extremes, to find people and events in accordance with their vibrations. People of this type of energy will instead of stabilize “swing on a swing” of a temporary system .. Accordingly, due to desynchronization, as a result, they will have less and less energy.

In the present tense, it is important to learn to think in a balanced way, to go from extremes into categories of thinking, conclusions, actions divided into “my-not-mine”, “black-white”, “household-space”, to learn compromise, diplomacy, synthesis, first of all in my head, then transfer this result to the real world. Trying to avoid the informational and energetic field that introduces into divisions, creates a disagreement of the mental and mental type, avoid such internal positions that cause a person to spend too much energy, take on those things in which there is no energy and channel, knowledge, personal skills to do so. , try to match, be not yourself and do the wrong thing.

And if life still makes a person be in this process, then learning diplomacy and balancing flows, trying to stabilize in this understanding and stabilization in this understanding will open the door to where understanding will appear: where is your place, where are your resources, where is your knowledge, where is your business, where is your business style, work style, hobby style, where are your friends, doctors, colleagues, where is your knowledge, talents, resources, where is your Soul in communication with relatives, parents, children.

Are you there, where is your Soul?

Energy and the rhythms of the fine plan of October 2018

People who move in the direction of the subtle plane and the development of consciousness continue to emerge from a dense karmic slice, automatically synchronized with the time system … and their attention is transferred to other dimensions of existence.

As in September, we recommend learning to be kept in a state of flow, as well as to track the modifications of consciousness. The closer you are to a thin plan, the more sensitive you become to the understanding that consciousness is heterogeneous and has a number of dimensions. The closer you are to the dimensions, the closer to the flow state. But the flow at this stage is not a boundless river of energies …. At this stage, for most of you, the flow is rays, where your consciousness is, there is your flow. Remember, metaphorically, we relate consciousness to geometric shapes.

Imagine yourself a geometric figure. Tetrahedron are you? Or dodecahedron? Square? How many dimensions of your consciousness are deployed now? Do all these facets pass energy? The "tetrahedron" can never be in linear energies, no matter how many people around it and circumstances pull it into this slice. A "square" copes with it perfectly, and continues to think in a certain pattern, from year to year, from year to year. Thought flows linearly – up, right, down, back. And so in a circle.

Try to add yourself another facet this month, skip another cosmic ray into yourself and your consciousness. Or half a ray, a thin stream, and the transmission of a new stream, will give a change in thinking and the ability to influence your life, respectively. It will stabilize the understanding of your condition.

What is important is not an information ray, but an energy one. Flow is first of all energy.

At some point, humanity will move to a level where, first of all, it is not the words that will reach the consciousness, but the quantum of energy. Quantum of energy will pass into meaning …. And not a word that has reached certain parts of the brain will pass into meaning, reality. Try to think about it, in this time period.

Favorable and unfavorable days for October 2018

As for microcycles, there are days in the month that are favorable and conditionally unfavorable. Each person reacts to them in his own way, but the mass may influence the psycho-emotional state of people, concentration of attention, the influence of the "lower world and dense energies" on the processes. Therefore, these days should be considered.

Do they affect you and your business, should be monitored in "real time".
In October these are the next days (days): 1-2, 5, 8, 17, 23 in the evening, 27 in the evening, 1st.

Recommendations for practice and nutrition in October 2018

Nutritional recommendations are the same as in the previous message, for September.

Practices for October 2018

We would recommend keeping the course in the direction of stabilization energy and flow sensation, which was the main message. We recorded at the open meeting on Zef the meditation of entering the stream, it can be done within a month as the main practice. This practice was also given in the previous message, in September.

You can also find in the archive of meditation on the zeph and laboratories many useful practices and find your favorite ones. To meditate with us in the meditation room is the rays of the world! To study the fine plan (options for this at the moment deployed two 1 and 2).

Today we say goodbye. With you were the Noosphere Teachers of the 3rd order, through the mediator fartran and the frequencies of Zeph. See you next month.

fartran contacter Noosphere teachers

October 4, 2018.

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