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Svetlana Dobrovolskaya – Revision of the past. 09/25/2018.

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Svetlana Dobrovolskaya - Revision of the past. 09/25/2018.

On the way to approaching ourselves as true and revealing our preciousness, we all live a stage that can be described as “revision of the past”. Before our mind's eye, suddenly, one after another, situations that begin to emerge emerge in which it is obvious that you acted contrary to yourself, cut off your heart for the sake of, for example, a career, put your attention in the wrong place — in short, “mistakes” become clearly visible of the past. And often painfully sorry, and sometimes even frankly ashamed of his previous actions.

Here is a typical query:

– Involuntarily referring to the past. Now I realize where, in what ways it was wrong, was in the position of the victim, or my revision, with past negative states and anxieties, attracted relevant events. I am grateful for these lessons. But it’s hard for me to forgive myself for the past, although I understand with my mind that I am already different. Tell me, how to let go of the past and yourself in it, to forgive old patterns of behavior, mistakes?

I answer: for this you need to accumulate enough resource, enough love for yourself, to feel the presence of your Soul in yourself in order to be able to look at yourself as before through the eyes of the Soul.

Because only the mind condemns and evaluates, and the soul embraces. When you are at peace with yourself in the present moment, when you are satisfied with yourself in everything, you, looking at yourself in the past, will not feel regret, disappointment and shame, but only compassion. You do not even have the thought to judge yourself! There will only be a desire to hug yourself, wipe away tears and say: you did the best you could, dear!

If you are unbearably ashamed of some situations in the past, they can be rewritten in the same way as we rewrite situations with an inner child. And for this you do not need to be a visual and see some pictures with your inner eyes … With a clear intention, you will feel in your heart the direction in which to move. Just re-invent everything the way you like. You can even take a notebook and prescribe everything as a short story – you see, you can’t stop.

For example, if you are now ashamed of how you, in the past, as a young mother, treated your child, imagine everything differently: that you were an attentive and sensitive mother. Explain to yourself that while you were not sensitive and attentive to yourself, you simply could not realize this in relation to your child. And then it will be easier for you to forgive yourself.

You know, being in the game, you and I could not help but play. How could, and played. And believe me, we have implemented the best scenario possible! Therefore, everything that was with us deserves not appreciation, but gratitude as experience. Everything!

For example, after a divorce, for a very long time I could not forgive myself for the wrong, as it seemed to me, life choice, which led me to such a partnership. But as I mastered unity with myself, with my soul in the moment of Here and Now, I, directly in flashes of the Revision, saw that all my “erroneous” actions, all steps in the past were the best possible for me at that time. With that consciousness of mine, with those locks, with the illusions in which I lived – it was the best.

But most importantly, it was precisely these “errors” that led me into such a difficult life situation, from which there was only one way left – up. If my life remained more or less favorable, I would never want to get out of the “role welfare" in which I lived on autopilot in the end into the world in which I am now.

Just know that everything that happened to us – everything was needed. And it’s very good that we went through it the way we did, because thanks to this we became what we are now. And believe me, our souls had to work hard to come up with such intricate plots, such a heap of complexes, fears, blocks for our lives … So that, living this, we feel a passionate desire to be free in our love and could be inflamed.

Audit of the past Audit of the past can also take place on the physical plane through the desire to purify from old things: unload space, throw away everything old and unnecessary, change the atmosphere … This desire is no coincidence, it helps us release not only things, but also the energies associated with them.

Yes, it is often difficult to part with objects sweetheart. At one time, when the children moved to another city, several boxes of all kinds of trinkets were collected, which were all expensive: some were given to us, some were done by my daughter herself, some magic was connected with each … But if you do not let them go ( it doesn’t matter how: give, give, throw away …), then you’re kind of not letting go of what you’ve already lived.

And I lived like that … In those moments when it was difficult for me to let go, the phrase of one of the spiritual teachers of antiquity of approximately the following content helped me a lot: do not be afraid to get rid of everything unnecessary, because all objects are a mirage.

I really wanted to feel this, so that without a shadow of regret and fear I would let go of what was unnecessary in my life. And once I finally succeeded: I clearly understood that we ourselves created everything that we see, like fakirs, out of nothing. That the whole material plan is just the scenery that our souls collectively embodied for the possibility of realizing the polar game in them. Like a magician blowing beautiful colored fuchsias from a tube or releasing pigeons from a hat, our reality is created in the same way, and this is an endless process. And that therefore there is nothing more valuable or less valuable – all the same is just the fabric of this mirage.

And then you understand that any object that you hold in your hands is beautiful, but if you do not need it, this does not detract from its value and beauty. You can easily say goodbye to him, because the traces of what was lived in this subject still no longer resonate with you, because you are already a different person. And the energy that is contained in this object will inevitably appear in your life with another object, or some kind of connections, or places – because there is a stream of constant exchange.

Likewise, you should easily part with your place of residence – an apartment, a house, a city … If you have to leave, then you have outgrown this place, and it no longer suits you.

Revision of the past To release (both on the physical and emotional planes) becomes easier as we connect more and more with our Soul. Because the Soul knows that it is the center of everything, and everything else is just a projection of its radiation. Therefore, I wish you just this – to feel the Soul within yourself and follow it.

Svetlana Dobrovolskaya, September 25, 2018.

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