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The best books about faith in the opinion of Abbot Peter (Mescherinova)

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The best books about faith in the opinion of Abbot Peter (Mescherinova)

We continue our project “The Best Books on Faith”: this time – Hegumen Peter (Mescherinov).

I will name four books that have been decisive for me. I do not call the Holy Scriptures, of course.

The first book is “Spiritual Conversations” by Macarius of Egypt. At the dawn of my church youth, I read this book and still love it very much, because it is one of the purest sources of Christian thought, the Christian life, life with God. This book has defined a lot in my church and spiritual life. Maybe she inspired me to monasticism like no other.

The second work, very important for me, is “The Elder Silouan Athos” by Archimandrite Sophrony (Sakharov). She also showed me Christianity, firstly, from the inside, and secondly, from the Love of God, because Rev. Siloine of Athos, a remarkable ascetic of the 20th century, perhaps more than anyone else emphasized this aspect of the relationship between man and God.

Much later, the Diaries of Father Alexander Schmemann turned out to be very important for me. I, like many Christians who came to church at the end of the Soviet era, by the middle of the zero years of this century, had passed through a crisis of churchliness. Schmemann's “Diaries” supported me in this state, because these are very honest reflections. The quality, which is sometimes lacking in our church life, is the honesty of a Christian to himself, I saw very well and felt in the diaries book of Father Alexander, which they are valuable above all.

And finally – Gerhard Terstegen's “Path of Truth”. Today, when we record this video, April 4, 250 years from the date of the death of the wonderful Western ascetic and spiritual writer Gerhard Terstegen. For a number of years I have translated his treatises, his main book, The Path of Truth, which was published last year. This book was also very important to me. It can be said that she led me out of some kind of crisis, opened up for me if not new ways (that would have been said too loudly), but highlighted some important accents and answered some important questions that I hadn’t received the answers to. I think that the first three books are in the Predanya.ru library, and we will write down The Path of Truth at a certain time.

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