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Solar Brotherhood for people from 10/15/2018. PRACTICE.

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Solar Brotherhood for people from 10/15/2018. PRACTICE.

Here, solar civilizations have laid the code of life for earthlings.

We welcome you again, dear friends! We continue our meetings with representatives of the Solar Civilizations. Today's meeting has had an amazing turn in our perception of Solar Civilizations. We offer you to plunge into completely new energies for all of us.

There is not a single energy in the Universe
which would be out of place.

We are ready to talk with you. Welcome to the shade of solar energies. Yes, you recognized correctly, we are different from those with whom you previously had conversations. We are solar shadows, so you can call us. We have different energies, completely unusual for you. Today we will introduce you to the perception of the World from our side. It will be interesting to you, it is also useful to look with our eyes on your life and it is possible to change perceptions. We are those on whom the movement of gaze does not stop and it is difficult to feel us. However, we are strong in our own way. When you feel the fullness of our energies, you will be surprised and say, perhaps, “how could we not have noticed you earlier?” Well, listen a little about our Civilization.

We were born as well as other Solar Civilizations, we are + and -. Where the bright +, ours, and vice versa. We breathe, feel, perceive everything as everything, but only … in a mirror. It’s hard for you to understand. How would I explain to you … this does not mean, this does not mean at all that we live in the energies of destruction, our World is simply based in a different density. Our Light has a different tonality and, as you have already noticed, our energies are completely unusual for you in density.

We carry our tasks, we surround all Worlds, all Civilizations. We are not visible, but we are, we are not heard, but we speak and the functions performed by us are so important that, if not us, balance and harmony will disappear everywhere! Our World is beautiful and we live in Love and the Light of Creative Power.

The time has come allegorically to get out of the shadows, we want you to know about us and understand how important balance is in everything. In the universe there is not a single energy that would not be in its place. Our strength is in the unity of Creation, we create our life together. Oh, our Civilization is as friendly as possible in the existing World!

And we are getting in touch with humanity not just for the sake of play or fun, we have been entrusted with the Great Creator of the Worlds, you call him the Creator-Father. At the beginning, in our first meetings, we will gradually tell you a story about our life, at the same time fill it with our potential through a word that is on the way. And let you people not worry, do not worry that something will be wrong in your life, we have come to prepare you for the new channel of your new life wave. Oh, yes, the processes are very long, so to speak, gradual, because a person is closed with his consciousness. It is possible for you to receive our flows and your cells will subsequently shine with the Divine Light.

Yes, we note, by your earthly standards, years, decades will pass, but there are those of your people who will delve into and say: “Wow!” They will be the initiators of your new life, they will tighten your fields. One more thing, it is very important – the safety of life on Earth is our first task. Now you just enjoy who will feel the flow of our chain of high vibrations, take into your bodies, they will subsequently have many new elements and so on at each of our meetings. Perhaps, after just one or two, we will send new particles to your Subtle Bodies. Another moment, it is also important, your consciousness, oh, it is necessary, so to speak, to nullify. We will also be involved in these processes, the main task of the Thin Plan at the moment is in this.

Oh man, you are great in significance and with the Spirit you are exalted and your Soul is sparkling in diamond circles, but here’s three-dimensional thinking, well, agree, let's fix it and if your thoughtforms respond and say YES, with those people we will immediately begin our Divine events and we ask you – help, both yourself and us. Yes, it turns out that at our first meeting we set out all the details for you, which mission we were assigned to help humanity and we know that we will do everything that the Creator told us.

Now a little, people, breathe freely and easily, open your heart wide and with your mind accept our flow. Breathe deeper, continuously, take a deep breath – how pure and fresh it is and exhale the burden of life. Feel, all three-dimensional comes out of you, not necessary, so to say sorry, dirt.

Now we ask the question, listen carefully to it, read it, understand it, answer with your heart.

So the question is: “How much are you ready to change your mind? Are you ready to forget everything to the last crumbs, what causes a negative? Are you ready to open up to us, to confide in the face of the Creator and change your path? ”- There are many questions, one essence.

Now think deeply, answer sincerely, from your heart. Answering YES, we immediately begin to do the work. And if you have doubt or fear, maybe there is a denial of everything, then for you this is not the time for smooth changes. They will come later, but apparently in a different, not at all smooth form. For those who were ready, we continue.

So, you breathe deeply and calmly. Now feel how your nape is poured lightly and gradually a feeling of light weight is present, do not worry, we are entering it. We will very gently but scrupulously collect all the parts from the kaleidoscope of your life that are involved in heavy vibrations. You should relax more, breathe deeply and evenly. Stay a little in silence … Then feel like an inner call – the need to exhale, so much so that your head rings a little.

Do as many times as you feel fit. Someone needs only one, someone ten exhalations. Everything is very individual. Then you should stretch, easily and deeply breathe in the energy of Bliss – feel it, feel how the nectar spills over the body and fills everything with itself. Stay in this state for about 5 minutes, maybe 7, then feel the filling as if the body was bigger. At the same time, lightness appeared and muscles began to play with Light. Feel all of this in full and you can end our session.

And every time you want to return to this process again, you will be freed again and again from destructive energies and each time your body will become lighter and brighter. Feel the changes in health, both physical and mental. We will try to interact so gently that as much as possible to protect you from unpleasant sensations. Viva to all of you who have agreed and are ready to change their minds! Viva to all those who are ready to fully know the joy of being!

We are sunny shadows, we are new friends for you. We say: See you again! And next time you learn new things again. Be in the joy of earthly being! And our Union will be long blessed from now on. In any case, as far as the Creator himself has entrusted the Mission to us to fulfill in full. So, see you soon!

Then the words came to us:

Now we will ask you a little, for a few minutes, relaxing, stay here, breathe. You will feel our impact. After all, we are the first to start work with you, and then we will return you quickly, without interference to your home. Well, let's begin ..

At the end of all processes, representatives of the Solar Brotherhood said their word:

We, the Solar Civilizations are a brotherhood. Today we will devote you a little to the knowledge that it is so necessary to invest in your consciousness.

Now the solar streams on Earth are more active than ever, and you only need to inhale them. They now revive all your cells and try to correct your life goal, so that everything is as prescribed to the Soul. And you know, people, precious earthlings, there are many of us very, unknown to you hitherto Worlds. We will introduce you to them, as your Earth Lord has commanded. The Creator approved and blessed, He transforms the Earthly world, that people will live in the rays of the Sun and the rules of life from those Civilizations will accept that they introduce you to the future life.

You do not hesitate, boldly accept the streams of new unknown Worlds into your Soul. Listen with your heart, there will be no anxiety in it, which means the Soul is waiting for this. Everything will be fine to the earthlings, children of the Creator Father, huge help is coming to you now, never reject it. And yet, everyone here decides for himself. We know that among you people there are those that the Dark World is closer to them; there they are comfortable, and the Light burns them and accompanies them with pain. And this is the choice of their path, they also carry their tasks in it. Where you need a minus (-), they headlong there, they balance the balance. And to be it in the future at those frequencies where, as you have now, a three-dimensional World. We wish them the best of luck, but we, in our quest for another bright World, must go. Where is “us”, you know – this is for you. Therefore, read and fill our streams, and feed on the life-giving Force, which is so necessary for you.

See you again, dear people! We wish you a bright and inspired path! We are always near you. And, if someone felt the warmth in the heart, here we show our creativity – we transform your heart center with a mosaic of magical overflows. We are with you, Love, dear. Live everything in the rays of Love!

With the love of their hearts, Amadeus and Creole!

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