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Tatyana Megeria – Sons love

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Tatyana Megeria - Sons love

They shout, "Mommy."
When it is dark, scary, painful and in a second life will be taken away.
In 2 years, 15, 38 and 61.
When I woke up in the middle of the night, I broke my knee, or the doctor was about to make an injection.
When circumstances are trapped in a vice and nerves crumble to dust.
When all the words and prayers are forgotten, and time is left for one word.

Yesterday, your son for the first time did not give himself a hug and you think that there is less love.
Your heart has broken into a thousand pieces, but do not rush to say goodbye to them.
They hold his love.

Do you remember how at the age of four he declared: “When I grow up, I will marry you”?
It is touching and clumsy, looking at you like an icon.
How did you drag flowers and beautiful pebbles from your walk, how did you devote poems, how did you bring breakfast on mother's day and spill juice on you?
Nothing has changed, his sons love remained the same.
Just yesterday he crossed the threshold of his childhood.

Ahead of him are dragons, princesses, a broken heart, the search for himself, the first losses and disappointments.
He will ask: "Mom, fire cutlets, your special."
Acquaint with the one and will be waiting for your approval.
You will say a toast at his wedding, and he will pretend that his eyes are watering from an allergy to chrysanthemums.
You will pick up your granddaughter with his features and remember that he also held a spoon.

One day you will see his first gray hair …
You will notice that it became more often to call in to visit heart to heart about different things.
He hardly admits that a mother is needed after forty.
Especially after forty, because I understood something in life.

But now he is 13, and he does not like to hug.
He argues, frowns and pokes sharp words.
Sometimes you want to give him a belt (which, he can bring).
Be patient and remember the important.

He will whisper: "Mommy."
Even at 61.
When the gray head and mommy dove flew off the horizon.

Tatyana Megeria, November 9, 2018.

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