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Sanat Kumara – The Solar Brotherhood. 10/16/2018.

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Sanat Kumara - The Solar Brotherhood. 10/16/2018.

Dear Sanat Kumara! I thank you for wanting to speak with me today. I'm listening to.

Sanat Kumara: I want to tell you today about the Solar Brotherhood: how it works and how we live in it. This is a huge city with many areas with different destinations and different languages. We are divided by a non-interference and friendship treaty. We carry out internal relations and are friends with everyone who lives in our city. But we cannot influence anyone, nor do they affect us. In each such district, we live autonomously and become friends through common tasks and activities. Therefore, each district becomes independent in the freedom to share information with other neighbors, earth channels, other Brotherhoods.

We would like you to adhere to our line. And we have shown you that not only a conversation with some creatures, but also the conduction of their energies can have a detrimental effect on the channel. We freely let you try to communicate with some neighbors, and, as you can see, you didn’t particularly like it.

We are many in this city. Come on, I'll try to list so as not to be unfounded. Firstly, the Martian inhabitants organized their “kingdom", secondly, Ra is also divided into several enclaves, you communicated with those who freely combine everything and everything. There are separate areas where only sovereigns and wise men gather, there are sections of ordinary civilians, there is a priesthood, etc.

Who did I communicate with?

With the priesthood, and it could not protect you from the negative influences of the black priests.

The question arose: we called the legions of Michael to our defense. Or have we done it not well enough, or is it not helping now? How to organize the protection of the channel? How free can one speak with the SB, WB, and other beings of the world, for example, with the Archangels?

You can speak freely with everyone who comes to us as a guest.

But what about Ra?

As you can see, all the complications came only to you after the completion of your channel.

But some also did not like the consequences, not all, but some.

They are simply either particularly sensitive, or have the force of attraction of dark creatures.

I also, it turns out, attracted dark creatures? They messed up in the channel.

I know, but you did it. Our training is not only to train, but also to check how much you yourself are able to withstand the dark forces in a combat situation.

I failed?

Why? You made the channel with dignity, but after that, when our defense weakened, the greetings of the dark creatures from Ra enclave could attach to you. Doesn't your friend have the same consequences? Or does she not notice?

I do not know, did not ask. Probably not.

Well, let's continue the story about our city. There are several distinct areas inhabited by alien beings that are not related to the solar system. They arrived here long ago and simply learned to survive in our system. They are neither like earthlings nor other local groups. How much they interfere with us is a different matter. They are not too friendly and can do great harm to the channel negotiation system. Therefore, we warn you to be cautious another time, because we value our work with you and try to protect you. You have already received one of the lessons, and we think that now you have understood that all is not well in the Solar System and our beautiful city.

Is it dragon? Reptiloids? Or someone else?

These are birds who do not wish to adhere to our agreements. On the other hand, much is not interesting for them on planet Earth, and I just decided to tell who and what inhabits our city. I think you will be interested.

Yes of course!

So, besides them, there are still very high-vibration Brotherhoods, which are building new platforms for life on their higher planets and plans. This is where all of humanity aspires to heavenly cities, where it is not necessary to work hard and it is interesting to live like you. This is not only the New Earth, but also the new Venus, Maldek, Mercury and other high planets, of course, they are called differently, but they carry souls, mainly born in the SS on planets with that name. In general, names are not the main thing in higher planes, and there are few such names as on Earth. Often put the region and the code number of the galaxy, then the sign of the planet (letter or word or sign).

We live as planetary Teachers and teach not only on Earth, but also in mental chambers and even in fiery untlavs (mansions). This word is new to you, and it sounds that way.

Our task is to deliver to the Earth as much light as possible through knowledge and love. We appear near the Earth in order to cooperate with the many channels that appeal to the Archangels. We can speak for them or help connect with the Archangels through us.

What do huge platforms do near the Sun? Our scientists saw them through telescopes.

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They studied flares and were imbued with the energy of flashes. This huge energy can provide our cities for many years and even decades. There are power plants based on solar flares that use nuclear energy for peaceful purposes.

Do you have, on your plan, wars or battles?

They happen, but over time, less and less. We are also growing mutual understanding and respect. Also, rationality is also increasing on our plane. Of course, this is warring aliens from other worlds, and we have adequately learned to meet any flashes and conflicts from outside the SS.

We also have a lot of vacant places where we are happy to accept people ascending from the mental abode. These are highly educated and highly organized beings with a homogeneous (even, harmonious) program (conflict-free). They form the backbone of our Brotherhood and help other beings to achieve peace, nobility of intentions and love for all living things.

I will not say that all the states of our solar monastery have the same requirements for internal maintenance. As I said, there are others, and we try to find a common language with them in mutually beneficial cooperation.

We lead Ss, but this is not a guide like yours, not as you would understand. We gather meetings of members of the Council of the districts of the city, we help in healing programs, in education and medicine, in bringing together and converging our interests.

I have long wanted to know where you are now, and do you play the role of the Planetary Logos of the Earth?

A part of me is in the SS, in the Security Council, another part is outside the SS, and the Logos of the planet is now Gautama Buddha. This creature now has the status of collective fellowship, i.e. it is not a person, but a collection of individual beings, a collective of comrades in whom he leads and is the leader.

What is its role? He collects the conclaves of creatures related to freeing many souls, prisoners of the system, helping brothers recover, and taking many souls to other systems, for example, beyond the boundaries of the SB. It helps to find arguments for releasing people from captivity of dark creatures and helps them recover. He also manages the restoration of the planet’s ecosystem. You are overgrown with plastic and dirt.

(Solemn music sounded). What kind of music is it?

I am being called to our congregation. But you and I can still talk. Part of me will be present there, and part of me will speak with you. This is normal.

In addition to the story, I want to assure you that I am completely devoted to the planet and work with people on this plan. In other places I also prosper, and I am busy with my projects, as you say, connected with the establishment of peace and tranquility after cataclysms and wars.

So, you work outside the SS as a peacemaker?

Like that; as a writer and negotiator, journalist and energy healer. These are not physical planets and often no planets at all. I bring love and prosperity to such registers, and people listen to me as a reasonable and wise diplomat.

How many separate enclaves are there in the SS?

A few dozens.

What else do you want to tell today?

We are watching many of you as Teachers. We display new specimens of animals, plan to conduct other experiments on growing a new race of creatures on different planets, including on Earth. We are building new cities on the SS planets, on asteroids and in space. We are self-organizing space and time. This means that we create new matrixes of realities, where other creatures can live, create an ecosystem and food chains, water resources, and fill planets and bodies with living souls, i.e. create new points of the universe for the life of living beings.

Do all such souls have multidimensionality like a human?

We try to bring development programs to higher registers as programming and enlightenment are for those souls who are studying on the planets. Over time, they will also begin to show more and more multidimensional registers.

I see you're tired. Then we finish up today.

Thank you, Sanat Kumara!

Live in peace!

Natalya Kotelnikova, October 16, 2018.

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