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Sanat Kumara – Matrix of realities. 16-17.10.2018

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Sanat Kumara - Matrix of realities. 16-17.10.2018

Sanat Kumara, I would like to get an idea of ​​the mental Higher Selves. Do we have everything in our mind as it really is? How can we imagine reality without time and space? Or is there some time and space in the mental plane?

There are different mental layers. On the lowest layer there is time and space, about the same as in the astral plane.

How is it?

Time has a ring structure. It is twisted in a spiral, and you can go into the past and the future within this large ring. The ring covers the cycle of time in which you are …

In the earth is how?

Closer to 9,000 years ago and 12,000 years in advance. About.

So the whole cycle takes 21,000 years? And we believe that 26,000?

Something like this, 21-22 000 years.

So we are already living in the future?

Yes, there are several options for the future in the astral plane. We spoke with you that you also live in the physical plane only one of many options.

Are these future somehow felt in the present?

Your soul lives in cycles, and in this cycle it is everywhere. It completely occupies the entire corridor of the created time and space, on the physical, astral and mental plane. The soul creates its own space for incarnations, pushing space from point to multidimensionality.

Heavenly Father called our plan one-dimensional. What is the reason?

Entering the planet for incarnations, your solar soul attaches itself to a collective of souls in which a certain matrix is ​​created. She creates herself a lacuna for the embodiment itself, to contribute to the community of the same creatures. First, and the fastest way is to create an astral plan for yourself. From here it begins its development. She puts the parts of the soul in the astral plane and puts her shells on the astral double. The most difficult thing is to start thinking independently in the astral body. It develops for a long time, therefore the soul can not reckon with time and send its aspects to the past in order to once again pass the reincarnation at the nodal points of space and time. She also sends an aspect to the future for solid studies in order to accelerate the development of herself. Such souls, say, on the physical plane, can come with disabilities, because they are not particularly developed, and disability allows the mind to develop physics ahead. In the astral plane, such souls come as elemental helpers for developed souls, helping the human incarnation to move forward and make the maximum possible breakthrough in one attempt (of life).

Thus, a soul can incarnate simultaneously in the past, present, and future, growing faster than those who can afford one or two or three incarnations at a time.

The task of the soul in three environments is to master the matter of three environments, to learn how to manage it in order to become a powerful vehicle.

But it seems to me that the soul itself does not create anything, since it as an entity resides in nirvana.

You correctly noticed that there are higher layers of the soul, where there is no space-time, and the essence is just There. But inside the soul there are also those who carry out the process of connecting with bodies on three to five levels.

How to name those who exist as helpers?

The soul reveals itself to the Incarnation Council, which assesses the capabilities of the soul and adds advisors to the soul, who manage their own way and offer the soul a choice of several bodies that are created at different levels of space and time.

So, I, as a soul, contain outside advisers?

We can say that the soul consciousness connects with advisers and expands due to this. Counselors surround the being of the soul. This is how bees work together with a beekeeper, they understand that their life depends on it. The soul does not resist the decisions of wise counselors. And a space for incarnations is formed within the lacuna of the soul. Since this space is one-dimensional, it expands and connects with other similar lacunae in order to preserve the identity of the matrix.

Is it about the astral plane?

Yes, at first the soul tries itself on the astral plane, and does not long remain in it, because the purpose of the soul is to cultivate multidimensional consciousness.

Similarly, space and time are created on the physical plane, where the matrix exists in different time-spaces – physical, astral and mental at the same time. It's just different gaps. When a catastrophic overlap of lacunae occurs, people may disappear, passing by chance into an overlap, and remain in another time-space. They continue to live there in those bodies that correspond to the lacunae.

I have been interested in this question for a long time. In his interviews, Corey Gud tells how blue spheres picked him up, and he got into another time-space, for example, in the Inner Earth, the Moon, etc. Is there another time-space? How is it that he remains conscious and alive, because his physical body is taken with all the attributes – smell, clothing, density? On the other hand, Emery Smith said that it is possible for a physical person to go through the space-time portal, but not return back, the mind suffers catastrophically. How to combine it?

In fact, it is possible to go through and return a person, just the people you are talking about until they could find the right way out. The blue spheres do this correctly, translating the spatial characteristics of a person into another dimension of consciousness, interacting with all human atoms, making him one percent higher in vibrations.

Just one percent?

In relation to the myriad of atoms, this is a huge energy; on the other hand, it is hardly noticeable to humans.

So, the astral world differs from the physical by only one percent?

About a half to two, to be exact.

And we don’t see each other?

Yes, you do not see and do not feel. Hardly noticeable. Some creatures have even less difference, and some people can see them even with their eyes. But mostly clairvoyants use their astral bodies. Whose bodies are in the lower register of Astrala, see the lower or feel the worlds – the dead, demons, etc. Those who work with light and higher spaces, find ways to see or feel the higher vibrations.

That is, clairvoyance depends on how much a person is merged with his astral aspect?

Yes, it is, and connecting with ever higher aspects, as you say, allows you to communicate on higher planes of being.

If you name them correctly, then these are not aspects, but who?

