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ustarevshie stereotipy dlya sovremennoj zhenshhiny

“Shame on you…” or outdated stereotypes for a modern woman


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How often do the younger generation of women now hear the phrase from their elders “shame on you…” for the actions that are correct and logical. Times change, modern society keeps pace with the world trends, but the mentality remains the Soviet-style. What is the reason for the older generation’s hatred of women and why shouldn’t they be ashamed of it?
Shame on you… constantly complaining that you are tired of children and motherhood. In the past my grandmother had seven and raised everyone, never complained!

Why compare different generations? Did someone ask her grandmother if she was happy then? No offense to all our mothers and their mothers, who sacrificed a lot to put us on our feet in those difficult times and buried their ambitions, their zeal and desires with the appearance of children.

Nowadays, there are many more opportunities to combine motherhood and develop as a person at the same time. With the advent of children, mothers should not put an end to their own lives and desires to develop, play sports, learn new things. Not only children, but also a man would be more pleased to see a well-groomed, well-read, successful and just happy mother with her life, than an unhappy woman who is filled with household chores, who has cooking, laundry and cleaning every day, but nothing for herself. What can she give to the next generation? To instill a love of cooking, washing and cleaning? Children are great, but you shouldn’t forget about yourself. Mom is not a robot or service personnel, but a person first of all.

Shame on you… How many husbands have you already changed, jumping from one to the other. Our grandmother and grandfather lived together all their lives!

And again… Did anyone ask if they were happy with their husbands? Someone drank drinks, did not give a penny for their own needs, cheated, insulted, beaten, was stingy, or even married out of love. But before the divorce – it’s such a shame! And they endured and suffered all their lives, because they were not accepted what people would have said. Now is another time. And every woman tries to build her own “happy” personal life with a worthy man who will love and respect her, though cherish her. Who wants to feel sorry for the deathbed that he gave his best years and youth to the unloved person, because “this is not the way it is done”, “and what will people say”? Every woman is responsible for her personal happiness, and the desire to be happy is not a shame.

Shame on you… To complain about the malaise that it is difficult and painful for you? There were women who used to give birth in the field and went on to work.

And someone kept statistics, how many women died in childbirth like that? And why? They will be replaced by new ones. So they used to think. Life and health is the most precious thing that everyone has. Women cannot be ill. They never find it difficult, they never get tired. Then why should a tired mommy be ashamed of her illness and moments of weakness? The truth is said to be that “a Russian woman will go into a burning hut and stop a horse from riding”, but at what cost? She will tolerate to the last, ignore the first symptoms of malaise, because she is ashamed to confess her weakness. Appreciate yourself and your health, take care of yourself and consult doctors if necessary, because the spent health is difficult to restore and impossible to buy even for a lot of money.

It is time to stop thinking with old stereotypes, remembering how it was before. It is a shame to look for excuses for your problems, to tolerate and be afraid to change your life for the better.