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Subtle abilities (2). 03/15/2019.

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Subtle abilities (2). 03/15/2019.

Part 1

My dear ones, today I want to supplement my previous article “Subtle Abilities” and share with you one more personal experience.

I once lived in very low vibrations and in general was far from the esoteric, but due to the increased vibration of the planet, I had a subtle vision.

Since my vibrations were very low: I was full of insults, fears, harmfulness, gloating, impatience, envy … she lived in excitement and problems, she began to see not the bright and beautiful, but the astral world. I saw devils and dark creatures, dead people and I was terribly afraid of it all.

Also, I had a subtle sensitivity and began to see people just through: all their ego cunning, tricks, egoism, all the negative … I hated this ability, the world seemed awful and full of selfish and greedy people.

But once, when I was in a state of joy and love, which means I was in high vibrations, I saw a beautiful Angel.

This vision turned my whole world and my whole life, as I realized that I could see not only terrible things, but also the most wonderful and incredibly beautiful.

From that moment I began to look for information about Angels, Archangels, Light Forces and became fascinated with esoterics. I realized that in order to emerge from the world of low vibrations, it is necessary to return to your Light, to your Divine essence, to rise in the energy of the Higher worlds, and therefore to change yourself, to leave the clutches of the ego, to free yourself from your low qualities.

I will tell you honestly, to return to your own Light, the Light of your Divine essence, this is not the work of one day — this is the spiritual development of all life, since we can rise upwards endlessly and without limits.

But let no one be afraid of this infinity of development and growth, because with each new step Up into the Light, you will see huge changes in your life. Life will begin to change, as if by magic, and the world is becoming more and more beautiful, happier, happier. With each step more inner wisdom will open up in you, you will become calmer and more harmonious, and other wonderful and subtle abilities will also begin to unfold.

Spiritual development is a very interesting and fascinating life, full of miracles and magic!

Due to the fact that I began to change and emerge from low energies, I began to hear my Higher Self inside me – a wise spiritual mentor who helped me see in myself all the negative and understand a lot. Honesty towards myself helped me to hear it, since I did not justify myself, my negative, and blame the whole world around.

When I began to change and live in my heart, open up to his love, I began to see many bright beings, to feel them near and around me.

I see that around all people there are many heavenly helpers. Even if a person lives in a negative, they are still there, and in every possible way try to help him, and if help comes, then they rejoice with him.

My Higher Self always and constantly repeats to me that it is necessary to love and accept all people as they are, as all Light Forces, like God Himself, unconditionally accept and love them.

It seemed to me simply impossible, because I saw right through all the negative people, all their ego, which was the cause of their many life problems.

Of course, this is spiritual work not one day or even a month, but the more I was freed from the low qualities of my ego: I asked for forgiveness, forgive, studied patience, let go of pride, envy, self-interest, criticism and condemnation … the easier it became to live.

Once I realized that all the people around are not bad at all, but everything that annoys me about them is actually in me, and they, like mirrors, only point me to my own low energy.

Many people know this Universal Law: “what is inside and outside”, “the external world reflects only the internal,” but many do not use this spiritual knowledge in life.

The full inner awareness of this Law began to help me even more to break free from the clutches of the ego, to change and become truly Myself.

Life was getting brighter and brighter every day, as if I was going higher and higher. The low vibrations of people began to touch and unnerve me less and less, and I suddenly began to feel their beautiful Divine essence.

I learned how to tune in to the divine essence of people and everything immediately changed around. It looks like a lot of Gods and Goddesses have come to play a low-vibration game. They put on themselves, like dark clothes, the most diverse qualities of the ego and began to play the planned role.

I saw a great Divine game, where there is neither bad nor good, nor good and no evil, where there is simply experience, the knowledge of oneself in the illusion of a game!

And every person who sees the astral plane and many dark beings can change his life and begin to see the Higher plane, feel his energies, the Divine presence next to him.

And every person who sees horrible and terrible dreams, falling into dreams in the lower worlds, can begin to see in dreams Higher plans of being, see prophetic dreams, attend parallel lives and worlds, spiritual mentors or even High Schools in dreams.

And every person who sees, feels, touches … around only negative, only a terrible and unjust world, only suffering and pain, only the ego of people, can change his whole life and go into another world.

Only we are responsible for our lives, only we choose the energies in which we live, only we can return to our Light and remember who we really are.

All in our hands!

With love to all


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