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The best books on the history of the Russian Orthodox Church in the 20th century according to the historian Sergei Firsov

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The best books on the history of the Russian Orthodox Church in the 20th century according to the historian Sergei Firsov

We continue our project of mini-clips “5 books on faith”. Today, the historian Sergei Firsov recommends the best books on the history of the Russian Orthodox Church in the 20th century to the audience of Predania.ru

Among the books that can and should be read on the latest church history, of course, to those who are interested in it, I would name the following.

There is a wonderful book by Mikhail Shkarovsky, “The Russian Orthodox Church under Stalin and Khrushchev,” published in 1999.

The second book is “The Tragedy of the Russian Church. 1917-1953. "Leo Regelson. This book was published in the 70s and in a sense can be considered a monument of church-historical thought, but it is precisely this that is interesting. It is interesting in that it was written by a church person, a dissident, by the way, for whom church pains were not an abstraction.

There is a biased, but important book by Deacon Vladimir Rusak, Evidence of the Prosecution: Church and State in the Soviet Union. For this book, the author was imprisoned at the end of the Soviet period. At that time this book was something surprising – not official, not official. The author talked about how to evaluate the activities of the Soviet government in relation to the Russian Orthodox Church. This is also a kind of monument of church-historical thought, but such a monument, which should not be forgotten.

Of course, different sources are coming out now. In particular, a two-volume copy of the correspondence of Patriarch Alexy I with the Commissioner for ROC Affairs under the SNK of the USSR was published. This is very informative, interesting both from a formal point of view (rich factology) and from a psychological point of view, in order to understand how the head of the Russian Church communicated with his secular mentors, who would have stifled the Church with joy at other times and under other circumstances.

In the late 90's. two-volume edition “Archives of the Kremlin. Politburo and the Church. 1922-1925. ”, Which refers to the activities of the highest party leadership aimed at the destruction of the Church. This is a very informative collection prepared by academician Pokrovsky.

Returning to history, I think that an interested reader should familiarize himself with the book on Renovationism, written by Anatoly Krasnov-Levitin and Vadim Shavrov – “Essays on the History of Russian Church Trouble”.

I can continue to endlessly talk about books on the history of the Russian Church, but I suppose I should limit myself to the most necessary, and therefore I would like to end this conversation by pointing to the three-volume “Review of the Acts of the Holy Council of the Orthodox Russian Church 1917-1918.” This collection was edited by a German professor, a great connoisseur of Russian church history, Gunther Schulz. An interested reader can understand what the Great Moscow Cathedral is – a grandiose, unique phenomenon in more than a thousand-year history of the Russian Church.

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