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Teachers of the Noosphere – Learning the Noosphere. Part 2. Noosphere first layer. Absolute-Teacher system. Experience traveling on a thin plan.

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Teachers of the Noosphere - Learning the Noosphere. Part 2. Noosphere first layer. Absolute-Teacher system. Experience traveling on a thin plan.


About the process: Noosphere – the energy object of the subtle plane, our energy house, the absolute, the Earth and human curation system, the Teaching system, the place where the information banks of human history and the planet Earth are located. Before starting a trip to the Noosphere, the leader collects the energetics of the participants, in order to switch to a delicate plan and align with objects. Further, the text will be in the form of a "description of the living process." Participants move to our energy house – the Noosphere, learn to move between the layers of the Noosphere (symbolically "floors"), look at the layers of energy from the energy, study them.

1. We train to move between layers ("floors" of the Noosphere)

… fartran – Moving on a thin plane, we feel darkness, three-dimensionality, energy. Twist left and right, up and down. Directly energetically feel the thin plan. Move on a thin plan. And we are moving in the direction of the Noosphere, as we have already done before and again before … We are moving to the beat of the Beam. Adapt your vision in this “wobble”. Do not hurry … We go to the Noosphere. The noosphere is layers like floors, but it is also rooms. We perceive each layer as a white room, different in characteristics and tasks. Let's pump up energy and then we will learn to pass "through the noospheric walls" (layers).

But for starters, pumping energy. Let's all tighten up first in the 2nd layer of the Noosphere. This layer is convenient for us to gain energy, to prepare for a longer journey. Energy is like a cloud, like cotton candy, remember, more than once we spoke. You twist and wind it on yourself. Collect in this way additional, noospheric energy. White, pure light. White, clean energy, warm. Move, move along with the space, along with the Noosphere, gather energy towards yourself, let it pass inside you. Gaining energy ….

And we begin to seep down. We filter from the 2nd layer quietly down to the 1st layer and we will study it. Relatively speaking, we learn to pass through walls, change layers (rooms). We recall how we did it before in the laboratory. White pure energy. The primeval energy of the Noosphere, our energy house, the teacher's house, the teacher's system. So who sees what. Who is the first, how did you go to the first layer?

Participant 1 – Several ways: you can leak back, you can enter the channel … there are still such energy poles.

fartran – And if you go down linearly? In the middle of the next layer ("floor")?

Member 1 – Well, I'm back.

fartran – Let's … Ok. The back.

Member 1 – You can just dive, as if in a river.

fartran – Good. Feel each … move as each of you would like, as the Noospheric layer pulls it. The main move, as it is convenient, through attunement. Tuning, resonance can be any: jump, leaking back, leaking belly.

For now, we don’t touch Noospheric pipes (highways) – after all, they are tied to the whole space. I want you to be right in the middle of the first layer. We are leaking. Like trickling sensations. Tell me who feels what?

Participant 2 – I just change the dimension, I rather quietly … attuning.

fartran – When you tune in, there is a feeling that you change the energy of the body, the density?

Participant 2 – Yes. Wherever I go, there seems to be more free, more tightly – the seepage here goes.

fartran – squeezes you when seeping?

Participant 2 – Yes, a little bit, I like a droplet.

Participant 3 – I passed as dived, from one layer to another, feet down. Easy enough passed.

fartran – Is there a feeling of density when trickling in – change of layers, squeezing, something like that?

Participant 3 – Squeeze a little when you pass.

fartran – How do you feel? Through the head, legs, body?

Participant 3 – Where the energy body is in contact, there it is felt, there it leaks. Those. if the legs are started, then first legs are here. As usual when you enter the water.

fartran – Good, great.

Participant 3 – And if they have already leaked, then there is no longer … sensations

Participant 1 – And with me – you pass … such a dense, airy, some … dense airspace

fartran – What part of the body?

Member 1 – Accent in the chest area. Between the heart and vishudha.

fartran – Ie you, as it were, lean on the space, it turns out first with your back, as it were, with shoulder blades.

Member 1 – Now I just sort of leaked something. And I don’t have a difference, which part – that's what they thought, that one passed. It's just that I feel the energy that it is changing there, which is more like a discharged one or something. Here, for example, smoky, like humidity, on the 2nd layer. And there she is somehow more dry or something.

fartran – The temperature and humidity and density of the space is different. Svetlana? How are you going through the space?

