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Tatyana Zolotukhina – ENERGY forecast for NOVEMBER 2018

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Tatyana Zolotukhina - ENERGY forecast for NOVEMBER 2018

The last decade of October was quite difficult with its growing nodes of tension. At the very end of the month, this tension eased a little, and it was felt, especially by those who successfully passed through the indicated energy tension and managed to “rise” above their own level due to constant work on understanding the events happening to them.

The energy industry of November, as a whole, is smooth, harmonious and fairly built up according to the results of the passage of the tensions of October. The motto of November this year – "restoring order." And, indeed, after a series of tensions, the purpose of which was to assist in the development of the consciousness of people striving for truth and deep transformation of consciousness, there comes a time that stimulates to raise lower levels of consciousness to the highest bar reached by some people in October. Awareness of new ideas and tasks is just the beginning of the path. Now comes the period of penetration of these ideas into more dense spaces with the possibility of implementing these ideas through goal-setting and planning steps to achieve the goals. November with its harmonious energy quite contributes to this.

The energy of the Earth in November is quite flat from the very beginning to the end of the month. The energy of the Sun is also aligned and presented on the conditional diagram as a straight line, which means stability and rooting of everything achieved in October. The energy of the Great Central Sun also looks exactly all over. As in October, all three types of energy create a huge range of vibrations that do not collide, do not contradict, but, on the contrary, support each other. And the motto of November is not accidental. Now that all tensions have been passed and smoothed out, programs from very thin spaces have penetrated into denser and have assimilated into these dense spaces in the last decade of October, it is time to organize and structure, to bring order here taking into account the transformation of the old and absolutely new challenges. It cannot be said that this process will take place harmoniously throughout the month and at all levels, however, nothing like the October “potholes” will happen. In November there is not a single node of tension! This applies to the energy spaces of the planet and people with aligned energy bodies, up to the causal body. In the mass consciousness of mankind, as usual, the alignment of energies and programs will occur with certain efforts and conflicts. But at the same time, the general energy background of the planet will be harmonious and conducive to transformations.

The Fifth Ray (according to the concept of Alice Bailey) will continue its influence in November, but under the conditions of the so-called “unified, balanced duality”, when the human will does not actively contradict the will of God, but, on the contrary, seeks unity with it. If in October serious transformations occurred, first of all, in the mental field of humanity, in November the transformations will reach the etheric plane. In other words, the emphasis of the transformation is transferred closer to the dense-etheric and physical body, contributing to the further release of subconscious programs due to the penetration of the energies of higher consciousness into the denser levels of the etheric body. It can be said that the energy of the Mind begins to penetrate into the cells of the body, changing the wave field of our DNA.

Thanks to this, people with a developed consciousness will be able to keep a fairly high level of awareness of events at all levels of being, including the planetary level. Awareness will help us make the most effective choice in terms of responding to the external environment, anticipate the consequences of our choices and plan appropriate actions. So, at the end of the year, the Highest Hierarchs of the planet will give us all a wonderful chance to tune our consciousness to the higher consciousness of the planet, the Sun and the Source (the center of our galaxy).

November passes under the sign of Scorpio. Scorpio is a sign of discipleship. Discipleship, which can lead a person to a transition to another level or slow down his development. And this must be remembered, not enticed by favorable conditions. Much depends on your individual will and the degree of elaboration of our subconscious and energy bodies. Some people will still experience an “echo of duality” obscuring the clarity of choice. In other words, they will often face a choice that entices to go to the opposite side of duality, rather than move toward unity. Try to stay on the middle ground and make decisions based on unity – the concept of the integrity of all things. Thus, the coincidence of your individual will with the will of the Divine will manifest. And then manifest this single will in reality.

