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System of Performers – Start of a New Path. About the transition period mid-NOVEMBER 2018

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System of Performers - Start of a New Path. About the transition period mid-NOVEMBER 2018

Today is the 27th of October 2018. – welcomes all system performers. We want to draw your attention to the transition period, which will occur in mid-November – in the numbers 18-19-20-21th.

In these numbers, many who tried to follow their Path — along the Path of Spiritual Development and Uncovering their Uniqueness — will end a period that can be compared with the “examination”. Those. all that you have been through, and the peak that occurred in September-October – this peak will end and you can breathe easy. Because, after these numbers, by the end of November, you will begin to open a new road, a new path, a new door.

The most important thing is “how to choose the right door”, which will be the fastest way to your growth, already as a Conscious person, in a new reality. That is, in essence, you will begin to be more in the space of the New Earth, and the physical reality will be more plastic. If, up to this point, the physical reality was harsh, then plasticity will manifest itself in a softer passage of situations that will still arise. Because you have embodied on Earth, you are developing in the Dual World, naturally there will still be situations that will encourage you to make some choice, make a decision – but they will be softer.

Therefore, the decision will come to you in the process of “entering the situation” – do not be afraid of the fact that difficulties will arise at a higher level. This is something that “a person living in the sea” gets used to – the higher the wave, the more he has a feeling of adrenaline and an understanding that “he will cope with it”. And indeed, he copes with it, because the experience is already there.

As for those people who could not reach the level of disclosure of their Uniqueness and movement along the Path of Spiritual Development – the examination period will continue. It will continue until you make a decision – if you ever do it at all – to begin to pay attention to the fact that Quantum Reality exists, and it is a More True World than the one you are in.

We hope this short message will give you some new thoughts, new realizations and set the goal of your Path in the coming days. We wish you success, goodbye.

Inessa Guterman, October 27, 2018

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