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The best books on faith according to philosopher Alexander Sekatsky

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The best books on faith according to philosopher Alexander Sekatsky

We continue our project “The Best Books on Faith”: this time, the outstanding contemporary Russian philosopher Alexander Sekatsky advises the audience of Predaniya.ru the best books on faith – and the books are very unexpected!

Before me was formally tasked to name five books that are related to the experience of faith and seem to me important in this sense. Thinking a little, I stopped here.

First, for example, Martin Heidegger, “The Source of Artistic Creation”. This thing is not canonical, but it seems to me that it would be very important for a troubled soul to familiarize yourself with this Heidegger text and understand how you can think about things.

The second one. I would single out Nikolay Fedorov's Philosophy of the Common Affair as an example of readiness to combine the supertask and everyday life itself. In my opinion, an amazing book that still remains relevant.

Thirdly, Mandelstam. Not even his specific things like “Stone” or “Tristia”. In my opinion, Mandelstam’s poetry carries the unique charm of the freshness of the world created before our eyes, a kind of common Christian feeling of a return to the feeling of the primordial creation. Mandelstam is very suitable for this.

Further. I would highlight, oddly enough, Valentin Kataev’s memorial prose, in particular, “The Holy Well”. I don’t know with which intuition or divination, but in this short text amazing words were said about how paradise could be arranged. It seems to me that you can agree with some of them.

And finally, the book of our contemporary Vladimir Martynov, “The End of the Time of Composers”, where the fate of the very essence, our spirituality, is wonderfully examined using the history and fate of music.

These books, it seems to me, would be interesting and important for any troubled soul.

The books and lectures of Alexander Sekatsky can be found here.

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