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Svetlana Dobrovolskaya – Reconsciousness of the value of money. 10/17/2018.

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Svetlana Dobrovolskaya - Reconsciousness of the value of money. 10/17/2018.

My greetings to all!

I want to touch on the topic of revising the role of money in our life today. As people awaken to an understanding of their true desires, so many “norms” of society become doubtful for us. One of these norms is the exchange of Life for salary and social status.

More and more people DO NOT choose financial “stability” due to the lack of the very ability to live in harmony with themselves. People refuse serious professions and significant posts, which cause bewilderment among others. Someone leaves the city, someone simply cuts expenses, seeing with amazement – how many unnecessary things and expenses can be abandoned without harming yourself! .. And many are trying to "monetize" their hobbies, looking for themselves in different areas of activity and, Faced with internal resistance to external activity, they often suffer. They suffer from their own “inferiority”: I can’t live like everyone else, and it’s impossible to “especially”; time goes on, but I never found myself.

In fact, this is a very, very multi-layered question. For thousands of years, a person’s value has been determined by his success in society, which was inextricably linked with financial security. Therefore, the value of money went far beyond their purchasing power, revealing the significance of a person, his abilities and attitude to life for the surrounding society. In every era, in every social stratum, there were its own criteria for "success." What was considered prosperity and “position in society” for some scenery turned out to be “poverty” and failure for others. The memory of these ups and downs lives in our DNA and complicates our attitude to money, our ability to earn, receive and use it.

The last era – the era of the consumer society – has broken all records for the absurdity of the desire to increase income, since this income in the end has no time to use, or there is no strength for it. This kind of race was reflected in reality by the concept of “downshifting,” when people who have achieved the highest results in their professional activities consciously relieve themselves of responsibility and go to significantly lower levels of professional use. People experience tremendous relief from the possibility of NOT supporting a lifestyle imposed by their former status, they gain time and energy to feel the moments of life, cordial communication and open new paths for creativity, free from monetization.

However, most people are not directors of companies and do not own millions of businesses, and for them to abandon a respected and / or profitable profession is not so much a financial as a social problem. The decline in personal significance, a sharp reduction in the circle of friends, the abandonment of the usual forms of using money — acquiring things of a certain category, traveling in a certain format, and helping loved ones — over time cause deep discomfort. Especially when this rejection of the old way of life lasts for more than six months – the mind begins to gnaw at self-esteem in all respects. Freedom bonuses fade, and the power of comparison with “normal” people does not give rest in every situation of a decrease in a life resource …

Having followed the same path and analyzing this question repeatedly with my cadets, I came to the conclusion that people have very different life tasks. Someone needs to have time to play in sales and competition, pumping up their communication skills, excitement and self-confidence – a player on the field. And the “carrot” of expanding financial opportunities is a motivator here – for which all efforts? What would be more money!

And someone is trying to force and unsuccessfully force themselves to do this – to make efforts to expand their financial horizons. And completely in vain trying. Because the second category has played enough to compete for a “place in the sun” in past lives. And in this incarnation, the soul deliberately blocked itself the manipulation and pressure skills through the solar plexus in order to reveal other ways of communicating with itself and people – through the heart.

For people of the second category, moments of happiness from contemplation of nature, simple comfort, leisurely trusting relationships and non-toxic, natural for themselves professional activities are incomparably higher than the delight of possessing new things and impressions. And for such people it is very important to realize another thing: as long as your own well-being is measured by generally accepted standards, and not by personal needs, you are a hostage to a game in which you no longer have the opportunity to play successfully. Because in spite of talents, charisma, a good education is not the main thing – the desire to play. The soul has no desire. So hear her voice! .. Realize that you should not be understood by other people with your other needs that cannot be met for money. Recognize that you do not need large amounts of money, but something else. What?..

The paradox is that, only having accepted your choice entirely – the choice of “social insolvency” for the sake of inner freedom, you open the way to new opportunities for the influx of well-being into your life! And the very content of this well-being is changing for you.

At about the end of the second third of the path to this result, many people live similar awareness:

“… On a morning walk, the deep meaning of having a couple of years of funds only for the necessary and true joys revealed to me. For example, yesterday I came about qigong, and I immediately: oh, oh, now we have to restore my practice, and this only needs to go to the gym, to the coach. How many trainings and courses I would not need during this time! ..

Everything is becoming clear in nature, I don’t have the funds for what I don’t need, I don’t have them so that I don’t go aside. I spend it very quickly and easily. I clearly saw that I had been thinking wrong yesterday, that I don’t need to learn anything from anyone now, to go somewhere, to find out and look for something, everything happens alone with me (in my case), and, for example, I came across confirmation an article on the network that, in general, if you belong to the so-called people with increased sensitivity, then it’s better to study qigong alone at home, on someone’s video, the hall will hurt you, as well as someone’s leadership. This is me on the example of qigong, but in general about another too.

There were and there are just so many funds that I would be where I needed to and go about my business, even if it seemed a limitation. This is the care of the angels about me, I constantly turn so that they do not let me go out of the way. If I had had so much money over the past five years as much as before, I would never have come to our courses, had not found a wonderful relationship with my mother, had not found myself, this is the most important thing! I would go, study, work, buy, stare.

The discovery and relief that my level of funds is what I need here and now. In order not to be distracted. I was even afraid of money because courage begins. This is before. And now, knowing that I need funds for my comfort, for creating my own space, for relationships with myself, everything will come. Children, too, are first wielded with plastic scissors, and metal ones are later taken. And often money doesn’t even fall into my hands, they give it to me, buy it, carry it to me, and money itself, like a banknote, doesn’t interact with me. ”(From course transformation diaries.)

In no case do I claim that this path is relevant for everyone. But among visitors to my site – to many. It has long been said: "You cannot pour new wine into old wineskins …". You can’t discover a new way to realize well-being in the material world by measuring your result with external measures: comparing with other, quantitative indicators and evaluations of others. Only sincere satisfaction from what you are doing (or not doing), without being tied to the result, gives freedom, which provides the result you need. And for many from the outside, this result will be ephemeral. But not for you. You are not mistaken in what makes you happier! ..

Svetlana Dobrovolskaya, October 17, 2018.

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