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Ten years God has protected us

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Ten years God has protected us

Ten years have passed for our foundation, and we are launching a campaign that will last until September, when we officially celebrate our anniversary. We plan to publish various materials – both about the history of “Tradition” and about our wards. As well as a selection of the best readers' films, lectures and books from our library, special interviews, congratulations and much more. And for starters – the appeal of the president of the fund Vladimir Berkhin.

On July 29, 2009, the Tradition Fund received its first donation and thus began its work. And since then it has not stopped.

And it was a good ten years. For ten years God has protected us.

We never got into a scandal. All checks passed us by. We have never had problems with either the state, or society, or with church authority.

Not because we are any particularly smart or cunning. I really have no education. And we made all possible mistakes that we could.

All this is possible only because the Lord keeps us, and always kept us. Now this is less and less successful, but when we started, we knew how to listen and somehow understand what God's will is, where to go, so that is His way. Perhaps because they themselves were too weak, and did not rely on themselves in anything.

And also because people care about us. It is very strange that with a huge wealth of choice, with all the possibilities and options, we stay afloat and for some reason they need to stay. Thousands of people continue to remember us and support us. And thanks to them and the grace of God, we have what we have.

We have helped thousands of people.

Some useful books have been published.

Wrote some useful texts. And probably a little useless.

Read 400 audio books.

Helped several organizations in their work.

We were, it seems, the first fund that lived entirely on small donations. And it seems to be the first to keep all expenses and salaries open.

We have seen many miracles. Now we know that in the world there is even something that cannot be.

The other day, payment for Nikita Fedutinov left.

And also the news came about how Fedya Sarabyev feels, and he feels good, goes to an ordinary kindergarten.

Ira Dolotova called from "Communication Space". Drying machines flew to Irkutsk, in flood.

Father John (Guaita) recorded a video for us about his favorite books about God.

Matvey Berkhin, who runs the lecture hall, had a daughter, Vera.

Ilya Palych Bogomolov went to rest in Gorno-Altaysk with his father, Archpriest. We helped Bogomolov Sr. with the construction of the temple, and together with Bogomolov Jr helped where the war was.

Three more collections were closed on the site. For two children from Central Asia, Mehrim and Nurlan, suffering from cancer, and one adult man who does not recover from a stroke.

Volodya Shallar published another piece of the epoch-making text “Christianity and Phallocracy”.

We are preparing an application for a Presidential grant – this time it will be on a religious subject, and we will report on a grant from the mayor on a sports subject.

The time has come to pay for the titanium construction for Arina Chaban's spine.

And monitors under the Life on a Palm program recently arrived at the neonatal intensive care unit of the 24 City Hospital.

A girl named Nicole, as it turned out, has no tumor, but there is a spike of lymph nodes. They say it’s also not enough pleasant, but still not cancer.

Life goes on. Thank you for these ten years.

If you want such a life to be more – give us a gift here.

Vladimir Berkhin

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