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Seek the pleasures necessary

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Seek the pleasures necessary

How do you feel about pleasures? And to the pleasures?

How much do you allow them to yourself?

I see in your serious look that they are not for you – they say that it is unsafe for the soul.

But in vain. You are created to enjoy and live in pleasure.


For many, brought up in a special version of "mournful Orthodoxy", unexpectedly. However, the reality is that a person cannot escape pleasure and enjoyment.

Running away from pleasure in non-fast food, fasting finds pleasure in fasting food. Boiled potato with dill – oh! Lenten food in monasteries is by no means torture!

Leaving in solitude from society, the hermit finds joy and pleasure in loneliness.

If pleasure and enjoyment interfered with salvation, then, according to the monastery charter, the monks would eat rotten meat. Although I am sure that soon they would have found pleasure in it too. After all, pleasure can be found even in violence and in fear!

And the question is – do I have to run from this “sweet couple”?

Pr John of Damascus, “An Exact Statement of the Orthodox Faith”:

“On the other hand, some pleasures are true, others are false.

Those pleasures that belong to one mind stem from cognition and contemplation; the same pleasures in which the body takes part have their source in feeling.

At the same time, from the pleasures in which the body takes part, it is only natural and at the same time necessary, without which it is impossible to live, which are: food and necessary clothes;
others are natural, but lacking the properties of necessity, which are: sexual intercourse, natural or legal, because although sexual intercourse contributes to the continuation of the human race as a whole, it is possible to live without them in virginity;
the third pleasures are neither necessary nor natural, which are: drunkenness, voluptuousness, satiety. These pleasures do not contribute either to the preservation of our lives, or to the succession of the family, and even vice versa – they harm.

Therefore, one who lives in harmony with the will of God must seek the pleasures necessary and, together, natural; and in second place to consider natural, but necessary pleasures, allowing them at a decent time, in a decent way and to a decent extent. Other pleasures should be avoided in every way. ”

When reading John of Damascus, insight came.

Pleasure and enjoyment is not something external. It is simply an internal psychological and biochemical mechanism that enables us to “internalize” the external.

We are so arranged that we live and grow only when we feel satisfaction and joy inside. Baby boy eating ice cream. Student passionate about subject matter. Young man in love. Parents drinking tea with their children. They all enjoy the pleasure of being full of life. They are “included” in life. Enjoy the moment. And no, they do not sin.

The problem is not in pleasures or pleasures, but in what role they play for us.

If inside there is a deep “hole”, devouring like hell, a hole of ingratitude and discontent, then we will “pour” more and more pleasures there. Thirst increasing as you drink.

If inside there is calmness and fullness, then the pleasures and pleasures found in the slightest event – even in the most difficult situations of life – will be an occasion to praise and thank the Creator.

“He who drinks the water that I will give will not thirst forever” (John 4:13).

Here are some simple tips to have fun in the "here and now":

– Raise your hands to the tap. Feel how nice it is flowing around your palm.

– Iron the wooden table. Feel the invoice? Enjoyment hold on her hand.

– Look with love at the flower. How beautiful it is!

– Listen to the rustle of the wind before the rain.

Find such little pleasures every day. You do not sin. You don't need a Bentley.

Be always satisfied. Enjoy the small moment. “Faithful in small things and in many ways faithful; but the unfaithful in the small is unfaithful and in many ways ”(Luke 16:10).

Do not think pleasure is sin. Sin is displeasure. All life is God's blessing, and every moment is filled with Him.

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