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System of Performers – How to hear the Soul and make the right choice?

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System of Performers - How to hear the Soul and make the right choice?

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We all welcome – The System of Performers welcomes listeners of channeling messages through the Inessa channel.

A channeling message was issued about two ways that affect life and embodiment – in the choice made either by the Person or the Soul. How to understand that the choice that I make as a person (from your position, from the position of a person) is the choice of the Soul, and not the Person? – it is practically impossible to understand with the mind. How to find out what choice to make so that this choice matches the choice of the Soul? – Probably it will sound more correct.

At some point in life, a time point, a person has to take the side of someone or something. There are several sides to the “choice”, at least two – this is the person and the other side, which, as already mentioned, can be several: this is another person, this can be an organization, this can be a process, it can be moral, it can be any.

Now imagine that you, as a person, have a certain set of principles, desires, goals in life – all this is complex, all this as a “certain vessel filled with various forms, colors, objects, liquids, formulas, energy”. And this vessel affects some of your actions, which will be the result of your choice.

Before making a choice, take a few steps back to the past – “what brought you to this time point?”, “What brought you to this situation, where you need to make a decision and take sides?” – on your side or the side of other players pulling your attention. “What brought you?” Is a possible series of decisions, a series of your own choices, or choices of other parties. Or is it some kind of condition that worked due to certain factors. This may be a condition independent of you – meaning disasters, destruction, war, etc. – everything that was provoked by the Higher Forces or the planet.

Track your Path – perhaps a few months ago, move to the past. “What happened to you, what happened to you?” – from 10 to 12 months in the past. What decision would you make in the past, knowing that in the future, at this point in time, from where you are looking into the past, you will have just such options. Or one option, which, as you think, is the only one, or several.

Feel the desire to change something in the past – could you change something, so that the situation in the present is easier, that the decision might not need to be made. Or so that everything goes as you want from within, you wish from the position of a wise, informed, neutral person.

Entering your own past begins to give you extra energy to make a true decision.

Why is the repentance technique supported by the Teacher System in people? – From the position of the Higher Minds, from the position of the System of Performers, in this technique a person returns to his past, to the distant past, and considers his decisions that do not correspond to his current morality, where he has already changed. This discrepancy imposes on the person in the present, entering into the technique of forgiveness, opens him a certain state of harmony with what he has created, expressed in a request to forgive. This transfer to the past, with the Acceptance, through Forgiveness, of “myself, as I was / was in the past,” working with these energies, begins to align the state in the present and helps to tune into the voice of the Soul, and thus make the right decision when there is a choice.

In today's version of the transfer of 10-12 months ago – perhaps less, maybe a little further into the past – you also, outside the technique of repentance, consider options that you could choose if you followed the voice of the Soul, but did not choose.

Energy is already being supplied to your system in order to – this is called "to have courage" in you – and to make the decision that you secretly desire, "here and now", regardless of the circumstances. This hidden desire, in this meditation, can grow and grow strong enough – like what can be done, or needs to be done, without delay. This is the impulse that corresponds to the voice of your Soul – here you are alone with your system, with your Soul. And, at this moment, you can make – and We hope you will make – the right decision.

There are so many situations that require your choice. But if these are superficial situations, such meditation is not needed. If this is a situation that changes your Path, changes your circumstances radically, We advise you to go through a "transfer to the past." Try to tune in to how you hear the voice of the Soul – in the form of a desire "to make a challenge – both to oneself and to space." But this desire will set you free – what you call “a stone will fall from the Soul / from the heart”, and you will breathe more calmly. This calmness is an indicator that you have made the right decision. Even if the facts speak differently, you will see that the situation will not unfold in the way your logic prompted you.

We wish you success, to be continued, bye.

Inessa Guterman, October 20, 2018.

To be continued…

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