In the October forecast, it was mentioned that the planet Uranus "rules the ball" in October. In general, in the past two months, serious transformations inside the Solar System are associated mainly with the giant planets. Small planets are also transformed, but to a much lesser extent. It can be assumed that the giant planets are more sensitive to changes in the energy system of the Solar System, which arise under the influence of galactic programs. In November, Jupiter and Saturn come to the fore by energy significance, as was the case in August. In November, Saturn moves along the sign of Capricorn, and Jupiter moves in the sign of Sagittarius. Both planets seem to clear the path to the following astrological signs, identifying promising tasks and identifying difficulties, thereby giving us time to prepare for them. Remember that we are not talking about the usual characteristics of the planets and constellations, as is customary in astrology, but about more powerful information and energy processes that unfold in the new stage under the influence of new energies. Recall that in the framework of the Solar system, large-scale restructuring is underway that relate to changing the "qualities" of the planets and their roles within the overall system. As we have said, the energies of the Source penetrate the Solar system very intensively and are distributed within the system in accordance with the galactic plans. These energies penetrate the system not only through the Logos of the Sun, but also through the Logos of all planets, changing the planetary programs sometimes quite significantly. In November, Saturn again sets a rigid framework for the assimilation of accumulated energies by each planet and the system as a whole, while Jupiter maintains the harmony achieved in the previous three months so that these assimilations would be effective. Both planets specify a single program of the Sun, aimed at structuring the entire system at a certain stage in accordance with certain goals.

Here it must be said that other planets contribute to the general energy not only in accordance with their usual characteristics. Recall that the signs of our "ordinary" Zodiac are strongly influenced by the signs of the Highest Zodiac, which leads to a change in their usual properties. For example, Scorpio is under the direct influence of the energies of the constellation of the Highest Zodiac Raven, which broadcasts a large-scale transformation of the subtle plans for the programs of the galactic cycle. The watermark of Scorpio, which is usually associated with the subconscious, at the current stage changes its information characteristics. Water serves here as a carrier of life, new programs for its deployment, including program codes for the transformation of planetary DNA.

Scorpio in November is also influenced by the energies of Ophiuchus (the Highest Zodiac), which activate events of transitions to new levels, including galactic ones. The Earth has accepted and assimilated the energies of the Source for quite some time, however, to varying degrees and with different results. It should be noted that in terms of the rate of assimilation of these energies and related programs, our planet lags behind other minor planets, especially Mercury and Venus. This is due to the state of the Earth's noosphere, in which the human consciousness brings notes of disharmony. We point out that the gap between the consciousness of the masses and the consciousness of enlightened people remains very large. That is why, despite all the efforts of planetary Shambhala, in the sphere of mass consciousness there is tension, disharmony and conflict, since the higher energies are not yet able to penetrate into mass consciousness in the required volume. And low-frequency mass consciousness inhibits the overall development of mankind.

In November, the Element of Water and the Element of Fire will be active. Hurricanes, storms, flooding and abrupt weather changes are expected. But the electromagnetic field of the Earth in November will be generally more stable than in October.

In November, we should all give serious attention to the physical body, into which higher energies will gradually penetrate. However, the general favorable energy of the planet will help many to expand their incarnation bodies more harmoniously.

Of course, people with insufficiently developed consciousness will experience difficulties in their everyday life, which depend, among other things, on the generally accepted characteristics of their astrological signs and planets. For example, in early November, opposition to retro-Uranus and retro-Venus is expected, giving rise to serious emotional conflicts. On November 6, Uranus in reverse motion will return to the sign of Aries, which may cause weather anomalies, anomalies in solar activity, etc. New Moon on November 7 in the sign of Scorpio can cause crisis phenomena. For example, on November 17, Mercury turns around in a reverse movement in the sign of Sagittarius, which adversely affects the receipt and purity of information. However, if your bodies are aligned and consciousness is high, you simply do not pay attention to these astrological warnings, for they will not affect you informationally or energetically.

Above it was said about the growing significance in our life of the energies of the constellations of the Highest Zodiac. Recall once again that the Fixed Cross of Scorpio in the energies of the Raven constellation means the stability of world view and stability in all dimensions, including three-dimensional, for those who are able to receive these energies, as well as increasing wisdom and large-scale understanding of the events. People accepting these energies are capable of harmonious interactions with other people in all situations, while maintaining optimism and faith in the future. The energies of Ophiuchus will help you to find balance and harmony between your mind and heart and will teach you to see and realize balanced interactions in all areas of your manifestation.

So, November puts before us a difficult task – to bring order in all areas of its manifestation, taking into account new challenges, a more complex multidimensional situation and a growing imbalance of the three-dimensional world. At the same time, the planetary energies support us in our new endeavors and strengthen and expand our consciousness. The higher consciousness of the Earth is doing everything possible to ensure that the consciousness of humanity plays a leading role in planetary processes. This means that each person is called to find his true vocation and take his place in the planetary history, in the creation of which he takes an active part.

Tatyana Zolotukhina, October 30, 2018

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