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Spiritual depression

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Spiritual depression

“For us, people living in the world, it will be important to pay attention to depression. Now depression is becoming more common, and according to doctors' forecasts, it will soon come out on top among diseases. ”

Today we will talk about discouragement. Anyone can understand what it means: “I am discouraged,” “sadness eats me,” “all colors of life fade, apathy, depression sets in and I don't want anything.” The Holy Fathers distinguish a separate kind of despondency, characteristic of people living a monastic life, when the taste and interest in the sphere of spiritual life disappear. A person does not want to go to worship, it is not interesting to pray, it is not interesting to read the Holy Scriptures, but at the same time other areas of life retain their attractiveness. On the contrary, worldly pleasures attract more attention.

Probably, in our life we ​​do not often see this kind of despondency – when everything is good in our life, but it is in the religious sphere that there is a decline. And if we enter this state, then this is a phenomenon of a religious crisis. In a sense, this is wonderful, because in a crisis we can clear ourselves of everything superfluous. Everything that was a substitution, a husk, falls off. And through the crisis, we can meet with true self and truly meet with God.

As a rule, people go through a spiritual crisis quite often nowadays. A man has become a church, observes everything, but does not receive the most important thing – he does not receive the communion of God. A person does not feel personal relations with God, meetings with God, and then the crisis is natural and in this sense is beautiful. He exposes the fact that my whole religious life was somehow unauthentic, I did not meet God there. This could be a topic for another discussion, but back to gloom.

For us, people living in the world, it will be important to give place to depression. Now depression is becoming more common, and according to doctors' forecasts, it will soon come out on top among diseases. And when we talk about depression, it’s very important to distinguish between the causes. There are external reasons – a shock event (loss, grief). A person experiences this event and may gradually become depressed. Then psychological and spiritual help is very important if the person is a believer. But it happens that the problems lie in biochemical processes at the level of the organism. This is called endogenous depression. And here the help of a doctor is very important. Because we will not be able to cope with endogenous depression with either medication or psychological means.

Therefore, it is very important if you are in a state of longing and depression for a long time, if the colors of life have ceased to be so bright for you, if you haven’t been completely happy about what has pleased you before, if things that were interesting before have ceased to be interesting, and it lasts a long time (at least from two weeks), then this is a serious reason to consult a psychologist, as well as a psychotherapist or psychiatrist, to distinguish whether you have depression or not.

And also, as a psychologist, I can say in the end – when we have a recession, when there is a dull spirit and a dull state, then, on the one hand, maybe you need to give yourself more rest and reduce the turnover of loads, and on the other, look even in This gray world is more than what pleases. And through this, maybe revived.

It happens that during Lent man took upon himself too much burden, labor, and they too can drive into despondency. Still, an important criterion: when we live a spiritual life, live with God, we experience joy. And if some part of religious life does not give us joy, but, on the contrary, takes it away, then this raises the question – am I on the right track? Is it time to reconsider this path? And to seek a personal living relationship with the Living God, with Christ, who will heal me. And while not forgetting if it is depression, still seek medical attention.

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