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Tatyana Megeria – On the right to be NOT grateful.

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Tatyana Megeria - On the right to be NOT grateful.

“You should be grateful for everything that happened to you. These tests are granted to you from above for something important, later you will understand the higher meaning. ”

The game I used to believe in.
Now for me it is poisonous absurdity.

I am absolutely not grateful to my life experience. And certainly I do not think that he was “granted” to me.
If you count how much money and strength I spend now to recover from it, then such a present has cost dearly. This is how to get a multicooker as a gift, the delivery of which is equal to the price of a skyscraper.

And around the people joyfully splashes hands: “Well, it is necessary, what a beautiful slow cooker you have! Enjoy this gift! You should be grateful!”
And someone's sad to me. And there is no gratitude.
A loan for a skyscraper to pay me for life.

So now I'm not in a hurry to congratulate another person with a “gift” until I find out the main nuance: was the gift delivered free of charge or at the price of a skyscraper?

And when they congratulate me, I ask: “Are you ready to accept this gift at the price I pay?”

Not everything that happens to a person deserves his thanks.
And not all that happened has a meaning.
Evil is essentially meaningless.
Sometimes healing from the past begins after the search for meaning has ceased and the right is given not to thank.

Then the loan becomes a burden.
And you learn to use the multicooker without anger.
Sometimes it is sad.
Multivarka sensible.
It is a pity that so expensive.
And it is a pity that then it was not possible to refuse.
Well, now I can choose.

(dedicated to women who survived the violence and found the strength to revive and live on).

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