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The best books on faith according to the poet Mikhail Kukin

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The best books on faith according to the poet Mikhail Kukin

The poet M. Kukin recommends to the audience of Predania.ru his favorite books on faith.

Since my childhood passed in the 70-80s. XX century in the Soviet Union, then I did not have any special church, Christian literature in my hands and in my family. And most of my peers too. And I think that in this sense my story is very typical. Because for the first time – it may seem strange – but for the first time about Christianity, about the Gospel, I heard something intelligible in the school course of Russian literature, in the 9th grade, when Dostoevsky's book Crime and Punishment took place. There, Sonya, at the request of Raskolnikov, reads the Gospel about the resurrection of Lazarus. This place in Dostoevsky was somehow not stopped, was not crossed out. In the Soviet Union, this text was published in full, it was held at school, and there a genuine piece of the gospel sounds. The whole atmosphere of this scene really influenced me. In this sense, this was the first book that, as a high school student, somehow “pushed” me so slightly.

And then I can remember not so much a book as a course of lectures on the history of ancient Russian painting, which I listened to when I was a first-year student at MEPhI and went to lectures in the evenings for students (optional), which were attended by all sorts of humanities and physicists “processed”, “ cultivated. " There such a person came to us by the name of Antonov (as I remember now) and talked about ancient Russian art, the icon, and there, of course, at these lectures, I received a lot of information. He quoted the Gospel and the lives of the saints, and analyzed the icons. These were very good, high-quality lectures. They influenced me very much. Then, thanks to these lectures, I became already interested in the ancient Russian icon and fresco seriously; Naturally, the albums published in the Soviet Union fell into my hands, in particular, the fundamental work “The Art of Ancient Russia” by V. N. Lazarev. These books, these images, they played a very big role in my life, as if moving me towards Christianity.

(see section on Christian art)

The third work, a short one at all, but extremely important, piercing, I also remember it well from school – Chekhov’s story “Student”: when you begin to perceive Christianity as speculatively as “one of the religions” or “cultural-historical phenomenon” which “must be studied”, “interested in every cultural person, regardless of whether you are a believer or not,” – in this sense, Chekhov, bypassing all these thoughts, hit the target directly. It was a completely piercing sense of personal involvement, in fact exactly what the story “Student” was written about.

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