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Positive psychology

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Positive psychology came to us from America, along with the fashion for personal growth training. People who preach a positive mindset are increasingly reminiscent of sect adepts. They teach us to relate to life with a positive, to find advantages in everything and not to allow ourselves to be sad. But the world is not divided into black and white, there is good and evil in it. No matter how much we deny the existence of evil, it will not disappear anywhere.

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The world in positive colors

Let’s take a look at the main methods of positive psychology:

  1. Visualization. Psychologists believe that with the help of imagination you can fulfill any dreams. Want a new car? Just imagine her body, color, leather seats, and soon you will have it. Just miracles!
  2. Affirmations. Remember the Soviet film “The most charming and attractive.” The main heroine, Nadia Klyueva, still could not get married, and then she met Susanna, an old friend, who became a psychologist. Susanna, being a progressive woman, offered her former classmate an effective method – affirmations. Nadia trusted the advice and began to repeat in front of the mirror: “I am the most charming and attractive …”.
  3. Map of desires. When you begin to “process”, help to become happy, you will definitely offer to issue a poster of desires. You need a drawing paper and magazine clippings, with the image of cars, penthouses, luxury jewelry and models. And then it remains to wait for all these benefits to appear in your life.
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Map of desires

You think: “What are the wonderful methods of achieving success, what’s bad about them?” Yes, at first glance they are harmless and do not bear any harm, another thing is that they make people passive. You do not need to pursue career growth and work hard, you just need to dream, and everything will come true.

The main postulate of positive psychology – thoughts create the reality of man. That is, all life aspects directly depend on a person’s thinking. What does this line of thought lead to?

  1. Escape from real problems.
  2. Magical thinking
  3. The illusion of control over everything that happens
  4. Permanent guilt feelings for “lack of positivity.”
  5. Passive expectation of success
  6. Self abandonment in the name of positive thinking
  7. Suppression of negative emotions, which leads to neurosis

For mental and physical health, people benefit not only joy and laughter, but also sadness. Through sadness and despondency, we come to happiness, these two states are closely interrelated. Rejecting any manifestation of negative emotions, we drive ourselves into an even bigger abyss.

And in conclusion, I want to remember the expression: “If you are so smart, then why are you so poor?”. Which best describes the people who promote positive thinking as the only way to achieve success in life. Have any of them already sailed on their own yacht, which they painstakingly cut out from magazines?