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The best books about faith in the opinion of hieromonk John (Guayty)

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The best books about faith in the opinion of hieromonk John (Guayty)

The next issue of the project "The best books about faith." This time, hieromonk John (Guaita) shares his recommendations with the audience of Predanya.ru.

Book number one, which influenced not only my becoming as a Christian, but also as a person, is the Gospel, because I am from a very religious family, church, spent my childhood in church, in the altar, loved services, etc. Naturally when the adolescent crisis began and I decided that I was an atheist, until the moment when I took the Gospel in my hands and began to read it myself, not in the service, not with comments. Of course, I believe that comments, exegesis, and patristic interpretations are important, but direct access to the Gospel is absolutely necessary. When I was a teenager, when I discovered the gospel for myself, I locked myself in my room and read — it was so interesting for me. For any person, especially for a young person, a teenager, when a person is already able to independently perceive texts, direct reading of the Gospel is absolutely necessary. This is book number one, without a doubt.

It often happens that people are not entirely ecclesiastical, who begin to live the church life, adults and young people are asked what to read first of all. Still, there is one book that seems wonderful to me, besides the Gospel – this is the book of the father of Alexander Me, "Son of Man", because this is the same story that is told in the Gospel, of course, but in more familiar to us categories of biography and biography . The book is written very talented, very lively. It is very dear to me also because I translated it twice – into Italian, and then into French. And there, I remember it very well, there are places – wonderful – this is the fifth chapter, where Father Alexander tells about the community of the apostles, what kind of relationship Christ had with the apostles, and so on. It reads really like fiction. And this is a very deep book, where you feel that there is some very deep relationship between the author and the hero. Therefore, I would recommend this book as number two.

If further, there is a wonderful book written by French Orthodox theologian Olivier Clement. In Russian translation is called "Sources". This is actually a patrology, anthology, quotes from different Fathers on various topics: love, death, illness, life in society. Olivier Clement collected various quotes and connected. It turns out a single text, written as if by the Fathers. This, I think, is extremely valuable.

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