Participant 5 – How to squeeze. Energy is more dense, like in the previous participants, I have the same feelings.

fartran – Good. Further?

Participant 4 – I very quickly go through this process – at first, the resistance is light, as the air flow is probably I feel it. I pass this time the upper chakras – somewhere face and chest. But everything is very similar to the description that … from other participants.

2. Learning to attune with the Teacher system, in the Noosphere, in the first layer

fartran – Good. I will orient you a little bit now and then ask you again. We adapt to space through resonance. Here we change this "density" … and, as it were, we fall down. And everything is going on the first layer. We will study it.

Please note that the 1st layer of the Noosphere is unique. This is, first of all, the working layer for travelers – in its orientation, in its dimensionality it is very close to the Earth, i.e. there are a lot of processes that are focused specifically on the Earth, on humans. Recall, from the previous exits to the subtle plan, that this is the first layer where we meet the Teacher system, in its original form. The teachers of the Noosphere. In general, this is a fairly clean energy layer, despite the fact that it is close to the Earth and is in constant energy exchange with it. This is a light, airy layer, clean air, such a light air. And there is not everywhere, but the Master ply.

And I wonder now, how do you even see them?

Participant 1 – I just went there today in the morning to watch, especially before class. And now here they are. The teachers are actually different there. Like “Silhouettes of People” or something, there are some “Luminous Crystals”, some “Balls” are also luminous. They are all different.

fartran – In general, Teachers have a form and energy that we are very …

Participant 1 – Yes, which is closer to us. They appear to us in this way.

fartran – Let's collect data: from whom in what way do they first manifest themselves? Those. Jura has listed all variations. Who in what way do they appear?

Participant 1 – I, my Teacher, manifest themselves in the image of the Elder of this kind.

Participant 2 – I have silhouettes. Silhouettes or energy balls.

fartran – Silhouettes – is it like ethereal discharged such air, vibrations of air or denser?

Participant 2– Sometimes I see dense, straight, clear outlines, I do not see faces, and there is no sensation of the age of a silhouette. And sometimes it is the vibrations that are here, the ethereal vibrations.

fartran – I can say that most often I also see etheric vibrations, powerful energy that starts to stand out in space and there is a clear energy background from it, information, intelligence is felt, a powerful enough field, heat, the temperature of the space in which you are. Who in the form of a ball? Such cases were also. Who in the form of a ball or crystal? And who in the form of such a more "humanized" image? If it is more convenient for us to perceive this, then we will be given out as an old man or as another energy.

Participant 3 – I often have a very strong candle flame, only a discharged field. But I noticed that when something does not reach me at all, I see an old man, a group, and most often these are men who stand in front of me. Then it becomes clearer.

fartran – Ie "Compacted" you.

Participant 3 – Yes, condense, yes.

Member 1 – By the way, I also have men mostly.

fartran – Me too, by the way. It is clear that there are no gender and gender differences on the thin plane as such, but we perceive it that way.

Participant 3 – And I saw next to my Master, whom I feel very well, of a different color, another absolutely dimension of Teacher, of a darker color, well, not terrible, no, he just was very unusual, and also in the form of such “accumulated energy” .

fartran – Let's comment on. When something is incomprehensible to us, and it is very difficult to perceive the subtle plan, it happens that our consciousness is blurred, the processing of energy-information, the signal becomes difficult and we need to “condense”, and the Teachers begin to switch to the mental layer of the subtle plan. The thin plan is very simply organized, at least near the Earth. In fact, it permeates the Astral, the Mental everything permeates each other, everything enters each other.

They begin to use mental energy and "condense." Consolidate the vision, unfold the projection of other Masters, other forces, other cosmic civilizations, i.e. Not necessarily the Teaching System works with us. an aggregate can be of different energies, different Teachers (civilizations) – and now they all gather in one place and begin to give us information in a clear, dense way for us. If we don’t understand anything at all, they start telling “in images, in pictures” or inducing some associations.

In perception, we constantly ply “from dense to thin,” from thin to dense, constantly switching between them. Our brain is unstable and perceives through constant changes of the energy background. Let's do the task now – we will find our Teacher in the Noosphere, who comes to you more often. In the image, in the energy that is closest to you. And we synchronize with it – remember that we create a common Field with the Teacher, as it were. We synchronize the way we used to and the way the Master gives us an image.

fartran – And tell me how it happens?

