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Ten movies – ten topics to talk about.

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Ten movies – ten topics to talk about.

They say that parents hide from small children, and large children hide from parents. Adolescence is the time when we want to talk with children, but now it is not so easy to enter their room. We offer you 10 films – 10 good reasons to talk with teens about loneliness, about bullying, about acceptance, about love, about grief and about joy.

1. The Pelican, dir. Olivier Orles (France, Greece, 2011), 6+

When your father does not notice you, it’s easy for you to make friends even with a pelican. Especially if you saved him from death at the cost of the dearest thing you have – mother’s cross … A very beautiful and calm film that can be watched by children from primary school age (before it would just be uninteresting), about a stern man who lost his wife (it’s great played by Emir Kusturica) and the lonely boy Janis, whom the bird helps to survive the tragedy and establish relationships with his father.

2. “Red as the sky”, dir. Cristiano Bortone (Italy, 2006), 6+

In this story, the boy has a loving dad and a loving mom. But as a result of an accident, he loses his sight and is forced to live in a specialized boarding school. As you know, if the human body loses one of its five senses, some other aggravates. The boy began to hear so that he could tell stories with sounds. The plot of the film seems almost unbelievable, but it is based on the real events of the life of Mirco Mencacci – one of the most talented modern Italian sound engineers.

3. The Kingdom of the Full Moon, dir. Wes Anderson (USA, 2012), 12+

This film is about great solitude. Sam’s loneliness is obvious: he is an orphan, even adoptive parents abandoned him. But the loneliness of Susie, who has a full family and two younger brothers, is no less. Both of them are outcasts – one among the scouts in the camp of which he spends the summer, the other – in his family, where there is misunderstanding and a lie. What do teenagers in love do? Of course, run away and get married from despair in the forest. Beautiful landscapes and destructive elements serve as the backdrop for the unfolding drama. Fortunately, it all ends well. The film can be a good reason to discuss the eternal teenage passion for running away from home.

4. “Boy with a bicycle”, dir. Jean-Pierre Dardenne, Luke Dardenne (Belgium, France, Italy, 2011), 16+

Again, the story of an orphan – true, with a living father, the attraction for which is so strong that on the way to the goal, the boy Cyril destroys everything that comes to his hand. A young woman by the name of Samantha, whom he literally drops, falls into his arm. This is how the acquaintance happens, gradually changing the life of both characters. A strong story is that if you love, then you love everyone. And that love and acceptance can really transform a person. The film is labeled 16+, but children from about 10 years old can watch it, especially with their parents.

5. “Before the class”, dir. Peter Werner (USA, 2008)

Another film about overcoming, and again on an autobiographical book. And how great it is that there are such examples and such stories. The main character, Brad, has tics that cannot be suppressed. It is not only difficult, but also funny. And it seems that the profession of a teacher chosen by Brad is completely not for a person with Tourette's syndrome. Nevertheless, Brad defies fate, and even 24 failures in a row do not stop him on the way to his goal.

The lesson of the film can be how others affect a person. The father yells at his son – and his hands fall. The headmaster supports – and he smiles and believes in the best. A good reason to talk about respecting yourself and others and accepting people for who they are.

6. “Elina. Like I wasn’t, ”dir. Klaus Härö (Sweden, Finland, 2002)

A beautiful film, this time with Swedish nature. The problems that are perhaps not very close to us (or maybe vice versa) are: problems of social inequality, poverty, government policies regarding national minorities. Problems and plot layers overlap one another, but all of them are just a backdrop for exploring the inner world of the child. The author creates a complex image of a small person who is capable of great experiences. The girl Elina comes to the swamp to talk with her dead father, who taught her to go to the very center of the quagmire. For her, this is her own world, a refuge where she hides from a difficult village life and school problems.

7. “Brave Yu” (or “Liverpool Goalkeeper”), dir. Arild Andresen (Norway, 2010)

It is interesting to look at the life of an ordinary small Norwegian town, at 13-year-old schoolchildren and their problems. It turns out that they are traditional for all countries and all times: in the center of the plot is the story of the confrontation between a “nerd” boy who is afraid of everything and a tough kid who keeps the whole class in fear. Plus, football, friendship and love are a wonderful set. The film was shot without "Chernukha" and with taste, many funny scenes, it can be called positive and instructive. We advise parents to watch with children from 13 years old, since there are moments of bantering teenagers on the subject of “lesbians” and “blue” in the film, this can be a good occasion to discuss these sensitive issues with the child.

8. "Scarecrow", dir. Rolan Bykov (USSR, 1983). 12+

This film was probably watched by all current parents, but it is impossible not to mention it in the selection of films about teenagers. Why are people strong and weak? Why can a short girl be “iron” and a healthy guy behave like a weakling? About how scary and nasty when betrayed, about real friendship, confrontation, bullying and forgiveness – a piercing film by Rolan Bykov with the brilliant Kristina Orbakaite in the title role of the girl Lena. A classic of Soviet cinema.

9. "French lessons", dir. Evgeny Tashkov (USSR, 1978), 6+

A good but pretty heavy movie. Here you are imbued with sympathy for everyone: and for the unhappy single mothers, and for the young French teacher, and for all our tormented people. But most of all I feel sorry for children who are forced to become young adults. And the plot is this: after the war, an 11-year-old boy was sent from the village to the district center to study. The boy settles in with a woman who lost her husband at the front and remains with three children. A young teacher is trying to help Volodya, to feed him … It is useful to look with the children, talk about what was our very recent past.

10. “Lullaby for Brother”, dir. Victor Volkov (USSR, 1982), 12+

The film is based on the story of the famous writer Vladislav Krapivin. The author did not consider the film a very great success, but praised it rather highly: "At least this is the best thing that was done in the movie based on my works."

Summer, the company of guys goes sailing. Cyril is accused of theft. He learns that the real thief is Quiet Teal, who did this because of the pressure of the hooligans. Cyril takes the Teal for protection. The film is about confronting the crowd, about the truth, about the responsibility of the strong for the weak – however, like all the works of Krapivin.

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