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Svetlana Dobrovolskaya – Cleansing the bottom. 10/10/2018.

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Svetlana Dobrovolskaya - Cleansing the bottom. 10/10/2018.

My greetings to all! The other day I recorded a small message from a blessed place, if you have not watched it yet – look before reading further.

When I returned to Moscow, I felt how many people are now experiencing severe upheavals, which, like an elastic band, pulled them back – at a time when fear for their survival or even life itself prompted a person to rush in search of salvation. Or to make incredible efforts to suppress, hide this very fear of “fiasco” as deep as possible from consciousness, mask it with false success in society or imaginary well-being in the family. And now there is such a process, when all fears suppressed in the past can be revealed to a person with such an event that you won’t be sure. You have to choose – either to be aware of yourself as a soul, or to convulse in a role.

In this "extraordinary" event, a person who knows no longer, but the times of harmony and happiness, suddenly returns to a state of panic, helplessness, anger and despair, which completely overlap the inner knowledge of Who I Am. These conditions prompt urgently to do something outside instead of dissolving the cause inside. Such a focus on the external solution of events leads away from its center and plunges into confusion and chaos.

It is the intensity of the reactions that are confusing: when the heart beats in your throat, the tears choke and your legs give way, only those who have the skill to work with their destructive feelings can turn themselves to themselves, but this is not enough. The power of choice is needed: “What am I doing right now? Am I “saved” in the framework of the play, or am I getting out of it? .. ”The mind yells that“ you are here in the physical body, and you need to think about how to save this body itself – to take revenge on the offenders, to make game moves that they will resolve a hated situation, manipulate or fight, ”but the essence is something else.

The bottom line is that any force majeure situation – whether it is eviction from an apartment, defamation in court, or the fear of a fatal illness – is generated by the INTERNAL DEPOSITS of FEAR, which can no longer be stored in the body. And if you try to deal with external events, driven by fear or anger, you will create even more traumatic circumstances, since the previous "rake" was to sharply awaken you to the realization: who am I in this? .. Why am I for myself arranged? .. What does my soul want to convey to me with these events? ..

It is now impossible to influence the choice from the outside. Each lives its own moment of Truth. Therefore, if you want to fight and save yourself outside, acting on the outside world – this is your right.

I appeal to those who understand: it is not necessary to influence events, but to oneself. Since the reason for these events is in me. But it is very difficult to maintain this choice steadily: either you are focused on your resource and gain some peace of mind, trusting Life, then you are tormented by doubts and a panic of the mind, knowing also that such a state of health creates even more trouble.

Dear ones, you should know: the time has come for the last “purifications” from the bottom of our subconscious. It is impossible for the body to degenerate into new frequencies if deposits of fear, pain, struggle are stored in the previous form. And if a force majeure situation suddenly arises in your life, it will dissolve only if you recognize, accept and work out the negative feeling that this situation has drawn to the surface. In a state of confusion, fear or anger, none of your actions will improve the situation. Therefore, the main goal is to achieve calm and balance, contrary to visible "catastrophes". Upon your return “to the floor of the soul”, the events themselves will turn out for you in the right direction and you will do what you should, but not out of fear, but simply trusting in yourself.

How to cope with powerful emotional obsession?

1. Choose the direction of attention: not “Horror, what happened to me !!”, but “Why do I need this lesson? What fears does he raise to the surface? ”

2. Spend a shock dose of stress hormones through intense physical activity. Someone needs to go to the gym, someone needs to walk 5 km at a fast pace, someone just needs to wash the apartment.

3. To write out: what am I really afraid of? .. To write out until you feel the truth about yourself. (If you have revealed other feelings, I explain: anger is a consequence of pain, and pain is a consequence of fear. Any problems are based on fear. What is fear in your case exactly?)

4. To realize – from what this fear could protect me in past lives? Recognize that this was a necessary tool for survival.

5. With gratitude, let go of the need for this fear and accept in your heart the character (s) that you created in past lives, having experienced this fear in your experience.

6. Perhaps the whole procedure will have to be repeated more than once. The release of suppressed energies can go in parts.

7. Focus all your attention on what is warming you right now. Take up the resource.

For those who don’t understand the algorithm – unfortunately, I can’t give explanations. My words are just a canvas for a reminder of the way your soul is free from the obsessions of the mind.

The main thing is to change the focus of attention from “what will happen now ?!” to “why do I need these events?” What ballast are they releasing me from? ”

And for those who are virtually prosperous, they have a roof over their heads and a cup of tea in front of them, but emotionally winds themselves up with either assessments of the past or fears of the future – remember: time has changed. Very quickly, life will reflect you your negative fantasies. Do you need this? .. Do everything to cheer up and see yourself in the warm light of your own heart!

Let's notice the moments of Beauty and Kindness around us, gratefully accepting any events and conditions that you would previously attribute to problematic ones. And now you can safely call them the last lessons, revealing the Light of your souls in the current reality!

Svetlana Dobrovolskaya, October 10, 2018

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