Participant 2 – Very much such exciting feelings arose, just as if a very close person, who is happy to see and, in general, emotions, all the chakras opened and vibrations of pacification, peace of such, full of trust.

fartran – Good. If you need to accept energy, how does the Teacher begin to interact with you? Try asking him something.

Participant 2 – I start to sound in my head, such a background goes.

fartran – Noosphere sound?

Participant 2 – Yes. And if I ask, I have already had this happened several times, or rather, for some reason, I have more often than not, if other people start asking something, I feel as if I feel the answer.

fartran – And you start to digest it, process it?

Participant 2 – Yes, I digest and say there, I started working with people like this … here is a person who says, and I have some kind of reaction, connection, removal of information … And I say “no, no,” I say how there is. Sometimes I am surprised myself that I couldn’t know exactly this before.

fartran – Okay, well, that's right. The process is right with you. You came to study for this purpose, and you are just deep in the process. It would be strange if you did not know how. Well done.

fartran – Tell us what your Teacher looks like and how you interact with him, what are his feelings?

Participant 3 – Teacher or Teachers are mainly with me as a figure of such whitish color as from a fog of white. When they appear, I feel in my chest such as a little pressure, maybe at the same time a bulging and, as it were, I physically feel this place. And after that then I hear some words if I ask something.

fartran – Also the “information channel” is received, initiated “through the request”.?

Participant 3 – Yes. And through the 4th chakra.

fartran – Yura, tell me how it happens with you?

Participant 1 – Well, Ajna (6th chakra) is starting to get active in me – I immediately have images that go like an “understanding” or something. So even when I communicate with someone, someone tells me something – I already have some “images”, some thoughts appear. As a "picture is drawn," like this. But now for some reason it has gone so far that it’s as if we are “in the same Sphere”.

fartran – Next?

Participant 5 – My Teachers appear in a group and, as it were, my Master stands out from this group, i.e. now even I see, he is a little separated forward in my direction, he takes my hand, I am in the same field with him. Participants often say that if you read some information, they know that this is so.

fartran – Good. Further?

Participant 4 – I see the Teachers in the form of a clot usually and now too – as if we do not have palms, but as if we are touching with palms, and I feel its energy. At first I perceive it at a level as if it were energy waves. After that, either images come to me inside, or understanding comes, that's what is born in my head. First, when I see – it is unconditional inside, right here in the chest the joy is so quiet, quiet appears, then the channel goes. Now, when I do a warm-up and I rise to the Teacher along the Ray, or through the Mental, then the information comes to mind and turns around.

fartran – Transmission through the head-end Computer is one of the first ways to transmit information, as it is channeled, the easiest.

Participant 4 – Well, more often, probably so.

fartran – Great, great.

Member 1 – I still constantly feel some kind of “presence” – i.e. He (ed. – Teacher) is not alone there, it seems as though he is still somewhat there behind him.

Participant 4 – Yes, and I …

fartran – Here, now we just go there …

But wait a minute. I wanted to focus your attention on an important process … When we not only “see or hear”, but also “pronounce”, we materialize it. we fix in the mind, and this experience becomes more conscious and more stable. Lived experience. When we do not just do this in meditation, but we leave the body, collect and transfer consciousness, go to the subtle plane, specifically, into the Noosphere, come into contact with real energies and objects, it becomes even more obvious, conscious and important.

It is very important to pronounce, prescribe, not only “feel and see” these things. Because when you “pronounce or prescribe”, you give them, I repeat, a certain density, and then this density is fixed inside you, becomes your “everyday reality” … and then it is not lost, it is not forgotten …

And in our laboratory class today … we just crossed this barrier when you entrenched, stabilized, understood, listened to yourself, listened to others. Listen again then this audio in the recordings to hear your voice, and this also stabilizes, materializes, introduces materialization twice in your life. Remember, when you just sewn into the laboratory, few of you knew what was where, how to get there, what distinguished one from the other. And now you calmly reach the Noosphere, you can establish a connection, make it stable, accept information … Stop for a second and appreciate this process …

And move on to the next task. You already know him, have already felt it. Twist around, look, cover the whole space of the 1st layer, try to understand – How does the System of Teachers work? There are a lot of them. Every one of you is standing by your Master. How is this system formed? Other Teachers, where? How do people interact with them? Is there an energy connection between the Master? If so, which one? How do they hear and understand each other? See energy connections. Come on, who's first?

