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Tatyana Zolotukhina – Energy Features of November 2018. November 13, 2018

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Tatyana Zolotukhina - Energy Features of November 2018. November 13, 2018

After November 11, the date many people drew attention to in connection with its symbolism – 11-11-2018 (11), wanted to speak on the theme of such iconic events, especially since many readers are engaged in numerology. I re-read my own energy forecast, which I confirm in general terms. However, there are some points that make sense to clarify and concretize, especially in the light of some messages, where, like ten years ago, common “truths” like “activating the bridges of the unity of Heaven and Earth based on Love, Mercy, Acceptance, Prosperity and Acknowledgments. I can say that for a thinking esoteric with experience such phrases are “about nothing”, they can refer to 2000, 2012 and other significant dates when the Internet was overflowed with similar “optimistic forecasts” promising a bright future that is already on the threshold. What is behind these common words, which I and many others have heard about for twenty years? Recall that in these messages it is assumed that the energies “will do everything themselves,” and heal, and balance, and change our lives. Just take it! I know many people who accept (or rather think that they accept) high-frequency energies for many years in a row, however, their life almost does not change, as, indeed, their consciousness. And only those people who actively act under the influence of subtle energies can be proud of their success in some areas of their multidimensional being.

The corresponding message also says that the energies coming through the portal 11-11 (or some other) “will purify and heal the subtle plans of the Earth and humanity, affecting our cells, organs and systems, forming a new Light body …”. This is not entirely true, because in fact the effect of energies on our cells and organs occurs in different ways. There are people who absolutely do not resonate with these energies, being in their own three-dimensional “cocoon”, and the higher energies are not able to break through the barriers put. Of course, with time, when saturation with higher energies occurs in three-dimensional space, “ordinary people” will be affected in one way or another. However, at this stage, the resonance with the specified energy content is established consciously by those who work on themselves, expanding and purifying their own consciousness. The same applies to the "body of Light", the formation of which does not occur automatically, at will or by clicking the fingers.

Why am I doing this? I have nothing against beautiful and promising phrases like "these energies will initiate a new society based on the principles of Unity and Peacemaking." And even I suspect that many people like them. Just what to do with these energies, few people know. The general answer is, “do you really have to do something with them?”

My answer is “Yes, it is necessary, regardless of the promises that everything will happen by itself”. Nothing happens by itself, especially in the human world. Tell me how the energies from the high dimensions can initiate a new society if these energies are not accepted (due to low consciousness) by the overwhelming majority of people limited by three-dimensional existence. How can these energies affect those who have a mental and astral (emotional) body – two unmatched and even contradictory fields, and the etheric and physical body is overloaded with negative subconscious programs. At best, these energies will flow around you; at worst, they will penetrate into the surface layers of your bodies, causing energy jams, conflicts and additional tensions that can later develop into a disease. What actually happens now with many people.

For some time now, when in the energy forecast I see the absence of tension nodes and relative harmony, I begin to understand that this harmony and grace does not apply to us, people, but to higher dimensions, which assimilated the transformation programs entering them properly and in according to their written laws. And we, who live in the world of duality, at the same time, are beginning to heave, korezhit and ivy.

I think that with the example of this November one can understand and clarify a lot. So, let's begin.

Even astrologers, speaking of a certain astrological event, such as an eclipse, indicate two to three days preceding and following the date of this event. When we talk about the energy phenomena of a planetary scale, it is wrong to attach to a certain date, although it is convenient for us humans. I remind you that the phenomenon referred to by those who write about the portal 11-11-11, namely, the passage of high-frequency energies through many dimensions, goes on continuously, especially after 2000. This is a planetary process, designed to saturate all the dimensions of the Earth with a certain energy information in accordance with the tasks that, by the way, go beyond the limits of a narrow planetary existence. Such large-scale processes have their “peaks”. The last “peak” was at the end of October (we recall 6 knots of tension at the end of the month). This means that during this period the saturation with the fine-material energies of higher spaces was stronger, because the task was to level the indicated spaces at a higher level of vibrations. The event on November 11 actually began on November 1st (approximately). More precisely, the October energy wave through tension nodes, which were safely resolved, thereby raising general vibrations, caused the next wave of a different vector and quality to come to life. The November wave (process) pursues a precisely calibrated goal – after leveling higher spaces, gradually penetrate more dense dimensions, bringing here certain information programs for their subsequent rooting. So, starting around the beginning of the month, stabilizing and leveling the energy flow from the 8th dimension to November 7 went through all the measurements down to the second, gradually focusing in the 4th and 3rd dimensions. So, if at the beginning of the month this stream systematically reached the Akashic Records of the planet and humanity (which is understandable, since the Hierarchs of the planet were working in parallel on reformatting the records of the Akashic Records), by November 11 there was a sharp “rise” of energies to 10-11 measurements. In other words, the energy flow, after a small rooting in the three-dimensional world, turned “back” and reached its “peak”, encompassing dimensions in which only prototypes of forms exist, i.e. the worlds of the Spirit. Such a second entry into the 11th dimension has its goals. It can be assumed that 1) gradual “pumping” of high-frequency energies is necessary for rooting higher processes in dense spaces, and one-time passage is not enough for energy assimilation, and 2) information on the results of the process is transmitted to the plan from which this process was initiated, for feedback purposes .

