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Psychopathic man. How to recognize?


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The psychopathic man is just one reference to him and is associated with the hero of the cult horror film “Silence of the Lambs”, Hannibal Lecter, who was a brilliant surgeon and cold murderer. In fact, we are talking about socialized psychopaths or “domestic”, who are not maniacs, yet easily maim the psyche of their victims.

It would be a mistake to assume that the behavior of psychopaths is dictated by mental disorders. These are healthy people living next to us, who go to work and pay taxes. They are also indistinguishable by their appearance and good manners. Psychopaths can only be identified after a few years of relationship, when the true nature is revealed.

Psychopaths are perfectly disguised as “normal” people, wearing a socially expected mask. At the beginning of a relationship, they study a woman as if they were scanning her, and some even write down important information for later use. For example, a man remembers that a woman loves pizza with seafood. Then, if possible, the psychopath will say something like: “I love pizza with seafood, it is so juicy. And you love her too? Wow, how much we have in common. All this helps a psychopath to tie a girl to herself to believe that they are made for each other.

The first few years of the relationship girl is literally fascinated by her man. She thinks she has met the perfect gentleman. After all, he literally guesses her desires, beautifully cares for her, regularly writes on social networks, gives gifts and compliments. What girl can resist such Mr. Perfection? That’s exactly what any woman of the weaker sex sooner or later surrenders. Then the most interesting thing begins…

How do you know at first that your new boyfriend is a psychopath?

  1. he is too perfect. There are no perfect people in an imperfect world. Such behavior should already be alarming.

2) He was able to make friends with all your friends. This is also a bright marker of a psychopath. People like him only because he wants to like him and make the best impression.

  1. He has a learning and running look. To adapt to the interlocutor and play the right emotion, the psychopath studies his reactions. At this point, he ceases to control himself and it is clearly seen how much he has a focused look.
  2. he does not yawn. Sociopathic people have no empathy, so there is no social contagion when someone is yawning.
  3. You have too much in common. You get the impression that the new man is just your twin. In fact, the psychopath just wants to get into the trust, so that then skillfully manipulate.

When the psychopath realizes that the woman believed in his ideal image and fell in love, then gradually begins to show himself. More and more often you will see him indifferent and aggressive, fairytale kindness will not leave a trace.

The danger of relations with a man-psychopath is in violation of the perception of the world. For example, when he comes at night drunk and makes a scandal, it will be your fault. Because you are wrong in his opinion (!) perceive the situation. He just relaxed, and you made a scandal, knowing how then the partner will be angry and shout. And such actions will be a lot, where you will be imposed a sense of guilt for misperception. Gradually, the partner has a violation of cognitive functions.

On white it will speak black and vice versa. And even if the psychopath point to his mistakes, he will never recognize them. First, this type of people is not ready to be held responsible for what they have done. Secondly, they are convinced that they are right. Third, the opinion of other individuals means nothing.

Relationships will last as long as the psychopath has any benefit from them. For example, an apartment or a companion’s connection. Once he or she has received the necessary information, he or she will go in search of a new victim. Without any regrets or remorse for what he has done. And his former girlfriend will stay at the broken trough and squeezed out like a lemon. After such a destructive relationship, the woman can be depressed for a long time, and it will take a long time to get psychotherapy.

Seven human qualities that psychopaths lack: empathy, reflection, compassion, conscience, responsibility, fear, feeling.