Participant 1 – When we penetrated immediately into the 1st layer, I looked at the ceiling for the sake of interest and there appeared as "suns" or something, there are only a lot of them like a network. Like a grid, glowing. When someone appears on this layer, the Masters as "snowflakes" start to fall, like glowing balls from a distance, if you look, then closer silhouettes and so on.

fartran – Good. Who else sees what?

Participant 2 – Well, I have the same thing – when I leaked out, I saw as if the whole space was covered with such a grid, it was “diamond-shaped”, it was changing constantly along the axes. And when, apparently, information goes somewhere – it is “pulled out” there, its configuration changes.

And now, when I spun, I also saw that everyone … Teacher's energy blob, the formation … and saw different forms around, they are also connected to each other by a network, like this sort of "spatial echo" or something I don't even know how to describe it …

If you are already completely attuned, then you will perceive it as an ultrasound, as a funnel, such as a small whirlwind.

Participant 1 – They welcome guests, as if they begin to pull up on him from all sides.

fartran – Well, thank you, well done. Ellina, Svetlana? Ellina, come on. What did you saw?

Participant 4 – Same. At first I felt it, did not know how to express it all, because the situation around, it is constantly changing. It seems to be the same – and some kind of microparticle, a single network … I did not immediately see the grid.

fartran – You just need to raise your head. Those. learn to twist your head, roughly speaking, on a thin plane …. Look in different directions, cover space. To a question.

Участница 4 – Коммуникация между Учителями конечно, проходит, быстро… Он говорит слово «телепатия», но там какая-то другая история происходит. Причём моментальное, прямо даже не секунды, а я не знаю, очень быстро.

fartran – Хорошо. Ольга, давно вас не слышала.

Участница 3 – Ну, у меня Учителя, они как образуют такую «очередь». Т.е., допустим, мой первый, за ним большой такой – ну, как много людей в очереди. И почему-то перед моим Учителем появилось такое, как, похожее на «зеркало», которое направлено на меня. Допустим, если в этом зеркале я вижу себя, то из этого зеркала выходит мой Учитель, а если придёт другой человек, будет отражаться в этом зеркале, то через это зеркало, к нему придёт его Учитель. Вот как-то так, как портал что ли.

fartran – Хорошо. Следующее задание, последнее на сегодня. Как Учителя взаимодействуют с Землёй? Посмотрите сквозь 1-й слой Ноосферы, как бы в "пол", и посмотрите, как Энергия «уходит вниз», на Землю?

Участница 2 – Ощущение Дождя.

Участник 1 – Да, у меня вот идёт так – «световые иглы». Как расчёска такая, не такая плоская, а как у женщин массажная щётка. Вот такая большая. И у неё такие лучи световые, как солнечные, вниз туда тдут, к Земле, тоненькие лучики.

Участница 5 – Можно я?

fartran – Да, давайте.

Участница 5 – В общем у меня как соты у пчёл, соты представляете, только у меня все разного цвета вот в ячейках в этих, и как бы как дождём спускаются вниз, из каждого этого луча сотовой ячейки, идёт какая-то информация. Это всё разных цветов, но больше превалирует тёмно-синяя.

Участник 1 – Да, и вот она, сейчас Светлана начала рассказывать – и сразу пошло. Those. Информация не только туда идёт – она и оттуда идет, вверх. Those. «вверх – вниз», движение идёт.

Участница 2 – Корпускулы такие, и они все ещё разные размеры имеют.

Участник 1 – Размер и цвет, да.

Участница 2 – Да, размер, цвет. Где-то больше, где-то тоненькие совсем вот такие, еле прозрачные. Это, видимо, до того, до кого не доходят что ли.

Участник 1– Да, да. Там ещё, кстати, вот к кому-то доходит, к кому-то не доходит. Those. кому-то «талдычат», а он «не слышит»…Кто-то слышит хорошо – там нормальный обмен идёт, вот так как-то. Сразу видно, пульсация разная.

fartran – Войдите в этот процесс…. не спешите….  и заканчиваем занятие, спуститесь по этим каналам вниз, к себе. Думаю, можно уже не комментировать не направлять вас, просто попробуйте теперь это сделать сами. Как вы это делаете? И естественным образом, соединив энергию Ноосферы и своего тела – спускаемся вниз, к себе домой, на Землю привносим энергии.

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