From November 12 until November 18, a new packet of information will be distributed through high-frequency measurements, reaching the 9th dimension, i.e. slightly lower compared to the first time. At the same time, along already laid information channels, some of this information will continue to penetrate into the 3rd, 4th and 5th dimensions, and, starting from November 19, the energy flow will again concentrate exclusively on the 4th and 3rd dimensions until the end of the month. And, of course, such a concentration of energies in spaces inhabited by people will have mixed effects, from healing, provided that these energies are consciously directed to the flaws and distortions, and the new level of understanding, to diseases and psycho-somatic disorders.

I would not call this phenomenon “portal activation”, because it is a rather long and large-scale action covering all planetary dimensions, up to the Earth’s energy core (if only we assume that the entire planet acts as a portal for receiving galactic energies). Transformations affect all layers of the Earth, bringing a higher level here. And, as we see, this process is multidimensional and ambiguous. As for programs that penetrate all planetary dimensions, these programs mainly aim at radical changes based on a “return to the Sources”, i.e. gradual derogation and neutralization of existing programs for the development of life and species that, one way or another, complete the previous stage of creation and cognition. More specifically, these programs concern major changes in the planetary genome, which is also associated with geological and climatic changes, which are part of a planetary program. However, at this stage, new foundations are laid at the wave level, in the field format. Hence, the constant verification of incoming information on fine-material standards, which are formed in the 10th dimension. Obviously, the first changes in RNA-DNA will first affect single-celled organisms, and then certain types of insects and plants. It can also be assumed that these programs are of preliminary testing character, with the subsequent selection of the most effective options.

The information obtained suggests that there is practically no experience in the Earth’s memory that would allow it to safely pass through the current galactic stage of transformation. This is especially true of participation in this transformation of humanity. Some experience exists in the Solar System (the planets Venus, Mars and Jupiter), but this experience relates to other biological types of consciousness and other planetary conditions. Therefore, at present, the necessary information comes from other constellations and galaxies, for example, from the constellation Cassiopaea, Cygnus and some others.

The energy of high dimensions permeates the entire planet and affects the cells, their mitochondria and to a lesser extent (so far) nuclear DNA, but this is a very long process and one should not expect serious species and interspecies mutations in the near future. However, it cannot be denied that a person at the level of the cells that make it up also to a certain extent, depending on the level of its development, falls within the specified energy effects. In the November forecast, I wrote that in November you need to pay attention to the dense-ether and physical body, and, for example, meditate on the assimilation of energies entering the cells. High-frequency energies affect the overall level of cellular consciousness, clearing out the old experience laid down in cells and transforming cellular memory. These processes are almost beyond the control of ordinary human consciousness. However, if a person starts to listen to this information and allows his Higher Consciousness to lead the assimilation process, then the vibrational level of the etheric body, and after it the physical one, will increase significantly. Increasing the vibrations of the densest bodies (conditionally dense, since the etheric and physical bodies initially cover 4 dimensions – from the personal Akashic Chronicles to the fifth dimension) will lead to greater integrity of the cellular and body consciousness, and ultimately, upon reaching a certain frequency, your bodies form a kind of "light body." I am told that such a Light body (from the 3rd to the 5th dimensions) will sustainably resist the collective, lower consciousness, and hold high vibrations in the bodies of the person's incarnation even in extreme situations. However, it is necessary to work long and hard at all energy levels on the formation of this Light body, gaining individual experience of interacting with one’s own consciousness, including body consciousness and Higher consciousness. Such work is especially important in November, because with the above-described “walking” of higher energies over the entire planetary range, our physical bodies will experience all kinds of stress and collapse. And there is no time for Love and Mercy, just to keep afloat. Filled with subconscious programs of outdated experience, your physical body will immerse you in fear, deprive of faith in the future, undermine your vitality, activate the old programs of the victim, inaction, disbelief and pessimism. I note that such phenomena concern both ordinary people (to a lesser extent) and “advanced”, enlightened people, to which other, more stringent measures are attached, since these people have declared themselves to be the spiritual leaders of society.

Galactic energies penetrating our solar system and our Earth can hardly initiate a new society, because, as I said, very few people are able to accept even partially these energies. So we are still far from the new society. A new society will be created by “new people”, people with a planetary consciousness and responsibility, plunging into this society, fulfilling the tasks of their incarnation and transforming society from the inside. It is known that “enlightened” people in the mass stay away from public egregors, trying to “not get dirty” and preserve their “purity”. So, whatever conditions the higher energies create for us, we will have to build a new society, as well as create its new foundations. Unfortunately, it is beyond the power of the higher consciousness, the planetary Hierarchs and Shambhala, because, by definition, they do not fit into the spaces usurped by humanity. However, They are able to sensitize us (provided our developed consciousness and the right intention-desire) and arm us with ideas, tools and human qualities (if we make such a choice) that will help us to do at least something useful for our own benefit and the benefit of all. .

I remind you that the time of games with higher powers and energies is coming to an end. If you are consciously ready to participate in planetary transformations, consciously work in this direction and bear full responsibility for your thoughts, feelings and actions, stop experimenting in the collective mind, build your own reality in which you play the role of master, and began to act according to the dictates of the soul, rather than the ego, and if there are ever more people like you, the hope of preserving humanity as a planetary form of consciousness remains.

Tatyana Zolotukhina, November 13, 2018

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