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Purpose of a woman on Earth. Parable

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Purpose of a woman on Earth. Parable

… Angel came down and, smiling, stroked her hair. She didn’t cry anymore, just sniffed, staring at the white shining miracle in all the tear-stained eyes! She was not frightened, on the contrary, it became somehow easy and calm.

– Mila, I heard you and came. Tell me what worries you, child?

It was like a wondrous dream when it doesn't matter who, where from … when you enjoy the very fact of your being in it.

-I'm crying because I don't know what to do. – Her voice trembled a little. Is it wise to cry a few hours?

– I probably want too much … Somehow awry – I am not happy about my life … Everyone is waiting for something from me, demanding something … and I just want … I don’t know what I want …

I know that I want to be happy! But I do not know what is needed for this …

The angel leaned over and picked up the flower that came from.

“What do you think,” he asked. – What do you need for happiness this flower?

She was a little confused by the unexpected question:

-Well … soil …

-Right. Your soil is your family. She gives you confidence in your strength.


-Right. Water is sincere words of recognition and gratitude. A woman blooms when she is loved and reminded of her.

-The sun?

-Yes. The sun is your man. He gives you meaning and motivation to grow. He is your spiritual guide. Your purpose is to serve him.

-Well, how so! – Surprise from what he heard was replaced by irritation. – Being a slave?

The angel laughed – loud and clear. And the irritation, just flashing, immediately dissolved.

I also wanted to laugh and rejoice.

-Well, you! Do you consider yourself a slave when you take care of your body? But you serve him in every sense. Or, shopping, do you consider yourself a slave? You serve your emotional satisfaction. See how many times you serve in the course of the day … Another thing is that you did it unconsciously. In turn, what you serve serves you. And the more sincere and unconditional your ministry, the more sincere and unconditional they serve you. This is the law of likeness, as you call it. It acts in spite of everything. It is at the heart of the universe.

-Well, if a man doesn’t care what I do for him? And he does not reciprocate me?

-The world always reciprocates. You reap what you sow. The Law of Similarity acts on all planes of being. It is versatile and effective. Perhaps the reason is HOW you do it!

I will tell you the real story of one of my wards. This woman could not find a common language with her man. They constantly quarreled over trifles, did not want to give up. And even when the man was looking for a way to get approval from her, praise, he wanted the usual affection, she out of habit abruptly answered him, believing that they were absolutely right and, at best, they just kept silently doing their work. The same thing happened when a woman, tired of her daily work, wanted to share it with a man. This lasted for a long time, until her little son, who was a silent observer of this performance, pointed it out to the woman. A woman poured like boiling water – she saw "a log sticking in her eye." She changed her behavior. She began to listen to the man, she began to give him what he needed — warmth and affection — to serve him! Yes, at first everything was going according to habit – the man was lurching and grumbling. And she just was silent at such moments and instead of a quarrel, she kissed him on the cheek. At first he was taken aback, and later changed beyond recognition – he began to hear her – to serve her … This is the most important thing – to be able, despite his fears, expectations, desires …, to hear each other. Understand that like attracts like. Break out of the vicious circle and continue the ascent in a spiral of development. Develop relationships, making them cleaner, more sincere and truly happy.

– It turns out that often women lack a bit of patience to achieve a result?

-Yes, directing your attention to injustice, you do not see the manifestation of justice and accuracy in everything! The whole world is an ideal mechanism. Each of us plays a universal role in it. Each has its own purpose. The purpose of a woman is to give a man the power to realize the light that he passes through him. And, if a woman begins to serve a man sincerely, loving, without demanding anything in return, he miraculously turns from a monster into a handsome prince! A woman develops, perfects herself, and a man will have nothing left but to conform to her! This is the greatest secret! It is so simple that there is no need for a better repository!

-Does it all depend on women? But why?

– The fact is that a woman is the mistress on Earth. This is her planet. The man is the guest here. It adapts to the conditions that exist. And on Earth, these conditions are created by a woman. Therefore, it is very important for a woman to realize her destiny and follow it, because she can only be happy in this way. There is no other way to happiness. And this happiness will give her a man! He will make her happy and will give her joy, if she helps to open up to him – to become herself.

Now it is believed that the man – the stronger sex. But take a look at the story! Always next to the Great man is a strong and wise woman! She gives him strength. The man, in turn, fills it with meaning. Opens her eyes to the world. He is her spiritual mentor. And he can become one when he has enough strength to reveal himself. A woman is power. The man is the Will.

– I feel that everything is so! Oh, Angel, how so! After all, we are so confused that we are doing the opposite …

-So I am here, dear child. To remind. The New Time comes into force. And how it will be for all of you depends on the women and those men who have found the Force in order to convey the very essence …

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