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Svetlana Dobrovolskaya – “Zeroing” on the way. 10/23/2018

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Svetlana Dobrovolskaya - “Zeroing” on the way. 10/23/2018

My greetings to all! Today I want to touch on the topic and aspects that we inevitably live on the way to remembering our immortal nature, our true eternal self.

In moments of confusion and immersion in the forced bustle, it is worth remembering that we are not bodies with souls, but we are souls who live experience in a human body. And this experience comes to the finish line in the sense in which it was before, whether we like it or not. The conflict between the needs of the soul and the decorations of our current incarnation becomes unbearable if we live by inertia, fulfilling the roles that have arisen as a result of our experience of embedding into the matrix.

The words of Einstein that it is impossible to solve the problem of the system, being inside it, it is necessary to go beyond its borders – they very accurately characterize the problems of human lives. Staying on the “visibility” platform it is impossible to explain the ups and downs of human destinies, and even more so – the trials of the soul to which we subject ourselves to a particularly close relationship.

It must be admitted that an indispensable condition for life in a physical body on Earth was amnesia – we forgot who we are, why we were born in this era, in this particular scenery. Why we chose these particular lessons of life, why we now live precisely in such “bad” conditions, or, on the contrary, we are in the dreary monotony of the “good”. Every life, a man polished some one quality, a manifestation of his own, recognized a new facet of human nature, while striving to increase the light of his soul, passing through the thorns of events.

And this grand game of interaction of "closed" consciousnesses is over.

Metaphorically, it can be said that this journey took place on a huge joint liner, where everything is connected with each other. Imagine a grand ship, on which many, many decks, upper, lower, holds, filled with a variety of social groups. The whole point was that on this ship for a very long journey events lined up so that everyone could visit both the upper deck and the lower deck, feel what it was like to be in a lounge chair when you are looked after and, on the contrary, at the firebox, when you are throwing coal in the sweat … So that everyone can be a member of the team at some point, and at some point a passenger.

In this life we ​​came and got such an upbringing, which, in fact, is focused on how to get to the upper deck: to be more respected, more successful, more loved, more rich … All the goals that people set themselves, or rather imposed the society was not related to how to become more happy, because many of those on the upper deck are deeply unhappy. But in this life we ​​have other tasks. All souls in this life have one task – to become happy from the inside. The bottom line is that the ship has completed its voyage, and the actions and targets for “creeping”, for knocking out rights, for wrestling to the exit to the upper deck – as well, because we have already been there. The ship has completed its journey and it's time to get out of the game. To go completely into another space, which is arranged according to completely different laws.

All that our ego has been rattling for so long lifetimes is now not only irrelevant, but makes us unhappy, sick, angry, nervous. Most of all now we are hampered by an inner sense of life tasks that are no longer our life tasks. It is almost impossible to avoid zeroing on the way to Yourself, especially in work, career, in large scenario matrices.

Why does a person cling to his roles, which are already tormenting him, are standing across his throat? Because a person is in a split. Internally, he does not accept prosperity in this life, but outwardly seeks for it, often through power … There are reasons for rejection from within: the memory of past incarnations, of experience, when material prosperity led to the "death of the soul." And, unfortunately, at the same time, most people with the external consciousness directly opposite think that material well-being adds happiness to the soul, thus forcing itself to continue the “race for the carrot”. Material welfare does not add or subtract, it all depends on who you are, how you feel Life.

At present, zeroing is inevitable if you continue to measure yourself by what niche you occupy at work, how important your role is, how much you feel your superiority over people who do not have a similar level of implementation. But when you live zeroing, you have a bummer from all sides, you still need to live and rejoice, thank, because otherwise there will be no other work. If there is no positive attitude towards life, then there will be no piece of bread even for tomorrow, not like a good income. We can say that now there is no opportunity to play the game on the transition from deck to deck. And you have to learn to be happy from the inside.

Most people are now awakening to the true values ​​of existence and are beginning to understand that what matters is not how much you earned, but how you feel. Therefore, there is a rapid revaluation of values. (This is incomprehensible to people who still live within the game. To each their own time limit.)

When we ourselves do not take such a step, consciously do not leave the environment that destroys us, then life throws us out – the soul saves. It just needs to be accepted, to understand that you cannot influence it in any way, you can only do what you have inside is good. Because if you inside create a resource for yourself, then it is on this day that a meeting is possible, which will help you to create a positive state for yourself in the short term. It will not be the work of your life, the dream of your life, it will be a momentary normal life. And if you treat yourself like this, then in a striking way this momentary normal life will add to your income even more than the one that was once the main one.

In my courses, people repeatedly lived through situations of abrupt exit from the matrix. And not necessarily through dismissal. Changing the internal attitude to the process changes the eventfulness. When, for example, the chief engineer or manager responsible for subordinates works in an environment where kickbacks, bribes, and theft are common, he is in a struggle and confrontation "to bring himself to the handle." And suddenly there are more serious shocks in life associated with the health of loved ones. Then a person understands that money is needed, but cannot work as he did, the importance of “fighting” in the workplace drops sharply, the person “lets go” of situations that previously brought him white-hot, and miraculously somehow everything is settled. . It all depends on how you feel about what is happening.

I want to say that we most of all change lives with our sensations in here and now. And these changes depend on the ability to see yourself from the outside and be aware of who you are to move forward. What is really meaningful to you? And then it turns out that it is not necessary to think about spiritual development so that the heart opens. It is necessary in the simplicity of your day to learn to accept yourself with warmth, and then the acceptance of other people will also become different. Life is simple: happy ones endow with joy, those suffering are suffering. No matter how hidden it is by appearance, for example, “causing good in self-sacrifice.” It is our personal unity with the soul that brings peace and clarity of perception, dissolves mirages of struggle and dangers. Being in harmony with yourself, you suddenly once – and in every homeless person, in a tired saleswoman, in a hysterical teacher at school, you see a living soul and understand that she plays her roles, but she has everything there on the way and she will open. The most effective is to seek inner peace for yourself, harmony for yourself, balance for yourself, then next to you and your loved ones will become better.

Do not rush to judge with your mind about what is happening when you are going to meet yourself – this will open your eyes to how everything around you is wisely arranged. When the inner unity with you is opened in you, you begin to feel that within everyone there is the same Light. You become harmless, uninteresting and non-traumatic, those external manifestations of some role-cries that are still present in people. And these manifestations will go down by measures of your own harmony. Taking care of yourself so that you feel better is beneficial for everyone. Beneficial in the deepest spiritual sense. And in the materials of the “Pearls of Experience” on the site you can read a lot of practical examples of this.

Now on the Internet walks a lot of accurate quotes. One of them is extremely documentary: “A person who knows what to do with his own life does not seek to interfere in someone else’s life”. I urge you to make sure that you become more harmonious, and that there is someone to take care of the world, do not worry. Huge forces work to ensure that each soul retains its experience and continues its development in accordance with its accumulated experience. Do not doubt it.

Svetlana Dobrovolskaya, October 23, 2018.

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