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Svetlana Dobrovolskaya – Naivety / Innocence. 10/10/2018.

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Svetlana Dobrovolskaya - Naivety / Innocence. 10/10/2018.

Recently I received this question:

– Most likely my question is from the mind, but I need to figure it out. What is naivety? Is it an escape from reality, protection from it, or something else? I was always told that I am very naive. Probably it is, I believe in the bright, the good, the pure. I see good in people, I easily forgive meanness, I'm not interested in gossip, intrigue. My friend is surprised: “How did you live up to 38 years?” But I don’t know, for me it’s the norm, I can’t do it any other way …

And another example of naivety:

Naivety / Innocence— I never know about office gossip: who sleeps with whom, who did what, etc. It seems that I am in the same team, but I’m not “getting into it” in this. I always learn everything at the last moment, and so sincerely every time I am surprised that they even laugh at me. And then I also sincerely forget … Everyone is already used to the fact that I am not in the subject. One woman told me that I have an amazing ability to weed out all the husk – I just don’t see it.

An interesting twist: the same "naive" perception of the "ignorance of sins" of others can be seen as vulnerability and a certain inferiority, or as freedom from tinsel roles, the ability to see the essence of phenomena and interactions. After all, this essence is simple: there are no guilty people in life, only victims. And this internal knowledge allows us to see a living soul in every person. (And, by the way, it allows one to step aside without disgust or indignation when this very living soul cannot break through to the personal consciousness of the person who has played the game.)

Compare the feeling of the words: “naivety” and “innocence”. No wonder they say – "childishly innocent." Only when you are internally pure do not remember evil, or rather do not value anything, are you able to see the best.

From the position of a matrix person, naivety seems to be some kind of inferiority: it seems that they can easily be deceived, substituted, used, divorced … But this only happens when a person tries to see the good from the mind, but is still afraid to meet the worst. Since for him this “worst” exists separately, without regard to the value of the lessons of Life.

There are a lot of such pseudo-acceptance in people: like, I don’t want to see “bad” in people, and therefore it becomes a dangerous surprise for me! Since life is a mirror, this means only one thing: we do not want to recognize any qualities in ourselves and therefore we also close our eyes to such things in others. And, of course, Life will arrange so that the Mirror is under our nose. For example, the dependence of self-esteem on the availability of money attracts scammers, and the fear of being “not like others should” – those who reject …

If you believe from the inside out: “everything that is done is for the best”, then nothing “bad” can happen to you because you don’t have a magnet inside that attracts you with your fears. So the wild animals will not tear the baby apart: the tiger will bypass it, the bear will lie down and go further – because there is no fear in it. Those. naivety-innocence makes you completely protected.

Naivety / Innocence In this sense, naivety is an excellent quality, and I would call it otherwise – the ability to live a soul.

The quality of innocence resonates very much with the current placement of our “higher selves” in us. Each of us has lived many lives, gained unique travel experiences of his unique soul, exchanged it between incarnations with kindred souls and worlds. And now the time has come to ground these treasures – to recall our unity in the Spirit and our kinship in the Soul and co-create the New World based on this foundation. Therefore, at the moments of our eternal components joining our earthly consciousness, we experience unexpected states of expansion in the perception of ourselves in the surrounding reality.

The symptoms of this placement are different for everyone: someone against the background of hypersensitivity to the beauty of this world feels a blur of vision and attention, someone loses coordination (“he doesn’t get a spoon in his mouth”), someone feels dizzy, ringing or other sounds. .. But equally, we begin to feel our grandeur, to feel huge – much more than our body.

Once we knew how to do this – to be huge in small bodies – when we were just starting to live in the material world. Then we forgot it, carried away by the game of mortals (which was planned by us), but now we are returning this feeling again.

Naivety / Innocence We don’t need to learn anything again or try hard – the memory of the fact that we have a different scale is in our hearts. It is simply necessary to be attentive to your resource and your feelings – it makes no sense to stay in the body, studying how you feel when you are huge. Just breathe, just love, just admire the clouds, consciously accepting your true self – eternal and renewed at the same time.

And the flip side of this divine presence in our body is precisely the return of the original, divine innocence. Remember the phrase: “Be like children, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven! ..”

It would seem that these are contradictory manifestations – on the one hand, you are a powerful demiurge, and on the other hand, a naive child … However, we also know this image – the image of angels: they are powerful and at the same time innocent, like children – not in vain depicted with round cheeks and a radiant look.

When we are at the frequency of the heavenly Child, and as children marvel at the miracle of the world, energy is flowing through our hearts that transforms the world. It is very important that there is someone with childish confidence admiring to look at visible reality!

Naivety / InnocenceNaiveness is not in vain often confused with openness and purity, because this is purity – the purity of the Soul. But at the same time, naivety is by no means a sign of weakness or helplessness, but rather a sign of strength and courage. One needs to be a very strong soul in order to choose defenselessness, choose the apparent fragility and vulnerability, and enter this into the material world. Only brave souls are capable of this.

It is no coincidence that many of my cadets eventually understand that their kindness is softness, their excessive trust in people and faith in the best, their apparent naivety is not a problem, but a GIFT that is given from above and from which you can easily reach unconditional love.

And the ability to love people unconditionally, as they are, reveals the Force. The power of co-creation of reality in every moment of Life.

Svetlana Dobrovolskaya, October 1, 2018.

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