They are independent beings, incarnated from your soul, with whom you have connection through sutramma.

Can I connect with other astral beings, because through sutram I am connected not with one such person?

Yes, you can take turns contacting different people on your sutratme (I already had this experience, but I like to ask the same questions over time).

And who do I see during the consultations? I see one.

So you want to see only one, and call him.

That is, I can call and other? But I do not know his name. How to do it?

When you consult, you do not need to call anyone anymore, because there is one aspect of a person who in this incarnation has a physical basis. You also need to name the characteristics of such a physical individual, which are better visible on the astral and mental conductors.

And at home, can I look at other people on the astral and mental plane?

Of course you can, if you ask such a task.

I think I’ll do it later, and now I want to return to the first question. How do we imagine a reality without time and space in the mental plane? I understand that this is a difficult question.

You can imagine that both space and time are enclosed within you, in your brain. And you create yourself the reality you want. All in my head. And here (in physical terms) it’s the same, did you understand that? What you think inside yourself is what you manifest. Mentally, this is elevated to absolute, so to speak.

Does this look like the behavior of atoms?

Not really, the atoms on the atomic plane, the mental plane is still a dark / dense space. Here you can enter a greater run of time, visit other planets, go beyond the limits of the space Cc, because on the mental plane the Solar system is just a small space (shows the Solar Logos, inside which everything lives, and the planetary system of the Sun inside it is a small detail) .

The accumulation of souls on the mental plane forms a community of people or other humanoids.

How do they develop, how do they live?

I told you about our city (Solar Brotherhood), about the same, more dense souls live in the mental plane. Plants and fields are not needed there, food is energy, which is enough in nature. There is a development of the soul in terms of studying oneself, the physics of the natural world, learning to create and the process of creating worlds. And also the study of thinner and denser worlds, as they become more accessible and transparent for study and healing, for understanding and sensation.

You can manipulate space and time as you wish, but not to the detriment of others. There are strict community laws, implying co-ownership of time-space, responsibility for one’s actions, focus of all actions for the benefit of all. There are certain limitations in time-space manipulation, beyond which you can destroy the matrix space of a community. It is rationality that allows you to serve everyone without harming yourself and the matrix.

We treat the word “matrix” somewhat negatively, because we believe that the matrix space was created by those who use us as “batteries”.

Man is a generator of energy. Yes, there are those who feed on your energies that you leave in space. They gradually dissolve anyway. But do those who made you NEED your dark and dirty energies? If you think about it, then the one who created the matrix space did not base its creation on those people who began to live in it? These are your souls and their helpers. They feed on fiery energies and do not use the dirty energies of physical space. On the contrary, they want to purify your energies as well, in every way educating you in positive thinking and directing teachers of wisdom and love to you.

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You generate your energy, and your energy path is from bottom to top and top to bottom. Where do you think energy comes from? You do not get it yourself? It comes from your higher and lower aspects. And where do they get her from? From its higher and lower aspects. And so on to infinity or to a certain layer of reality.

Reality itself has the energy of life, otherwise nothing in it could survive and multiply. Therefore, all those who live in the system of realities use each other, and this is also a food energy chain.

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You are now manifesting the second and third energy systems, why? You become multi-dimensional already here and consume three types of energy – physical, astral and mental. Who feeds you and who activates the three types of energy? – your soul, buddhi. This is her plan – to create a multidimensional body that will act equally on all plans. You will combine three worlds that will merge in one matrix, and this will actually be a one-dimensional world, as it was once created.

But why are realities stratified? At each level has its own world?

So it was more convenient, and so perfect development.

So the image of the high, middle and us in one plane is the life of mental, astral and physical people in the visible spectrum?

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Yes, this is possible. That was the original matrix. But it was difficult for those who stood higher in development and manifested divinity in themselves. They went into their worlds, which created on the mental plane, and reality gradually stratified. Separate lacunas were created, one inside the other.

This is really fantastic!

Yes, I am telling this so that you understand that the matrix is ​​just a reality in which you exist. You cannot exist outside of reality. Even if you create another or third reality, it will still be some kind of matrix of space-time, in which there will be different living conditions.

How do the subsidized space flares affect our lacunae? What changes in space-time?

So far, nothing is changing, because there is an accumulation. Quantum jumps are based on the accumulation of something, so that the quantity changes to a different quality. So far, far from a complete change of space-time, but there are such events ahead. They will not be especially noticeable at the household level, but your physicists will notice them.

How does the hadron collider affect our reality?

They are looking for a transition to another dimension, building portals, accelerating particles. But they do not know the laws of physics of another world.

How dangerous is it?

They can’t do anything real yet. While there will be only experiments.

But after all, has the Mandela Effect already changed our reality, and the parallel worlds are messed up?

There is nothing terrible here, and I ask you not to make panic, because we will be read. Have you noticed that your questions are based again on fears? You go about the media. Watch less on TV. Ahead is only light and rationality. Should rationality ever beat stupidity?

I hope. Thank you for the conversation!

I'm sure. Thank you

Natalia Kotelnikova, October 16-17, 2018.

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